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Onyx Brimstone Orb and Axe By J L Rees
Paperback: $6.87
Prints in 3-5 business days
Onyx Brimstone Orb and Axe The Axe Onyx Brimstone is sent on a Deringrad Guard mission to find an ancient magical axe that has been lost in the forest for longer than time itself. With just a... More > general direction and a sketch from an artist he goes in search of the artifact. Oh! did I mention it's a scary, magical forest. No! Oh right, well it's a scary, magical forest. The Orb of a Lord Set years before Onyx was in the Deringrad Guard and before he met Midori he was getting into trouble trying to save the day. A Lord of Deringrads High Council rides into town. Trying to boost morale of the people of Illindor and make them aspire to become better people. His orb goes missing and he sends his personal bodyguards to slay the child who stole it. Unless Onyx can get to the boy first and retrieve the Orb before they kill him.< Less
The Randall M. Rueff Comic Strip # 12,193 - 12,212 By Randall M. Rueff
eBook (PDF): $4.00
The Randall M. Rueff Comic Strip # 12,193 - 12,212 6-11-2016 A.D.
Fight to Dominate By Eric Stanton
eBook (PDF): $12.99
Peg and Val, two big-titted, long legged and strong lesbians have a making out session that turns into a violent no-holds barred fight for dominance. No punches and grabs are off limits in this... More > brutal fight for dominance. Blond Peg and brunette Val want to know once and for all who is the dominant female. Very erotic drawings by the master of fighting females: Eric Stanton. 11 pages of high resolution art accompanied by one page of text describing the ruthless fight between the two beautiful and strong women. Adult Material. Contains Nudity and sexual themes. Copyright ©Amazons Paradise 2014. Purchase for personal use only, not to be redistributed or re-sold in any way.< Less
Silver Streak Comics 4 By Ryan Burton
eBook (ePub): $2.98
Various Stories about The Silver Streak and other SuperHeros And SuperVillains From the early 1940's
Faces of China By Jeremy Vernon
eBook (PDF): $7.29
“Faces of China is an intriguing collection of the author’s experiences and perceptions garnered during his long time spent in this beautiful and developing country. Finding the Chinese... More > to be (usually) warm and gracious, the author conveys several stories regarding his experiences while also offering cogent advice as to how to behave as a visitor. The book follows a brisk tempo that should maintain the reader’s interest throughout. The author’s appreciation and extensive knowledge of China is apparent from the earliest passages of this book and the inclusion of quite a few humorous illustrations could be found to augment the overall enjoyment value of this offering. Jeremy Vernon’s ability to share his extraordinary exploits in an entertaining and educational manner will further enhance the appeal of this book!”< Less
Legends: Vol.1 Banded Together By Andrew Dobson
Paperback: $9.96
Prints in 3-5 business days
(4 Ratings)
Alex Ze Pirate is just trying to hire a crew to go on a voyage when all hell breaks loose! Angry mobs, bloodthirsty gangs, stylish vigilantes, and a mysterious stranger all seem to want her dead! How... More > much more can one pirate take? With her trusty companions at her side Alex must escape danger while leading her crew into the heart of it. Volume 1 of this wacky pirate comedy will keep you guessing where it's gonna end up next!< Less
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Bulldozer in Paradise By Thomas Colton
Paperback: $7.45
Prints in 3-5 business days
Bulldozer in Paradise is a window into the environmental challenges facing Southern Californians over the last quarter century, as revealed by the sharp pen and dry wit of Willis Simms. His... More > cartoons and illustrations regularly appeared in Vall-E-Vents, the newsletter of the Sierra Club's San Fernando Valley Group. Sale of this book are serving as a fund-raiser for the Angeles Chapter of the Sierra Club. We normally sell the book for $12 and return any amount over the printing cost to the Sierra Club. Nearly all sales have been direct from the family rather than on-line through Since keeps all profits from occasional on-line sales, I've dropped the on-line price to just the printing cost, and ask that purchasers make a separate donation to the Sierra Club chapter of their choice.< Less
A Book for Sunny Mornings By jim cheff
Paperback: $16.90
Prints in 3-5 business days
A book of stories and pictures by Jim Cheff.
Pacesetter #13 (hardcover) By Anthony Lorenz
Hardcover: $20.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
At long last... another excellent issue of PACESETTER: The George Pérez Magazine. It has all that you have come to expect from Pacesetter: lots of artwork... rare and never seen, articles,... More > checklist and much more. This issue has great features from Bobby Nash and Jason Sacks and interviews with David Anthony Kraft and Camille Bishop.< Less

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