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This doctoral dissertation studied the effects surface texture and color have upon the visual detection of sink marks. Human observers evaluated a series of injection-molded parts exhibiting various... More > sink marks dimensions as well as various textures. Data were collected in the Plastics Processing Laboratory at Western Michigan University’s Parkview Campus and at various plastics companies located in western Michigan. The results of the research confirmed industry-held beliefs in the effectiveness of surface texture to conceal minor sink marks. The color of the sample plaques was found to be a significant contributor to the probability of the perception of a sink mark. The research also found that the environment surrounding a sink mark could influence the probability of visually detecting the sink mark. Factors essential for predicting sink mark visibility were identified, allowing the development of models for designers to use to eliminate the visibility of problematic sink marks.< Less
The Plastics Process Management Training & Reference Manual By Edward Ashley-Smith
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The definitive Plastics Injection Moulding Processing manual, for Experts, Students and Trainees interested in optimising the setting of an injection moulding machine for producing consistent quality... More > mouldings in thermoplastic and other materials. Includes an appreciation of the evolution in control technology and the latest developments in Metal Powder Moulding, (which produces fully sintered metal components via the Injection Moulding Process; using plastics materials as a carrier for the metal powder options). A brief introduction to Rubber Injection Moulding is included plus an intriguing Plastic Brick design project. Life Management 'Personal attitude adjustment' is also detailed in order to enhance career and life skills. In short... an outline of the authors more than forty years in Worldwide Plastics Manufacturing.< Less
Carlson 2011, User's Manual, Volume 5 By Carlson Software, Inc
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Carlson 2011: Takeoff, Field and Point Clouds; User's manual
Architectural Engineering PE Exam Study Guide By Jeff Setzer
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The Architectural Engineering PE Exam Study Guide is a must-have reference and study manual for taking the Architectural Engineering PE Exam. The manual guides the reader through each of the... More > prescribed topics as per the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying with plenty of example problems, in-depth solutions, explanations, commentary and helpful hints. Also included is a recommended "test-day" resource guide to keep you from hauling every engineering book and note you've collected into the exam room. Readers should get a good overall feeling for how the test is structured as well as what type of questions might be asked. This preview will help settle the butterflies and get you in the right frame of mind to be successful on the exam.< Less
Bioprocess Design Applications - Chromatography Column Hydrodynamics By Michael Hilgert
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Bioprocess design pamplet for chromatography hydrodynamic considerations.
HCCI Engine Control and Optimization By Nick Killingsworth
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Homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI) engines have the benefit of high efficiency with low emissions of nitrogen oxides and particulates. These benefits are due to the autoignition process... More > of the dilute mixture of fuel and air during compression. However, because there is no direct ignition trigger, control of ignition is inherently more difficult than in standard internal combustion engines. This dissertation addresses some the control issues of HCCI engines.< Less
Aircraft Accident Investigations By Farrukh Khan
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This paper takes a look at the aircraft accident investigations that are undertaken when an airplane suffers an accident. Airplanes are complex machines and there can be many behind an airplane... More > disaster. As a result of international cooperation and the stringent standards of engineering testing that is required in international civil aviation, flying is the safest form of transportation that is available. However, accidents do happen and not all accidents are the result of terrorists attempting to destroy an aircraft. Fuel leaks, metal fatigue, engine fires as well as pilot error can cause accidents. Criminal investigations are only conducted if there is evidence of deliberate attempts to destroy an airplane. This paper takes a look at the investigations that are conducted after an aircraft accident.< Less
How Safe Are We? - Flood Management in the Miami Valley By Gayle Price, Jr.
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Using Math to Defeat the Enemy: Combat Modeling for Simulation By Jeffrey Strickland
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This book was written for the 2nd Annual Modeling and Simulation Summit, Pre-Conference Focus Day Workshop: Using Math to Defeat the Enemy: Combat Modeling for Simulation (Monday, August 29th... More > 2011). Although mathematics is key to combat model for simulation, this book provides just a cursory survey of mathematical model, and includes heuristics and other algorithms. The book covers behavior models, environmental models, communication models, target detection models, attrition model, entity and aggregate level models, and multi-resolution models. It provides examples of past and current model, simulations, and wargames to stimulate learning and discussion.< Less
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