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North American Species of Cactus By U. S. Department of Agriculture
eBook (PDF): $2.00
In the fall of 1890 Dr. George Vasey, then Botanist of the Department of Agriculture, arranged with me to prepare a revision of North American Cactaceae. Owing to the peculiar difficulty... More > of preserving material the family was poorly represented, even in our leading herbaria. To secure a large amount of additional material in the way of specimens and field notes the Department authorized me to visit the region of the Mexican boundary during the summer of 1891. Preliminary to this exploration it was necessary to examine the Engelmann collection of Cactaceae, in the possession of the Missouri Botanical Garden. This collection, supplemented by the continual additions made at the garden, is by far the largest collection of skeletons and living specimens in this country, and also contains the large majority of our types.< Less
Wild Flower Show Highlights By Jana Lee
eBook (PDF): $22.95
This beautiful array of history celebrates 28 years of Wildflower Shows. A Collectible Edition, offering an introduction to plants and flowers that grow within a 12 ~ mile radius of Shady Cove,... More > Oregon. Feel our excitement in the preparation success of our Shows. Find out: Who we are; Why we have Shows; How we prepare for them; Where the funds go; who makes it happen. Read Meeting Agendas; and Botanical Information, history of the Wildflower Association. Show Proceeds benefit Jackson County Oregon's Fire District #4 as their main source of funding to purchase new Emergency Response and Medical Equipment. Book sales benefit our Association. Wild Flower Kids Activity Books also available.< Less
Weeds, Guardians of the Soil By Joseph A. Coannouer
eBook (ePub): $8.99
This is the first book to be written in praise of weeds. According to Joseph Cocannouer, weeds perform the following valuable services among others: 1. They bring minerals and make them available to... More > crops. 2. When used in crop rotation they crop roots to feed deeply. 3. They fiberize and condition the soil make any soil productive. 4. They are good indicators of soil condition. 5. Weeds are deep divers and feeders they enable crops to withstand drought better. 6. As companion crops they enable our domesticated plants to get unavailable food. 7. Weeds store up minerals and nutrients and keep them readily available. 8. Weeds make good eating. No, Professor Cocannouer does not believe that weeds should be allowed to go rampant and take over our farms and gardens. The function of this book is to demonstrate how the controlled use of weeds can be sound ecology, good conservation and a boon to the average farmer or gardener. (From the Introduction) Get Your Copy Today!< Less
Waiting For Rosie (A Coyote's Tale) By Skip Haynes
eBook (PDF): $6.99
This book is dedicated to a coyote named Rosie. She brought our Laurel Canyon, California neighborhood together in an amazing fashion in the late summer of 2009. It is also dedicated to educating... More > people accurately and truthfully about the relationship we have with the wildlife in the urban-interface. Hopefully other communities will also learn how to do the same through experiencing Rosie’s story. There are now more coyotes living in the United States than when the Declaration of Independence was signed. They are not going away. We need to learn to live with them. This is the story of one of those coyotes and what many people have learned from her one in a million. against all odds success story< Less
The 5 Steps To SOLD! How To Sell Your House Quickly And For Thousands More In Any Market By Mallory Nicholson
eBook (PDF): $97.00
Sell any house the low-risk, low-cost and easy way - yes, even in this market. The 5 Steps To SOLD! can help you sell your property quickly and for more money than you ever thought possible. ... More > Follow Mallory's new strategies for a new real estate market and create the selling results you're looking for. She's been selling her own properties in days, not months and for record setting prices. Now she wants to share all of her best house-selling tips, ideas and strategies with you. Before you take that first big price reduction, let Mallory show you how pain-free getting to SOLD! in an otherwise tough market can really be. Purchase The 5 Steps To SOLD! today and you'll be selling the right way tomorrow. Mallory Nicholson Your Real Estate Strategist< Less
Introduction to Backyard Greenhouses By Mike Anderson
eBook (ePub): $1.99
A complete guide on backyard greenhouses. The book covers all aspects of greenhouses from a basic overview, to the various types of greenhouses and the tools and materials you should stock in them.... More > The book contains many resources including a handy "Buying A Greenhouse Checklist".< Less
A Beginners Guide to Swimming Pool Maintenance By Emma Brooks
eBook (ePub): $7.97
Proper water chemistry is required to keep a swimming pool safe and clean for swimmers, and maintaining a swimming pool's chemicals can save pool owners time and money. By following these steps, any... More > pool owner can maintain their own swimming pool with the same results as the high-priced professionals... Scroll up... and click on "Buy Now" to deliver almost instantly to your iPad or other reading device.< Less
Going Green Basics - The Basics On Helping Yourself and Mother Earth By James Norton
eBook (ePub): $2.99
How vast is your knowledge in the subject of global warming? Reports on global warming and climate change seem to be everywhere and people are starting to get alarmed. However, the publication of... More > these reports may be a good thing since it presents that there is awareness of this particular problem. As a response, people want to find ways on how to go about it. Get all the info you need here: •What Does It Mean To Go Green? •The Issues We Face With Global Warming •The Issues We Face With Natural Resources Today •The Issues We Face on Waste/Trash Today •The Issues We Face on Our Food Today •The Issues We Face With Air and Water Quality •The Legacy We are Leaving for Future Generations •Developing a New Relationship with Mother Earth •The Benefits of Going Green for the Earth and Our Wallets …< Less
2011 Carpentry Pricing Guide By Karina May
eBook (PDF): $9.95
Our carpentry pricing guide helps renovators understand the cost of typical carpentry tasks, such as building a deck or pergola. The guide provides the budget, average and premium hourly rates for... More > carpenters and an interesting state-by-state analysis.< Less
eBook (PDF): $0.00
SURVIVAL HOMESTEADING is a plea, and a plan, for mass relocation of a large portion of the "christian " population base of this falling nation to rural areas. It covers ideas for... More > intentional christian community, gardening, shelter, housing, and relocation methods, all on a "shoestring" budget. If you have found this via a search engine, please note that all of these titles are designed to bring you here via the internet. The titles may vary, but the book contents are all the same.< Less