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Tilapia Fish Farming ~ Practical Manual By Mike Rosagast
Paperback: List Price: $49.99 $44.99 | You Save: 10%
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Table of Contents Chapter One discusses the subject below, while chapter two through eight provides all the know-how information needed for Tilapia fish successful farming. Read our books Preview... More > for additional content information.  Species Origen and Distribution  Mouth-Brooding Tilapia Genera  Tilapia is a Farmed Fish of Biblical Fame  Tilapia Farming Considerations - Tilapia a Super-Fish  Tilapia Fish Old and Modern History  The Potential to Hybridize Tilapia  "Florida Red" Tilapia from Mozambique - Blue Tilapias parents  Tilapia Purebreds and Hybrids Species  Tilapia Sexual Maturity - Tilapia Longevity  Spawning Temperature and duration  Tilapia breeding habits and egg fertilization  Tilapia pawning body weight - egg size - hatching quantities  Environmental requirements< Less
Ask a Master Gardener Columns 5-21-2011 By Bill Sevier
Paperback: $7.05
Prints in 3-5 business days
Four years of weekly "Ask a Master Gardener" columns in the Tulsa World newspaper.
confessions of an interior designer By Deidre Gilbert
Paperback: List Price: $13.89 $12.50 | You Save: 10%
Prints in 3-5 business days
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A cheeky peek into the working life of an interior designer and ultimate tell-all approach to the good, the bad, and the ugly in home decor. The perfect handbook full of tips for anyone interested... More > in home renovations and decorating.< Less
Wildflowers of West Virginia By Hassan and Lolita Amjad
Paperback: $33.82
Prints in 3-5 business days
A unique collection of over 150 colored photographs. Perfect for the flower-lover's coffee table!
How to Grow Cannabis at Home: A Guide to Growing Medical Marijuana By Glenn Panik
Paperback: $17.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
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This book provides both an informative read about all aspects of growing cannabis and a step-by-step guide to successfully cultivating this healthful plant for your own personal use. It is not a... More > gardening tips book, but a guide to help you through each stage of a project that is not rocket science, but has it's pitfalls. Additionally, this book serves as a reference/guide to the overwhelming jargon you will run into if you research the topic online: Strains, nutrients, lighting, growing phases, pests... With this book, understanding the various facets of the process becomes both an engaging learning experience and a method to improve your growing results. Written in 2012, this book reflects the current stand of seed strains, lighting technology, growing enclosures, fertilizers, etc.< Less
Kitchen Cooking Guidebook: Everything You Need to Know By Joy Martin
eBook (ePub): $1.99
It is a mistake to suppose that any room, however small and unpleasantly situated, is "good enough" for a kitchen. This is the room where housekeepers pass a great portion of their time,... More > and it should be one of the brightest and most convenient rooms in the house; for upon the results of no other department depend so greatly the health and comfort of the family as upon those involved in this 'household workshop'. GRAB A COPY TODAY!< Less
An Introduction to Home Decoration By Ethel Lewis
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Vintage book touching briefly but with authority upon many problems which arise in the making of a home
A Guide to Buying a Property in Spain, including Plots of Land By Piero Ruju
eBook (PDF): $7.92
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This Guide is devoted to provide information and help to those who decide to buy a property in Spain, including Plots of Land. It displays what documents you need in order to buy the property of... More > your dream, and shows what steps are to be followed in the buying process in Spain.This Guide includes a comprehensive Glossary with useful terms in Spanish, and the equivalent English translation.< Less
Tired of Making Your Utility Company Rich By Herbert Young
eBook (PDF): $8.75
Here, for the first time, is specific information on the energy crisis that we face and the options available for your home. This eBook gives in simple, non-technical terms the reasons and factors... More > you need to consider in determining what energy alternatives are available to you. It discusses energy use and why you, as a homeowner, must take action now! It also includes steps you need to take to make your home as energy efficient as possible. You will learn what your energy options are and how you can take advantage of existing technology to make your home more comfortable while saving money. This eBook, Tired of Making Your Utility Company Rich?, Discover How You Can Prepare for the Coming Energy Crisis includes the resources and references you need to pursue your dream of being free from your utility company while being part of the global energy solution.< Less
Koi Pond Guidebook: The Everything Guide to Koi Pond Maintenance, Koi Pond Breeding and More By Doris Fink
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Koi pond’s popularity is on the rise, and the reasons are obvious. Who would not want living creatures as a part of their garden? However, Koi keeping should not be taken lightly. Koi, like any... More > other animal, require time and money to maintain. The majority of first time Koi owners fail because they get the idea that keeping Koi is easy in some way. Do not let this discourage you though, as educating yourself will greatly improve your chances of succeeding. It is important to learn the information for yourself rather then relying on other sources. People such as your product dealer and pond builder will have limited knowledge, but should not be trusted for a reliable source, as they are selling products, and may be bias. Plus, once you are at home with your Koi, your product dealer or pond builder may not be available to help you in the event of a problem. GRAB A COPY TODAY!< Less