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The Fortune is Right By Donovan Sotam
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A man dies and goes to a game show hosted by Death
The Devil's Dictionary By Ambrose Bierce
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Although the origins of the Devil's Dictionary are normally placed in 1881 (the point at which Bierce himself said it began) the idea started in August 1869 when Bierce, short of topics to write... More > about and having recently bought a new copy of Webster's Unabridged dictionary, suggested the possibility of writing a "Comic Dictionary". He quoted the entry from Webster's for Viceregent and italicised the section, Kings are sometimes called God's viceregents. It is to be wished they would always deserve the appellation He then suggested how Noah Webster might have used his talent in a comic form and it was here that the idea of a Comic Dictionary was born. The idea manifested itself in 1875 when Bierce, who had resigned as the Town Crier and had spent three years in London, returned to San Francisco in the hope of regaining his earlier journalistic post in the News Letter.< Less
Deb Aoki's Slice O' Life / Jon J. Murakami's University of Diverse City - the University of Hawaii Years, 1987-1993 By Deb Aoki, Jon J. Murakami
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Flashback to the late '80's and early '90's with this collection of comic strips from the University of Hawaii by Deb Aoki and Jon J. Murakami. Includes comics classics including Deb's "You'll... More > Mosh to Anything," "Caffeine: The Best Drug Ever" and Jon's "Magic Beer Can" saga, plus the UH-Manoa campus map.< Less
TEETHING TROUBLES By aileen hopkins
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This is the story of a young girls inception into the world of dentistry as a nurse. It exposes the strange situations and eccentric practitioners who people the world of dentistry.
Laughs From Corn Country By Ron Berry
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Laughs From Corn Country is a collection of humorous short stories. All of them are fiction and many totally unrealistic but funny.
07-17-18 Mental Recession By Libbi Adams
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07-17-08 McCain advisor and former Texas Senator Phil Gramm was much quoted in the press last week when he called us a nation of whiners and said we are in a "mental recession".
There's No "WE" In Crowning! By Jan Eliot
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Nationally syndicated cartoonist Jan Eliot tackles pregnancy in all its shapes and mood sizes in “There’s No ‘WE’ In Crowning!” "We" may be pregnant, but every... More > mom knows you can only take that so far. Follow Joan and Wally's pregnancy and childbirth adventure as they explore midwifery and waterbirth options, and cope with crankiness, weight gain and other intimate discomforts. Ultimately there's a joyful and chaotic event that adds one more to the already extended, blended family. The journey may not be pretty, but that only guarantees pages of laughs along the way.< Less
A Bug on a Bar-Room Wall By Willie McGee
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The adventures of a feminine earwig as she navigates the waters of west coast nightlife.
Sayings - Deterred Bahamian Novel By drew Roberts
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Very raw first draft. Sure to be full of errors, plot holes, spelling mistakes, and the like.
Dear,...GOOD DAY!!! By John Middleton
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Always having a different view than most on the world and growing up pretending my backyard was an ocean full of dolphins and cleaning my room to the Annie Soundtrack, comes the words many have... More > thought yet feared of saying. Yea, I said it and then some. From celebrities, to average day thoughts, this is the reason you don't send your kids to public schools.< Less