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“The Moon is smiling at me again tonight.” So begins the journey of Rick Dueñas, a 26-year old Guam native living off the island for close to a decade. After graduating from... More > college in California, he moved to Los Angeles in pursuit of a common dream, yet has grown to appreciate other dreams, both in his thoughts and reality. Thanks to his studies, Rick strongly identifies himself as a multicultura...l person, and finds passion in expressing that awareness to the world via his traveling blog. It seems that he’s got his life all figured out, but a particular girl(s) and a recent trip home faces him against his biggest complexity…love. And as these “coming-of-age” circumstances succeed to be troubling, Rick strives to find balance and truth with the help from his philosophical mentor, hooligan friends, and another unlikely companion…the Moon.< Less
A. T. #3 Whippersnapper By David Baker
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Whippersnapper is the story of the first encroachment of white men on the mountains of Central Arizona. The Weaver/Peeples Party involved such historical figures and Pauline Weaver, Jack Swilling,... More > Abraham H. Peeples, Henry Wickenburg, and the greatest of the old mountain men, Joe Walker. Teenage Jim O'Toole joins them in their quest for gold in the Arizona desert and hills, and finds among the Yavapai Indians something better.< Less
A. T. #5 Ojos Verdes - Green Eyes By David Baker
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This is the fifth in the A. T. (Arizona Territory) Series of novels. These book are old fashioned western stories in an unusual format. The story of Lee Gish (Ojos Verdes - Green Eyes) is... More > gut-wrenching and compelling. You will love this little hero right up to the end.< Less
A. T. #7 Angel's Head By David Baker
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ANGEL'S HEAD is a novel continuing the A. T. (Arizona Territory) Series. In this classic western, there is intrigue, passion, mystery, and violence. But there is also loyalty, a sense of justice,... More > and the devotion of the love shared by Slim Lockwood and his adopted daughter, Sky. Read this book and see how the law views this relationship. What will happen to Slim and Sky? Who is the mysterious stranger that threatens them? What is Slim willing to sacrifice for Sky to see that she is raised right? Read and find out. I hope you enjoy it.< Less
A. T. 16 - Paradise By Sonny Baker
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Arizona or California? Slim Lockwood moves his family to California and finds the beauty of that state overwhelming. But so are the problems. There is love, there is mystery, there is murder, and... More > there is revenge in this novel. Will the Lockwood family choose Arizona or California? More important, will they survive? Read and enjoy!< Less
Hweeldi' By David Baker
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Hweeldi' is a Navajo word for a place of great suffering. It was used to describe the place of Navajo exile, Fort Sumner, New Mexico, after their defeat in 1864 by Kit Carson. Jim O'Toole, a friend... More > of Dine', arrives and finds himself in a peculiar and important position. His coming is seen as an important sign by the Navajos. But it is seen as a big problem by crooks who would like to see the Navajos trapped forever in the place they hate. It's a good story.< Less
Idaho Trail By M. A. Harker
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Historical story about men and women who settled the Idaho and Montana territory. One family's joys and sorrows in settling the wilderness.
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What happened to Sky and Slim from "THE MAN WHO COULD SMELL GOLD?" What about Sky's parents? Where does Slim now go with his gold? These questions are all raised at the end of the first... More > book in this series. The second, THE SINS OF ANGEL BURKE, answers these questions with a story of guns, Apaches, gamblers and death in the desert. In the midst of all this is the little girl known as Sky. Read about her in THE SINS OF ANGEL BURKE.< Less
A. T. #4 MIKE THE LOON'S GHOST By David Baker
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MIKE THE LOON'S GHOST is a compelling story of the Civil War in California. The furthest west battle was in Arizona at Picacho Peak, but that doesn't mean there weren't men on both sides in... More > California ready to kill for their side. Throw in Slim Lockwood and his adopted daughter Sky, and you have the makings of a story that his both funny and dramatic. It is a must read! Stan Campbell says it's his favorite so far.< Less
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THE CORNFIELD GRANDFATHER is a true and historical account of the Kit Carson campaign against the Navajos. It is a story known by few, but important to Arizona's development as a territory, and then... More > as a state. It is filled with surprises, realistic action, and insights into the kinds of men it took to tough it out in those tough times.< Less