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NA GIRA DO EXU - Invoking the Spirits of Brazilian Quimbanda By Mario dos Ventos
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Quimbanda, the Cult of Exu and Pomba Gira, is a Shamanic Witchcraft Tradition practiced in Brazil. Sometimes called Macumba or even referred to as Satanism and Devil Worship, it incorporates elements... More > of African and South-American Indian believes and religion as well as Medieval European Witchcraft. This new edition of Na Gira do Exu presents over 330 Pontos Cantados (songs and invocations) and more then 100 rare Pontos Riscados (ritual sigils and drawings) for Exu and Pomba Gira, the Spirits of Brazilian Quimbanda, and looks at the roots and historic development of this cult, the role of the initiate, ceremonies, magical workings and the hierarchy of the spirits of this cult.< Less
Baha'u'llah In His Own Words By Peter Terry
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The autobiography of Bahá’u’lláh (1817-1892), founder of the modern religion called the Bahá’í Faith by its adherents.
The Sorceress; La Sorcière; Satanism and Witchcraft By Jules Michelet, Alfred Richard Allinson
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The story of witchcraft from the medieval to the 17th century. An unparalleled look at the misery that medieval women faced, peasant healers, aristocratic noblewomen, and nuns and some of the ways... More > they rebelled. This is a translation of Jules Michelet's La Sorcière, originally published in Paris in 1862. The original title of this translation was Satanism and Witchcraft, and it was later retitled Witchcraft, Sorcery and Superstition.< Less
Autumn Leaves - A Collection of Reflections Whispered from Spirit to Soul By Rev. Agnes M. von Tannenberg
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This book contains several individual Spirit-inspired messages to invite the reader to explore the deeper meanings of various aspects of their own and other religious practices of modern times.
Scientific Astrology Digest By Klaudio Zic
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Observe your guardian angel with naked eye!
The Mystical Bible By James H. Jackson, Jr., Ph.D.
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This is a nondenominational, nonreligious, scholarly review of the Bible from beginning to the end. It begins with Genesis and the first five books of the Bible and moves in progression to the Book... More > of Revelation. In the process, it considers books mentioned but not presented in the Bible as well as books that have not been canonized by the churches. Interesting, stimulating, intriguing and provocative.< Less
Discovering Israel By Jim Barger, Sr.
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A journal about a 3 week adventure in the Promised Land, and a search for its secrets and truths
Searching For My Soul By Tsúnyöta Köhe’t
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Book One My journey began with one word, one question asked with the power from the very core of my being; ‘Why?’. I did not know I had begun a journey. I did not seek the answers to our... More > existence, only some answers for my own life. I did not believe in God. I was not on a spiritual quest. Before my journey began, I felt that something was occurring around me, but I had no concept of what that something was. When I began to understand what was occurring in my life, I questioned my sanity, but in time I began to accept the truth of reality. I make my experiences available to all who choose to share them, but I ask for nothing. I am not selling anything. I do not seek to convert anyone to a belief system. I do not seek to create a new religion. I ask no one to believe my experiences, and I have no intention of debating or proving my experiences to anyone. Do not look for the truth within my words. Look only within yourself. The truth is within us all and the truth can only be found by looking within.< Less
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Learn how to invoke the strength and protection of Thor and his magical hammer Moljinor for you and your family.
The Lion And The Lamb By Samson Ajilore
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The Bible reveals Jesus Christ as both the Lion and the Lamb. In the gospel, He was the gentle Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the whole world (John 1:29). So sad that the world is unaware... More > that Christ actually took care of their sins and many will go to hell because of this ignorance of the truth. The Church on the other hand that should tell this good news seems to be busy portraying an angry God and drawing sinners farther from Him, instead of drawing them closer to Him. We have largely left the ministry of reconciliation (2Corinthians 5:18-19) for that of condemnation. The prophecy of Isaiah gave us a picture of the sacrificial Lamb, the Lord who was led as a Lamb to the slaughterer, yet uttered no word(Isaiah 53:7). This book challenges you to go deeper with God. It unfolds how to be intimate without taking God for granted and explains the true meaning of the fear of the Lord. It will enrich your understanding of worship and take you deeper with the Lord whom we love.< Less