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The Cameo By Judith Foley
eBook (ePub): $8.99
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The Cameo is a two-part story. It has the intrigue of Salem, Massachusetts witch trials that has an evil and powerful warlock who had succeeded all these centuries to eliminate a lineage that could... More > defeat him. Susan Sarah Sawyer is the last of her line. She has to eventually face the evil warlock who hopes to steal the 'Cameo' back. Susan must protect and guard this 'Cameo' and use its powers along with her own with the help of a mystery man and four special women. Along the way, she struggles with her feelings for the mystery man and another suitor, plus the additional stress of from another woman.< Less
Let a Man Be a Man By William Robinson
eBook (ePub): $5.00
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For years the relationship complexities between men and women have been harder to figure out than a Rubics cube with no color. let a Man Be a Man is designed to help women understand the mistakes... More > that they are making in relationships or attempted relationships with men.< Less
Place Setting - The Morning After By Jordan A. Marquis
eBook (ePub): $2.95
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This second installment to the first short story created by Jordan Marquis entitled "Place Setting" recreates the events after the wedding. Jordan takes the reader on a short but... More > emotionally fulfilling journey into the lives of two people who are adjusting to married life in very different ways. Regardless of the situations written, there are some important lessons to take away from this.< Less
Fairy Tale Fantasies By Kristin York
eBook (PDF): $7.99
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Fairy Tale Fantasies features 12 familiar stories, each with a decidedly grown-up twist. Strong heroes and naughty heroines populate the pages of this book written with the spanking enthusiast in... More > mind. Evil plots are thwarted, true love conquers all, and the occasional date with a hairbrush leads to a memorable "happily ever after" for one and all. If you're a fan of white steeds and red bottoms, turn the page to find out what happens when fairy tales grow up. For ages 18 and over.< Less
Becca's Birthday Wish (May/December Daddy Daughter Incest) By Leona D. Reish
eBook (ePub): $2.99
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Promises and birthdays are two important things in life, and some birthdays are to be celebrated more liberally than others. The man who became Becca's Daddy since she was little misses her... More > eighteenth and the promise she made with him, but a year later, she still hasn't given up on loving him. Now, it's Becca's nineteenth, and the devotion to that promise to keep herself for him hasn't faded. She may have had to kidnap him to get it, but her birthday wish is still to make him her first time, and maybe more. This year it will not be missed or denied her, and Becca will take that step into adulthood with him.< Less
Tails of the Old West By OTK Romance
eBook (PDF): $7.00
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If you like old west stories, where no-nonsense lawmen know how to stand up to their sassy ladies, then this book is for you! In “The Sheriff and the Hellcat,” Katie’s father, an... More > accused bank robber, goes on the run. Katie must find him before Sheriff Tristan James does – or her Pa could hang!! She’s never been outside her home town, and is forced to follow the Sheriff to where her father is likely hiding. But when Tristan discovers her tagging along, he’s not pleased… and when she pushes his buttons in her attempts to save her father, he metes out his displeasure on her backside! In “Courting Maggie,” Maggie loves being courted by the good, kind, patient and handsome Sheriff Daniel Adams. He even tries to be understanding of her protesting against the town saloon where her brother died in a knife fight. But as Maggie tests her bounds in her attempts to shut the place down, she begins to realize that the Sheriff has a hard side as well – and her bottom pays the price for her actions!< Less
The Ultimate Wedding Planner and Guide By Sharon A Phillippi
eBook (PDF): $5.00
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The Ultimate Wedding Planner and Guide - 32 pages with Everything For the Happy Couple to Plan Their Wedding With Ease. Includes wedding budget, wedding guest checklist, vendor lists and more.
O'Shea's Love By Aliyah Burke
eBook (PDF): $5.00
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Xaria “Jötunn” Hummel had grown up on the ice. She was one of the most experienced ice trekkers and leaders of ice expeditions around. Aidrian “Hondo” O’Shea needed... More > to learn the in’s and out’s of survival on the ice. He looked around and found the best one for the job. What he found was that the best “one” to teach him was anything but a man as he’d assumed. She had rich golden-caramel skin, intelligent eyes the color of green ice, and thick golden blonde hair. Both of them are used to getting their own way and despite the instant attraction, neither is willing to budge. When they finally do get out on the ice, will it be cool enough to keep the heat between them in check? Xaria has strict rules about being on the ice. As for Aidrian, he’d always been a warrior and never quite fully believed in the power of love, until now. For even when his lessons are over, he has no intention of letting her go and will do whatever it takes to prove she is… O’Shea’s Love< Less
The View From Kleoboulos By John Manuel
eBook (ePub): $6.14
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In this, John Manuel's first full-length novel after having written four very successful travel memoirs about Greece, he again takes the reader into the tiny whitewashed streets of the village of... More > Lindos on the island of Rhodes. Dean and Alyson are two young people who come together in a bar one evening in their home city of Bath, UK. Alyson's mother once worked with Brian, a musician who never quite "made it", but ends up playing guitar and singing in a Lindian Bar. Quite how Brian and Christine (Alyson's mother) come to have a devastating effect on their daughter's relationship with the man of her dreams will have you gripped, both with emotion and with intrigue. A real page-turner, the perfect holiday read, "The View From Kleoboulos" is Thomas Hardy for the 21st century. Sometimes the past comes back to haunt you, but occasionally it comes back to bite.< Less
Soma By Bill Farrand
Paperback: $7.76
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A novel about a young lady in Ceylon and the problems she faces regarding religion and marriage. The setting is a beautiful Island off the tip of India.

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