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Watching Luisa By Marie Kelly
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Charles Patrice, a billionaire playboy, is still haunted by his past. Deceived by the woman he thought himself in love, and betrayed by a cruel, self-serving father, he has accepted that he is just... More > not the settling down type. However, a chance meeting with Luisa Barrero, the small Spanish beauty still convalescing after an accident which almost cost her life has his life turned upside down and inside out. When discovering just who she actually is, he determines to back away, until he learns that somebody is trying to kill Luisa. Now, he steps up to protect the sweetest woman he has ever known, sure that he can put his attraction for her to the side to ensure her safety. But can he? Can she? Or will the shadowy person hunting Luisa tear them apart forever?< Less
Erotika for Lovers By Madison
Paperback: $19.91
Prints in 3-5 business days
Another collection of sensuous short fantasies to read alone or to share with a lover. Each story is tailored to incite a sense of arousal, a feeling of excitement. Set the mood, get comfortable... More > and release yourself to the words. Make sure you clean up afterwards. ENJOY< Less
Sacrifice By MomsDarkSecret
eBook (PDF): $5.99
In the kingdom of Arah, many upperclass families adhere to a custom called “sacrifice”, where a younger sibling is offered as entertainment to suitors to entice them into making an offer... More > for the hand of an elder daughter. While it is far more common for the sacrifice to be female, male sacrifices are not unheard of. And although few will publicly admit it, it is recognized that some men will court a woman with a brother serving as her sacrifice simply for the novelty of enjoying a male lover at no cost. Haniel Pakari has two older sisters, but his parents have chosen to assign him the duties of sacrifice so that both his sisters can be courted. His sisters are only a year apart in age, so his parents assure him he should only have to serve his role for a year or so, after which he can resume a normal life. But Haniel knows that no sacrifice has ever been able to reenter society after having essentially become a whore and the knowledge fills him with bitterness.< Less
Wicked Games By A. D. Justice
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Investigative reporter Brianna Tate has no idea the story of a lifetime will change her entire life. She has to choose between seeing the man she loves destroyed or giving up her whole life. After... More > three years, her true identity and location is discovered and she is forced to leave protective custody to save the man she still loves. Noah Steele owns a successful business with Steele Security. Noah's life now revolves around his work until the night he stumbles upon an intruder in his house and learns that intruder is actually his long-dead love. Noah discovers the passion that once fueled their relationship is still there, burning hotter than ever. However, even love can't erase the betrayal Noah experiences after learning that she has been in hiding. Can they work together to identify the real threat, save his business and their own lives? Or will Noah lose the only woman he's ever loved, twice in one lifetime, in his fight against the tangled web of lies and betrayal that surround him?< Less
The Ultimate Wedding Planner and Guide By Sharon A Phillippi
eBook (PDF): $5.00
The Ultimate Wedding Planner and Guide - 32 pages with Everything For the Happy Couple to Plan Their Wedding With Ease. Includes wedding budget, wedding guest checklist, vendor lists and more.
The Awkward Age By Henry James
eBook (ePub): $3.10
The Awkward Age is a novel by Henry James, first published as a serial in Harper's Weekly in 1898-1899 and then as a book later in 1899. Originally conceived as a brief, light story about the... More > complications created in her family's social set by a young girl coming of age, the novel expanded into a general treatment of decadence and corruption in England. James presents the novel almost entirely in dialogue, an experiment that adds to the immediacy of the scenes but also creates serious ambiguities about characters and their motives.< Less
Falling for Mr. Chase By Adeline Clark
eBook (ePub): $3.99
(1 Ratings)
Twenty-two year old Izabel Renaldi is a survivor. Having survived a brutal attack in college that pushed her to transfer schools, change majors, and redirect her entire future, she is cocooning... More > herself in her own safety net to protect against further detriment. The attack has thus far changed her capabilities to fully relate to men until she finds that one man is just stubborn and foolish enough to turn her safe world on its head. A chance meeting in a bar quickly proves to be a white-hot connection between Izabel and Kendall Chase, a popular eligible bachelor and successful businessman. Present when her past resurfaces and nearly claims her life, Kendall invests in an uncertain future with Izabel in spite of the certain challenges they will face together. The harder Izabel pushes Kendall away the harder he fights to stay an active part of her life and prove to her there can be life and love beyond her tragedy.< Less
Imagining That - Erotica Series - Short Story One By Irene Moyer
eBook (PDF): $1.25
The first in a three part series of erotica short stories. Adult theme content; for mature audiences only. Sandra finds herself with an erotic interlude with her handsome neighbor on a hot,... More > sizzling summer afternoon.< Less
Love Without Sensuality By Subhajeet Mukherjee
eBook (PDF): $0.00
This book is a supernatural love story of the writer himself. Writer is a high school graduate. Note for the readers by the writer: Hello! this is a book which is based on my love story. I'm just a... More > beginner in this case! So, you can't expect my quality of writing like William Shakespeare. But I believe that you will love my love story. It's quite different than normal love story. The arrangement of the chapters are based on my own thoughts.< Less
OH NANCY By Jerry DeShone
eBook (ePub): $1.49
There are not many things that people cannot do together if they meet in a usual way, but if they meet in an unusual way what then. Take Nancy and Henry they meet in an unusual way and things take... More > off in a very unusual way as well. Girlfriends also become involved and things get complicated as well. How will they end up and how will they turn out for the couple lets look in and see and see if we were like this or not in our young life. Life is funny for all of us and even thought it starts out funny it can end up normal, yes I say NORMAL, lets see. Read and enjoy our little story of “OH NANCY” and see if you can find yourself in this story somehow.< Less

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