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One Ton Of Song Lyrics By Adrian Burton
eBook (PDF): $4.70
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One Ton Of Songs, Are 100 lyrics of songs written in the past 2 -3 years. Emotional, love affairs, break-ups, fictional and of life in general. Some are already set to music and have been... More > recorded. Others are in progress, as for the remainder they are available for any musician or band who are looking for some lyrics to there tunes.< Less
The Dancing Gipsy By William F Gray
eBook (PDF): $1.58
A story of gipsy girls looking to escape the drudgery of servant life.
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Playing for Love By Ashlie Knapp
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Cassie Randall has a secret. A secret that makes trusting any man an impossibility. All she wants is to live a quiet life as a teacher with the people she trusts. Jamal Jenkins, point guard for the... More > OKC Thunder, also has a secret. All he wants is to live his life out of the limelight with his family. Can Jamal show Cassie he can be trusted? Will Cassie let down her guard and let Jamal into her heart?< Less
The Silent Tears By Brenda Long
Paperback: $6.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
In The Silent Tears, the author Brenda Long portrays the struggle between a young lady’s heart and mind. Read as Tamika fights through a broken heart, mind and spirit. She finds her only peace... More > within her silent tears. There is purpose within her pain.< Less
Icy Awakening By Samantha Hill
eBook (ePub): $1.50
Sapphire is looking for a friend. Not what many who know her would think she would do voluntarily, but she is desperate. Feeling like a bitter old woman most of the time, Sapphire finds a companion... More > in an unexpected place. She begins the steps to a peaceful life again with her new friends at her side while helping her sister through more wedding plans. When romance comes barreling into her life though, Sapphire is unsure of how to handle the emotions stirred up in a heart she had thought long since frozen solid. This is a Novella that takes place after A Mass of Thornes in the Blood Trials Saga.< Less
If The Truth Be Known By Sarah Flowers
Paperback: $16.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
“Tessa…hear me out! Please let me come to you, I’ll never tell! Not until you’re damn good and ready. Our Dads were wrong forcing us to marry. God Tessa, I swear on my... More > Grandparents graves who I loved if you will grant me visitation rights my lips are sealed.” “Gino let me think on it. I’m still devious… but you know what, give your news of little Tessa to Carmella as a special wedding Gift! Oh God forgive me, I pray she chokes on the news! Your sisters a bitch and always has been!” “Yeah I know! She’s hounding me to divorce you. But, oh Babe, I’ll never do that! You see I was waiting for you to come of age, was going to ask you to marry me. I didn’t need to be forced for any damn money, I love you and adore you my little wife and always have!” That floored her, why didn’t he tell her be-fore they married? Oh that’s right, he still tho-ught of her as a kid. If she had known would have been one happy bride, might have stayed and gone to Yale instead. So…< Less
A small Love Story By Jupinderjit Singh
Paperback: $14.40
Prints in 3-5 business days
(1 Ratings)
A short Love Story ( ek chotti si love story) is a collection of romantic and humorous Middles, on simple yet serious aspects of life and each ending on a dramatic note.
Oporto. Una masacre esperada. Medellín 1990 By Felipe Vélez
Paperback: $19.92
Prints in 3-5 business days
(6 Ratings)
La guerra de los mil nombres por perico en Medellín, buscando a Pablo Escobar, y la masacre brutal de 27 jovenes inocentes, sòlo para incriminarlo en ello. " Todos son sus amigos... More > -Dice Maza- por eso hay que darles hasta que Escobar caiga. ...donde sea llegan sus hombres, muchachos con ganas de más, sea Tunja o Budapest, Atlanta, Sevilla o Culiacán. Por eso ahora nadie puede coronar. Algunos jueces reciben dinero, otros prefieren bala. "...y muere Lara. Ahí don Pablo responde otra vez con más bombas y matando policías por doquiera, azotando Medellín y Cali con sus bandas, los de Aranjuez compran finca, se llena Medellín de armas; sube la dinamita y los de la limpieza tampoco descansan. Son sesenta muertos diarios y hasta doscientos, los fines de semana, y sólo se habla de la muerte, así la vida no vale nada".< Less
Love for Sally By Judith Fitzsimons
Paperback: $8.05
Prints in 3-5 business days
Sid Wainwright worked on Peter and Salena Russell’s property in Western New South Wales. He fell in love with his boss’ wife and this affection became an all-consuming passion. After... More > “arranging” a fatal accident for Peter, and threatening to harm Sally, Peter’s daughter, he forced Salena to marry him. When Salena rebuffed him, he decided that instead he would own the property known as Willow Tree Downs. All his efforts were in vain, when after killing Salena, he found out that Peter had left everything in trust to Sally, for her to inherit when she married or turned twenty five. Fuelled by anger and greed, a lying Sid destroyed Sally’s eighteen hour marriage to Dr. Ted Challoner. Then began a long fight to regain her health after being brutally assaulted by Sid and her journey half way around the world to confront Ted to try to rescue her marriage.< Less

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