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Icy Awakening By Samantha Hill
eBook (ePub): $1.50
Sapphire is looking for a friend. Not what many who know her would think she would do voluntarily, but she is desperate. Feeling like a bitter old woman most of the time, Sapphire finds a companion... More > in an unexpected place. She begins the steps to a peaceful life again with her new friends at her side while helping her sister through more wedding plans. When romance comes barreling into her life though, Sapphire is unsure of how to handle the emotions stirred up in a heart she had thought long since frozen solid. This is a Novella that takes place after A Mass of Thornes in the Blood Trials Saga.< Less
One Ton Of Song Lyrics By Adrian Burton
eBook (PDF): $4.70
(1 Ratings)
One Ton Of Songs, Are 100 lyrics of songs written in the past 2 -3 years. Emotional, love affairs, break-ups, fictional and of life in general. Some are already set to music and have been... More > recorded. Others are in progress, as for the remainder they are available for any musician or band who are looking for some lyrics to there tunes.< Less
Love Without Sensuality By Subhajeet Mukherjee
eBook (PDF): $0.00
This book is a supernatural love story of the writer himself. Writer is a high school graduate. Note for the readers by the writer: Hello! this is a book which is based on my love story. I'm just a... More > beginner in this case! So, you can't expect my quality of writing like William Shakespeare. But I believe that you will love my love story. It's quite different than normal love story. The arrangement of the chapters are based on my own thoughts.< Less
The Cameo By Judith Foley
eBook (ePub): $8.99
The Cameo is a two-part story. It has the intrigue of Salem, Massachusetts witch trials that has an evil and powerful warlock who had succeeded all these centuries to eliminate a lineage that could... More > defeat him. Susan Sarah Sawyer is the last of her line. She has to eventually face the evil warlock who hopes to steal the 'Cameo' back. Susan must protect and guard this 'Cameo' and use its powers along with her own with the help of a mystery man and four special women. Along the way, she struggles with her feelings for the mystery man and another suitor, plus the additional stress of from another woman.< Less
The View From Kleoboulos By John Manuel
eBook (ePub): $6.14
In this, John Manuel's first full-length novel after having written four very successful travel memoirs about Greece, he again takes the reader into the tiny whitewashed streets of the village of... More > Lindos on the island of Rhodes. Dean and Alyson are two young people who come together in a bar one evening in their home city of Bath, UK. Alyson's mother once worked with Brian, a musician who never quite "made it", but ends up playing guitar and singing in a Lindian Bar. Quite how Brian and Christine (Alyson's mother) come to have a devastating effect on their daughter's relationship with the man of her dreams will have you gripped, both with emotion and with intrigue. A real page-turner, the perfect holiday read, "The View From Kleoboulos" is Thomas Hardy for the 21st century. Sometimes the past comes back to haunt you, but occasionally it comes back to bite.< Less
Daddy's Girl By J. J. Massa
eBook (PDF): $5.99
A girl can't choose who her parents are, but Tabitha Baker isn't complaining. Her mother died when she was young, leaving her with a psychic gift and precious memories. Her father loves her, though.... More > He's a good man—the entire country agrees. They just don't know their president is her father. Her lineage is a state secret. Everyone has secrets, but sometimes it's a real problem. Garth Cavanaugh is a Secret Service agent assigned to the President of the United States. He doesn't tell most people that, only his family. His twelve brothers and sisters all work in various fields of law enforcement. He'd like to introduce them to the woman he's dating, but she seems to be hiding something, maybe even someone. Whatever it is, it's big. He wants his family to meet the woman he loves—not watch him nurse a broken heart. That he can do by himself…< Less
Heidi and Greg Bish By Kristy S. Taylor
eBook (PDF): $6.97
Wedding Photography Book for Heidi and Greg Bish
Miss Lulu Bett By Zona Gale
eBook (PDF): $1.99
The story of a household drudge into whose life came unusual romance. Adapted for the stage, Miss Lulu Bett won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1921.
The Trinket Box By Pamela Clayfield
Paperback: List Price: $14.95 $12.71 | You Save: 15%
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Joanna is in her 30s and just been dumped (by text!). She takes off for a weekend away and finds, amidst a pile of antiques, a trinket box. A trinket box that will change her life and her beliefs.... More > Inside, she finds a ring and a letter. She begins communicating with the letter’s writer both through her dreams and on paper. She learns that James has been trapped in time and place somewhere between heaven and hell for a hundred years. As they continue to communicate, they learn that no matter where they are, love prevails and it’s up to Joanna to figure out how to get James out!< Less
Neverland By Holly Kindzierski
eBook (PDF): $2.00
(1 Ratings)
Neverland is not J.M Barrie’s Peter Pan. This version takes place in modern day London with the exclusion of fairytale creatures. Wendy is a law student and Peter a starving musician. In this... More > short novel their eventual romance must blossom through the trials of jealous ballerina friend Tina and the vicious local streetgang called The Pirates.< Less

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Hidden Hidden By Amy McKinley
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