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Vampires of Moratha By Stephanie Graber
Paperback: $13.72
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(2 Ratings)
Two Vampire siblings fight to keep their race Noble... at ALL costs.
The Stuttering Bard of York By R Purdy
Paperback: $13.97
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Ben Transom is a simple farmer who sings off-key to his horse and wishes he were a bard. But when a goblin raid from the Shiddow Mountains destroys Ben's simple life, he is sent to petition the king... More > for justice and is thrown into an adventure greater than he every dreamed. Along the way, Ben meets the warrior-princess Jess and the pacifist wizard Ernie. Soon they learn that the evil wizard Rimmah has enslaved Jess's parents and seeks to conquer the entire kingdom of Tarn, and Ben finds himself caught up in events more dangerous than he ever imagined. Although Ben has a weak understanding of economics and public restrooms, it is his kind and honest nature that keeps the band together despite goblins, rogues, and creatures far more foul that Rimmah sends their way. He is just a simple farmer, but he soon discovers that both the princess and the wizard are depending on him to get them to the city of Galdoron and attempt a daring rescue of the king and queen.< Less
Paperback: $11.99
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CONTENTS 1. Filmer 2. The Magic Shop 3. The Valley of Spiders 4. The Truth About Pyecraft 5. Mr. Skelmersdale in Fairyland 6. The Story of the Inexperienced Ghost 7. Jimmy Goggles the... More > God 8. The New Accelerator 9. Mr. Ledbetter's Vacation 10. The Stolen Body 11. Mr. Brisher's Treasure 12. Miss Winchelsea's Heart 13. A Dream of Armageddon< Less
A Thousand Faces #0 By Frank Byrns, Editor
Paperback: List Price: $10.00 $7.00 You Save: 30%
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(3 Ratings)
The inaugural issue of the Quarterly Journal of Superhuman Fiction. Contains seven prose stories spanning the width and breadth of the superhero genre: "Soar", by Andrew Salmon;... More > "Lemonade", by Hydrargentium; "Darkness at the Edge of Town", by Dan Rafter; "Duty", by Paul McManus; "Somebody's Baby", by Frank Byrns; "The Tombsman", by Bret Booher; and "Guardian Spirit", by Gilbert M. Stack.< Less
Paperback: $9.97
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From the introduction: It began when a pedestrian got hit by a cab in New York City. No doubt it was the only motor mishap in the history of creation that reached out among the stars--for far out in... More > space a signal was registered: Something has gone wrong.... And something had gone wrong, for the doctors discovered their accident patient had two hearts.< Less
The Skylark Of Space By Edward Elmer Smith
Paperback: $14.94
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This novel was written by Edward Elmer Smith, also known as E. E. Smith, Edward Elmer Smith Ph.D., E.E. "Doc" Smith, Doc Smith, "Skylark" Smith who authored Spacehounds of IPC,... More > The Galaxy Primes, Masters of Space, and other works.< Less
Triplanetry By Edward Elmer Smith
Paperback: $14.56
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This is a very hard to find science fiction novel. This novel was written by Edward Elmer Smith, also known as E. E. Smith, Edward Elmer Smith Ph.D., E.E. "Doc" Smith, Doc Smith,... More > "Skylark" Smith who authored Spacehounds of IPC, The Galaxy Primes, Masters of Space, and other works.< Less
The Edge of Destiny - Book One By Rex A. Horne
Paperback: $21.96
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(6 Ratings)
Eric Hart was a Spacer and had faced many difficult situations before. This one was different. He alone had survived the crash on a strange alien world and now his survival depended not only on his... More > skills but also on the human population that inhabited the planet, humans that shouldn’t be there but were. As Eric is transformed into a Son of the House of Nord, he discovered the Guardians, hooded figures that watched from the shadows and controlled events for the fulfillment of their master plan. In The Edge of Destiny, Eric is the only person that can stand between the power-hungry Filus of Tyer and the crown princess of his adopted land. He begins a quest in search of a missing king and ends as the Lord of Sommonee, constrainer of kings. Book One is only the beginning in a journey that when completed will cover 3800 years of the Planet Carna’s history and the promise of saving Earth from Armageddon.< Less
The Chronicles of Samuel Sassodoro, Book One By Michael J. A. Speyer
Paperback: $29.90
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From a place beyond the space/time continuum, known as No-Time, Samuel Sassodoro, is born into this world. He possesses a certain faculty for bringing together the opposing forces of Good and Evil... More > that beleaguer mankind; a potential for moving towards a new rung on the ladder of psychic evolution. Yet Evil would oppose any such change. Samuel must find within himself the integrity and courage to confront The Whore and Her monstrous ally, The Antichrist. When all seems lost, help arrives from a totally unexpected quarter. This is a tale of human frailty and its conscious recognition, whereby all is possible, and nothing is inconceivable.< Less
THE GODS OF MARS By Edgar Rice Burroughs
Paperback: $13.28
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I have never seen Captain John Carter, of Virginia, since. But here is the story of his return to Mars on that other occasion, as I have gleaned it from the great mass of notes which he left for me... More > upon the table of his room in the hotel at Richmond. There is much which I have left out; much which I have not dared to tell; but you will find the story of his second search for Dejah Thoris, Princess of Helium, even more remarkable than was his first manuscript which I gave to an unbelieving world a short time since and through which we followed the fighting Virginian across dead sea bottoms under the moons of Mars. E. R. B.< Less

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Theurgy Theurgy By Caroline Clark
Paperback: $10.00