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Managing Stress for Teens By Miriam Kinai
eBook (PDF): $9.99
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Managing Stress for Teens teaches teenagers Biblical principles, medical techniques and life skills to manage 80 common teenage stressors. Topics covered include instructions on resisting alcohol,... More > cigarettes and drugs and overcoming addiction. It teaches how to manage emotions such as anger, worry, fear, guilt, love, lust and low self confidence. It guides them to deal with peer pressure. It helps them cope with abortion, suicide, death and sickness. It helps them understand parental issues parents seeming not to trust them. It clarifies issues on God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, feeling they lack faith and living right. It schools them to prepare for exams. It edifies them to fight sexual temptation, fornication, masturbation, pornography, homosexuality and lesbianism. It helps them comprehend puberty, their body shape, self image and gender realization. It tutors them on the effects of negative thoughts & words and helps them answer the questions Who am I? and Why am I here?< Less
The Legacy of Poetry Continues Part 1 By Elizabeth Burke
eBook (PDF): $8.00
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Since I was fourteen I have been writing Poetry. I have made it a part of my life now. This book is Poetry that I have written for other people to enjoy. I hope it will be a success. I hope it is... More > encouraging to other people.< Less
Jekyll & Hyde: Breaking Bondages - Restoring Wholeness By James V. Potter, Ph.D.
Paperback: $24.95
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Jekyll & Hyde: Breaking Bondages and Restoring Wholeness, By James V. Potter, Ph.D., Psy.D. A guide to understanding the origins of Arrested Development, Dual-Personalities & other... More > Personality Disorders. Introduced Life-span Development, Human Bonding, Developmental Tasks and Rites of Passage, as well as the origins & manifestations of Developmental Wounds in twelve information packed chapters. Investigates the principle causes underlying the majority of emotional and developmental wounds which can mature into life-controlling problems and personality disorders. Detailed life-span development charts help students grasp the effects when developmental tasks were not completed, bonding is impaired, or rites-of passage from one stage to the next not successfully navigated.< Less
Scientific Astrology Encyclopaedia By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $10.10
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An introduction into the fascinating world of 22 zodiacal constellations and 16 ascendants. Modern scientific astrology as coupled with personal reality rendering. Render your prosperity knowing your... More > clear purpose that stems from your true natal stars.< Less
Discovering Your Intentional & Exceptional Life By Marianne Emma Jeff
eBook (PDF): $7.95
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This unique workbook blends the creative exploration of Julia Cameron, the philosophy of Joseph Campbell and the strategizing and planning of Steven Covey. Use it to set yearly intentions, or to... More > define your focus in a time of transition. Marianne Emma Jeff is a professional strategy coach empowering ambitious, and creative women to live intentional and exceptional lives.< Less
Inspirational Quotes For All Occasions By Bangambiki Habyarimana
eBook (PDF): $10.99
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Welcome to this collection of motivational and inspirational quotes. Collected from various books and different authors, these quotes are full of wisdom you need to shape your character and ensure... More > you succeed in your private, social and professional life. Enjoy!< Less
Mind Your Manners: Etiquette for Business By Ruth Hegarty
eBook (PDF): $10.00
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Do you ever feel awkward in social situations? Get confused by dress codes and elaborate table settings at important functions? What to do when you just forgot that person’s name? To stop... More > feeling nervous and out of your depth at any size social or business gathering, you need the advice and strategies in this ebook. Within its pages you get: •An understanding of the 4 Important Key Concepts underlying Etiquette •Learn what to wear when from dressy-casual to formal wear •How to make introductions smoothly and eliminate awkward moments •Learn the new etiquette surrounding personal workspace •Important communication etiquette rules for in person and telephone conversations •The definitive word on email etiquette •Everything you need to know about dining from casual to fancy •A primer on intercultural etiquette •Additional resources for further study< Less
Synch By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $5.55
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TIMING Marketing is like love: a timely contract with a winning partner brings timely profit. One the other hand, an untimely contract as signed with a detrimental partner brings the bitter fruit of... More > bankruptcy.< Less
My Happy Girl Journey of 6 Real Life Lessons Paperback By Nicole Haibach
eBook (PDF): $5.00
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This 6 step model of living shares how to stay the path despite life's obstacles and challenges. The author shares how she wrote and utilized this model in her life experiences to meet her vision... More > and is an inspiration to those who are in transition in their careers or personal lives.< Less
How to Wake Up and Live: A Formula for Success That Works By Donald G. Carty, Dorothea Brande
eBook (ePub): $9.99
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A practical handbook for every man and woman who wants to find success and happiness in life. Simply written and easy to read, it shows you how to overcome the obstacles that are holding you down. It... More > will prove to you that the use, not the quantity, of your brains is what counts most toward successful living. This book will help you reach your goals and achieve success through: profitable thinking; new personal standards; energy conservation; new speech habits; creative self-discipline; revitalized imagination; positive action. The book even includes twelve suggested steps that millions of us have followed and that anyone who wants success should follow, too.< Less