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Motivating Your Way to Success By RP
eBook (PDF): $1.99
Motivation is the one thing that distinguishes the great minds of our world from people who simply aim to get by. How many times have you heard about successful individuals crazily going without... More > food, rest or relaxation because they are just too focused on their aspirations to stop for the mundane activities of life? Or how many times have you heard about people who were fed up with their lot in life and then worked tirelessly to become successful? These kinds of individuals are they type that change the world with new inventions, ingenious business ideas or earth shattering theories. These are the individuals we describe as successful; industry leaders, world-renowned scientists, tech gurus, business masterminds and the list goes on.< Less
Managing Stress for Teens By Miriam Kinai
eBook (PDF): $9.99
Managing Stress for Teens teaches teenagers Biblical principles, medical techniques and life skills to manage 80 common teenage stressors. Topics covered include instructions on resisting alcohol,... More > cigarettes and drugs and overcoming addiction. It teaches how to manage emotions such as anger, worry, fear, guilt, love, lust and low self confidence. It guides them to deal with peer pressure. It helps them cope with abortion, suicide, death and sickness. It helps them understand parental issues parents seeming not to trust them. It clarifies issues on God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, feeling they lack faith and living right. It schools them to prepare for exams. It edifies them to fight sexual temptation, fornication, masturbation, pornography, homosexuality and lesbianism. It helps them comprehend puberty, their body shape, self image and gender realization. It tutors them on the effects of negative thoughts & words and helps them answer the questions Who am I? and Why am I here?< Less
Scientific Astrology Encyclopaedia By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $10.10
An introduction into the fascinating world of 22 zodiacal constellations and 16 ascendants. Modern scientific astrology as coupled with personal reality rendering. Render your prosperity knowing your... More > clear purpose that stems from your true natal stars.< Less
Resolutions - A Conversation on the Real Road to Success By Liam O'Hanrahan and Rachael Drake
eBook (ePub): $9.95
Grow as a person and change your life by applying these simple steps to your to-do list, goal setting and New Year resolutions. Resolutions is a step-by-step "think and do" book on how to... More > dynamically expand your reach by altering how you look at and apply both prioritization and change using the power of scripture. Discover a new dimension to effectiveness. For Christians and non-Christians alike.< Less
What Is Jealousy (All About Jealousy) By Sean Mosley
eBook (ePub): $2.99
(1 Ratings)
This is the complete book about jealousy: Types of jealousy, the cause of jealousy and how to control jealousy.
Daisies By Nancy B. Mann, PhD
eBook (PDF): $6.25
A collection of poems and short stories about loss, grief, and hope. This collection recounts my experiences and feelings after the deaths of my father, maternal grandparents, my cousin, and my... More > mother. I hope others who are grieving may find some comfort in knowing there are others who share their pain and understand the process they are going through.< Less
How to Wake Up and Live: A Formula for Success That Works By Donald G. Carty & Dorothea Brande
eBook (ePub): $9.99
A practical handbook for every man and woman who wants to find success and happiness in life. Simply written and easy to read, it shows you how to overcome the obstacles that are holding you down. It... More > will prove to you that the use, not the quantity, of your brains is what counts most toward successful living. This book will help you reach your goals and achieve success through: profitable thinking; new personal standards; energy conservation; new speech habits; creative self-discipline; revitalized imagination; positive action. The book even includes twelve suggested steps that millions of us have followed and that anyone who wants success should follow, too.< Less
Subconscious Ascendants By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $2,967.70
The nether ascendants as invisible to popular "astrology".
IMProvider By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $21.69
Verified Identity Package. RTRRT & Academic Zodiac services. Personal initiations - CATALOG.
I AM (walking in your I AM ness) By Lisa Lyons
eBook (PDF): $5.99
(1 Ratings)
New and Innovative Book on Self Improvement. A Daily inspirational book, that motivates, uplifts, and encourages the reader to attain their dreams in life.

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