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Lies of the Forgotten By Ciera Nichele
eBook (ePub): $7.99
Looking back into the past can be deadly. Sometimes what looks good is actually poison and not every lie is intended to be bad. London Jackson has to find out who she really is before she loses her... More > life. Fooled by the people closest to her, she must find out the lies and truths of her past. Between a husband, lover, and child that she never knew about she has to get answers fast before she loses her mind. Secrets unfold and lives are lost as she journeys down this rabbit hole to reclaim her life. Will she survive her past in order to gain a real future? Or will she stick with the existence that has come so easily to her? London has some big decisions to make, for not only her well being, but for her loved ones as well. For every choice she makes another life has to be lost.< Less
Bad Cut By Allen Chinn
eBook (PDF): $4.00
(2 Ratings)
When the power of drugs fueled a culture of underground sword fighting, a true hero arises. From the author of A Kung-Fu Master's Journey and Rebirth from the Ashes.
Manalive By G. K. Chesterton
eBook (ePub): $2.53
Innocent Smith is a man full of boyish exuberance. Deliberately defying convention, he is involved in a series of madcap pranks. He picnics on rooftops, breaks into his own house and has an affair... More > with his own wife. This unconventional behaviour makes him mistrusted and extremely unpopular with those around him.< Less
Ezra Pound's attitude towards ordinary people in two poems: "The Garden" and "The Study in Aesthetics". By Piero Ruju
eBook (PDF): $8.23
(2 Ratings)
Ezra Pound's attitude towards ordinary people is analysed in depths in two of his poems: "The Garden" and "The Study in Aesthetics".
The Bontoc Igorot By Albert Ernest Jenks
eBook (PDF): $3.92
The Bontoc Igorot by Albert Ernest Jenks
As You Like It By William Shakespeare
eBook (PDF): $4.62
As You Like It by William Shakespeare
Stealing Souls By Calvin Lynnings
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Even though death is supposed to be the end, sometimes love is stronger than death. This is the story of what happens when it is.
Tales of a Terrible Christmas By Jaylen Townsend
eBook (PDF): $0.00
(1 Ratings)
This is a story about a man who has never had a Christmas before in his life. Three spirits come and show him his life and how his life could turn out. His attitude gets turn around after the thrid... More > visit of the spirits. In the meantime, a couple starts a relationship after dinner at the finest restaraunts,Charpay's. I am a 12 year old writer who has just now published a book for the second time. My books can be previewed on I am so sorry for any mistakes that may accure in your copy of Tales of a Terrible Christmas. Enjoy.< Less
Words of Wisdom: Oscar Wilde By Students’ Academy
eBook (ePub): $1.25
(1 Ratings)
Oscar Wilde is one of the most widely read Irish writers. He is best known for his remarkable novel "The Picture of Dorian Gray" and the play "The Importance of Being... More > Earnest." His American Lecture tour is very famous. It is said that he delivered 140 highly emphatic lectures in just nine months. He was a great orator who could keep the listeners attracted to his speech. His oratory was the combination of his deep thoughts, precise diction, and highly creative sentences. During his speeches and lectures, he would present his remarkable thoughts which became very popular in the literary world. Several of his famous lines, statements, and remarks have become very famous quotations now. The present book has a collection of several of his best statement and quotes which will definitely amuse and enlighten the readers.< Less
Battles of Mullera Legacy of the Ginza Stone By Michael Surber
eBook (PDF): $3.99
(1 Ratings)
In a mystical world, the forces of good and evil battle for the control of their world. King Herbal and his daughter, the Princess Eelka, guard the Ginza stone, the symbol of peace that had been... More > forged between two ancient races. The stone holds great powers, and Kalomon, the emperor of the Primals, covets it for his own evil purposes. Kalomon forges an alliance with Aukbar, the King of the Goblins, and together they plan their assault on King Herbal and the forces of good. The Grand Master Wizard Tidus foresees the bloodshed that will result from Kalomon’s plan and sends his apprentice Auron to intervene. Auron is befriended by the elf Squall, who has great powers. Together they encounter many treacherous foes intent on preventing them from their mission. Dark times threaten to consume their home of Lokan. All hope resides in the skills of a young Spell-caster.< Less

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