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A Dictionary of C99 Function Defintions : The Revised Edition By Geoffrey Trott
eBook (ePub): $9.83
An updated version of C89 function definitions for the Curious the Desperate the Frantic and the Suicidal A description of all the functions covered by the C99 Standard, listed in Alphabetical... More > Order. The Name of the Function. The Library it belongs to. A Description of what the function does. The Values it returns. What those Values mean.< Less
Geoffrey's Gourmet Recipes By Geoffrey Trott
eBook (ePub): $5.82
Geoffrey's Gourmet Recipes Is a selection of over 600 recipes including liqueur recipes. The sort of people who are most likely to enjoy the Gourmet Edition are Cafe and Restaurant owners looking... More > for ideas for their soup of the day. Recipes come from around the world, and are organised under the general headings of Afro Caribbean, Anglo Indian, British, Central American, Eastern European, Middle East, North American, Northern European, Oriental, Pacific, South American, South European, Soups of the World, Biscuits, Bread, Cakes, Sweet, and Aperitifs.< Less
Task Force Nine 1/2 By Geoffrey Trott
eBook (ePub): $2.32
A SCI FI SPY NOVEL featuring little green aliens, people from a devestated future earth who have come back to change the past, the assassination of President Kennedy. Synopsis of the novel Takes... More > place mainly in Berlin, on Mars, and in Weymouth on Earth. The main characters are a supermarket manager originally from Wales, who is transported into the future by accident, and given extraordinary paranormal powers. Which because he is a bumbling imbicile he is unable to put to good use. A woman sent back in time from a devastated future Earth in an alternate time/line. Tort her former lover who has gone rogue. A little green alien lizard like thing. President Kennedy. Subplots include the reasons behind the Kennedy assassinaton, MKULTRA a secret CIA Mind Control Program, and the Paranormal.< Less
Task Force Nine By Geoffrey Trott
eBook (ePub): $1.54
This version of Task Force Nine diverges from Task Force Nine 1/2 in that it, takes place in a universe slightly different from ours. The story is more less the same, but in some places different... More > people say the words to give them a different meaning. This version has less comic book sex and violence. Although both versions contain bits the other hasn't. I originally based the character of the traitor Kyril on the CIA analyst Aldrich Ames, described by the FBI as a nerd with attitude. He was not the first, and as recent events in the USA have shown, certainly not the last. Although I think it will a long time before the laughter dies down this time. After the Americans allowed a junior serviceman, who they knew to be unstable, unlimited access to their files. For the United States few allies this is a sad day. For the US OF A even sadder, now we are going to share even less information with you. For the rest of the world, particularly their media outlets, a feeding frenzy.< Less