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The Perfect Storm By L. N. Apple
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Why is it so many people find their government discomforting, or in the extreme case, revolting? Well, actually, most people don’t think much about it, except when they get smacked in the face... More > with something they don’t understand. But those who do, all have their own reasons. The point is though, what are we going to do about it? The Declaration of Independence has an answer. In order to understand why the Declaration even exists is to understand arbitrary rule, rule by one individual with omnipotent powers. One way to understand this concept is to ask yourself: Why can’t 13 year old children vote? When you provide yourself with a satisfactory answer then you understand why the Founding Fathers constructed the Constitution the way it is, and why also it is being violated by the Federal Government—and has been for 60 years, albeit off and on. This essay is not about some profound conspiracy, but rather about the natural instincts of any and all institutions, that is what governments are, institutions.< Less
Sun Cities By L. N. Apple
Paperback: $10.20
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No light speed, no time travel, just good solid engineering, and loads of money. Citizens of 2350 might look back and laugh at this book, just like we all laugh at H. G. Wells’ idea of space... More > travel, but think about what happened next. The Pair embark upon a simple first mission in a B-class space tug. Half way they receive a message, coded. Diverted, their mission becomes extraordinary when they find out they are to move a large astroid off its collision course with Earth. And this is just the beginning. They become involved in a larger than life off earth conspiracy that threatens even their own home Sun City.< Less
The Door Opens Indward By L. N. Apple
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Three victims of sundry abuse conspire in a long comic elopement ending abruptly at the confluence of a dicey near tragedy, deadly justice and a complicated awakening. . . .slightly erotic, slightly... More > pathetic, homely with a touch of spice, a dash of sauce, and a pinch of terrot.< Less
Never Perish Volumes III and IV By L. N. Apple
Paperback: List Price: $20.00 $19.00 | You Save: 5%
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Never Perish Volume III, purportedly written by Daniel Wellington's close frend, Jay Hawkings, brings us into the 21st Century, then takes us back to the 4th, where, in the words of D.W. we hear the... More > story of the Scribe who recorded the story told in Volumes I & II. Volumn IV is an amalgum of histories beginning with Wellington's and retracing Robert Wellington's adventure. Beginning in the 19th and moving into the 21st.< Less
h'drm (The Mighty Ones) By L. N. Apple
Paperback: $9.80
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What really happened to the Carthaginian Princess? A not so flattering tale of Scipio Africanus, Hannibal, and the second Punic War. What happens to something that two dogs claim ownership of? Do... More > intelligent women commit suicide over the fear of thugs?< Less
Clovis (the Invention of France) By L. N. Apple
Paperback: List Price: $10.00 $9.50 | You Save: 5%
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Clovis drove the Goths from Gaul. But like the broom sweeps dirt, lost money and earrings, all, without regard, so the aboriginals, savages, gypsies, barbarians and fairies were swept away or... More > absorbed and reinvented as well. The story carries the myth of Nadeus and the Polder of the Nether Lands, another step. Nadeus exhausted his years teaching the Holly and the Oak, the ancient traditions of the matriarchy. This prepared them for the day when urgency required them ‘be like unto the enemy’ in strength determination and courage, and unlike them in their colossal moral idiocy. Altogether, a strange book, subversive culturally, it remains nonetheless an attempt to put to the test a different perspective upon what we know with certainty, we know almost nothing.< Less

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