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Greatest Lessons from the Martial Arts By Tim Johnson
eBook (ePub): $4.99
Learn about the greatest lessons the martial arts has to offer from some of the most distinguished martial artists in the world. This full-color book is a compilation of exclusive essays straight... More > from masters, authority figures and authors from the far corners of the globe. Contributors include: Diana Lee Inosanto Dr Yang Jwing-Ming Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit Kancho Deena Naidu Guro Peter Freeman and many many more... No answer will ever be correct or incorrect. This book provides an enormous cross-section of answers to this same question which proves the versatility of the martial arts. By answering this one question, martial arts masters and amateur students alike share their most profound lesson with others to encourage the practice of martial arts worldwide. The term “martial art” has been defined for thousands of years and continues to have its own definition to every practitioner who has ever set foot on the mat, or defended their home and family from danger.< Less
Bosley Sees the World - Hardcover By Tim Johnson
Hardcover: $49.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Bosley is a confident, curious little bear who takes on new challenges whenever he has the opportunity. This book encourages children to learn new things about the world around them and look beyond... More > what they know. Multilingual edition! This book is written in 8 languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Chinese, Arabic and Russian. Seven different editions of this book have been compiled into one collection. Each page has English as well as another language. The wording in this book is specifically designed to teach children new words and phrases in a foreign language. Matching words are highlighted to help children understand what they are reading. Opposites are used to make learning intuitive. Simple phrases, accurate translations and corresponding illustrations help make the learning process fun and refreshing. The illustrations in this book are bright and playful and captivating to children of all ages. Teach your child to learn and explore with Bosley Bear!< Less
Bosley's New Friends By Tim Johnson
eBook (ePub): $2.99
“Why don’t the other animals understand me when I talk?” he asks. Join Bosley as he discovers the power of communication and how to open up a new world of possibilities by learning... More > how the other animals talk. Bosley learns patience as he diligently learns how to speak other languages, one word at a time, and he discovers a wide world of new friends waiting to be made. This book will impress upon any child the importance of language learning in a way that they can relate to.< Less
Beginner's Guide to Echolocation for the Blind and Visually Impaired: Learning to See With Your Ears By Tim Johnson
eBook (ePub): $23.00
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What is Echolocation? The ability to "SEE" objects using sound instead of sight. This skill used by many blind people is sometimes misunderstood, but it’s far more realistic and much... More > easier than you may think. The author demystifies the growing practice of active echolocation in a way that anyone can understand, and gives the reader simple exercises, examples, and lessons as a starting point for launching you into a successful practice of active echolocation. With applied practice of this skill, it’s possible for people with visual impairments all over the world to become increasingly independent, supplementing their existing forms of orientation and mobility with the intrinsic awareness that echolocation can provide. Understanding this skill will allow you to shift your way of thinking for an expanded awareness of your environment. With this awareness comes independence, confidence, new possibilities and new opportunities.< Less
The Greatness of Kung Fu: A Dialog on Shaolin Kung Fu with Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit By Tim Johnson
eBook (ePub): $4.99
Grandmaster Wong is a 4th generation successor of the renowned Southern Shaolin monastery in Putian, China. Living in Malaysia, he travels the world spreading the "greatness of kung fu"... More > throughout the world through the Shaolin Wahnam institute. Learn about the masters Sifu Wong studied under and hear stories of how he trained and how he has been working to improve Kung Fu teaching methods to share his art with the world. In this book we talk about how Qi Gong can help to heal today's modern society and how "good health is natural", as well as how Kung Fu training has evolved in recent times and will continue to evolve in the future. “Good health is natural. Today, so many people are sick and weak. They mistakenly think that being sick and being weak is natural. That’s not true. Being healthy is natural.” - Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit< Less

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