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Ellen's Tale By Alberta Ross
Paperback: $16.04
Ships in 3-5 business days.
2060: The world is devastated by climate wars. 2161: Two archivists chart events 50 years before when the future of humanity hung in the balance. 2111: Ellen, innocent child of the safe sterile... More > cities. Bix, genetically modified as a child to fight with the Sefuty Comrades (known as the Ferals),now dangerously charming. She seeks his help to fulfil the dying request of an old lady. Terrified of life outside Ellen is forced to cling to Bix and he, responding, finds his interest in her growing. They both dare to think of a future together but he cannot live within walls and she cannot live outside and they have to part. It is Ellen who seeks to find a way to achieve their dreams. The way is dangerous but the results could hold out hope for them and for dwindling survivors of mankind. An historical romance set in the future, with three time periods and two love stories,against a background of climate change, child soldiers, land mines, genetic engineering and eugenics< Less
Storyteller's Tale By Alberta Ross
Paperback: $18.14
Ships in 3-5 business days.
Keira deemed mad and condemed to death for being bad. Jack has saved her and brought her into the Comrade to assist them learn the skills to survive in the wilderness, but are the mightmares and... More > demons controlling her mind to strong for Jack to defeat< Less
Jack's Tale By Alberta Ross
Paperback: $18.24
Ships in 3-5 business days.
Freedom comes at a price for the companions as they continue to de-mine and liberate the ringed settlements. Not all the survivors however are peaceful and the Comrade find they are fighting and... More > dying in a new war. When Jack himself falls the disaster threatens the comrade's unity itself. Ria can only find comfort in Bix's arms and Bix finds comfort nowhere. Ellen watches helplessly as the bonds of friendship and love begin to unravel. Ellen must find a way to comfort Bix,keep Ria from descending into madness and ensure that Jack's life is remembered. These may be tasks beyond her but she must try and in the trying separate herself from Bix.< Less
A patchwork of Perspectives By Alberta Ross
Paperback: $11.32
Ships in 3-5 business days.
Murder, mystery and mayhem in this collection of tales which range from normal to just a tiny bit weird. Tales that tell of the young, the old and all in between, that travel in the past, the... More > present and who knows where. How secure is your child in the bedroom at night? How safe your retirement? Do you ever wriggle your bare toes in the carpet? Talk to your cats? Travel the world in search of the perfect plate of fish and chips, of men with beautiful cheekbones. Visit the moon and other strange destinations.< Less

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