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Tales of Fishes: Classic Fishing Story By Zane Grey
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Zane Grey indulged his interest in fishing with visits to Australia and New Zealand. He first visited New Zealand in 1926 and caught several large fish of great variety, including a mako shark, a... More > ferocious fighter which presented a new challenge. Grey established a base at Otehei Bay Lodge on Urupukapuka Island in the Bay of Islands, which became a magnet for the rich and famous and wrote many articles in international sporting magazines highlighting the uniqueness of New Zealand fishing which has produced heavy-tackle world records for the major billfish, striped marlin, black marlin, blue marlin and broadbill. He held numerous world records during this time and invented the teaser, a hookless bait that is still used today to attract fish. Grey made three further fishing trips to New Zealand. The second was January to April 1927, the third December 1928 to March 1929, and the last December 1932 to February 1933.< Less
Nevada Volume II - Comic Book Edition of Classic Western Novel By Zane Grey
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Nevada was the exciting American western novel to Forlorn River, continues to be one of Zane Grey’s most beloved novels. This novel was first published in 1926 and 1927 and is still in print.... More > This book is currently for sale in a licensed Edition with a new introductory by Loren Grey (Zane Grey’s son). Plot introduction Nevada, a notorious gunman man whose past is unknown go away from Ben Ide’s family who strikes off his unknown parts. Ben leaves his rancher’s life from his hometown and resettle in Arizona, , evidently for his mother's health, but also to look for his missing partner Nevada. When his beautiful ranch is being rustled, Ben struggles to keep his cattle and valuable horses in the land of rustling. In this situation, he can’t be sure that who he can trust or not. Nevada, his good partner, has a opportunity to work secretly and save everyone else from a gang of bloody rustlers and cruel thieves.< Less
Betty Zane: Western Heroine in American Revolutionary War By Zane Grey
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Elizabeth "Betty" Zane McLaughlin Clark was William Andrew Zane and Nancy Ann Zane's daughter. She was honored as a heroine of the Revolutionary War on the American frontier. In 1769,... More > Ebenezer, Silas and Jonathan who were Zane brothers migrated from Moorefield, Hardy County, West Virginia and finally settled at present-day Wheeling, Ohio County, West Virginia. The other Zane family’s members later joined them at the new residence. On September 11, 1782, in accordance to a historical marker in Wheeling, the Zane family was being chased in Fort Henry by American Indian enemies. During the fight, her father was wounded and fell from the top of the fort right in front of her while Betty was loading a Kentucky rifle. The chief of the fort said, "We have lost two men, one Mr. Zane and the other gentlemen, and we need black gunpowder."< Less
Wildfire: Classic American Western Novel By Zane Grey
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Reading Wildfire was simply a fun experience. The story was indeed a “black-and-white western,” but truth and virtue were its central themes. The story was told simply and the plot was... More > not very complicated, but the themes that permeated the book were founded in the best and worst parts of human nature. Love and hate, greed and charity, condemnation and forgiveness, were all present and they were presented in believable proportions. Zane Grey knew life and the character of Colonel Potter knew how out-of-proportion life could become. It is not surprising that Colonel Potter would find comfort in the writings of an author that presented life as it should be.< Less
The Desert of Wheat: Classic American Western Novel By Zane Grey
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Hero Kurt Dorn is the son of a German immigrant, which puts father and son at odds during the war. Most of the book is taken up with Dorn's fight against the I.W.W., a socialist labor force that's... More > backed by German money. (A double whammy as the two things America hated most at this time was Germany AND socialists!) It's not until the last third or so of the book that Kurt goes off to war. Author Zane Grey, through his fictional character, is able to go off on a tangent about American women going ga-ga over a uniform and throwing themselves at men. (Like that's never happened before.) Once in the trenches of France, Dorn - who had been so anxious to go kill Germans - suddenly realizes the evils of war and the wrongness of wholesale slaughter. Not that that stops him from killing a few Germans anyway.< Less
Ken Ward in the Jungle: Classic Adventure Novel By Zane Grey
eBook (ePub): $1.99
“What a change from the Arizona desert!” Ken Ward joins his brother’s trip to the jungle of southeastern state of Mexico. Hal, Ken’s brother has to finish his job by... More > collecting specimens for a museum. Then his unexpected adventure begin. They catch sight of a river with the most beautiful waterfall. Moreover, they face gigantic snakes, poisonous ants’ army, gigantic snakes, wild pigs and dangerous crocodiles. This adventure challenges Ken to prove that he is the best jungle explorer and can help noisy Hal out of problems. Ken Ward in the Jungle; Thrilling Adventures in Tropical Wilds is one the book series for boys. Although this novel is not the typical Zane Grey’s American Western fiction style, it maintains several unique characteristics to confirm it was a genuine Grey’s work. Grey create this adventure in a manner such that all readers who read this novel think that they are there. It can guarantee this book definitely satisfy the true Grey fan and other readers.< Less
Valley of Wild Horses: Classic American Western Novel By Zane Grey
eBook (ePub): $1.99
The tall, young Texan had gambled, fought, and killed in every town from Montana to Mexico. He'd been in plenty of places where there was no law, but this little hellhole was the worst. Jard Hardman... More > and his son Dick were the law. They owned the marshal and used him to rob the town blind. These were the men Panhandle Smith had come to find-and destroy. Pan had bluffed them once, but the young gunfighter knew that this time they would call him! Zane Grey (January 31, 1872 – October 23, 1939) was an American author best known for his popular adventure novels and stories that presented an idealized image of the Old West. Riders of the Purple Sage (1912) was his bestselling book. In addition to the success of his printed works, they later had second lives and continuing influence when adapted as films and TV productions. As of 2007, 110 films, one TV episode, and a series, Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theater, had been made that were based loosely on his novels and short stories.< Less
The Young Pitcher: A Classic Baseball Story By Zane Grey
eBook (ePub): $1.99
This book evokes vivid images of intercollegiate sports in the early 1900s. The characters are warm and well-developed. The setting is nostalgic and timeless. Readers will puzzle over "Frosh on... More > the fifth" and chuckle over the potato toss. The reader can feel the despair when Ken finds out what he has done to the Captain of the college baseball team, and feels his chances of making the varsity squad slip away in an instant. No one can keep from laughing out loud when the perfume is spread or the sweater put on. The combination of setting, characters and good old-fashoned baseball makes for very pleasant reading. Personally, I recommend this book be read every Spring in anticipation of the upcoming baseball season, such as I have done for the last twenty-three years. It is a wonderful way to get in the mood for great battles on the ball diamond, as well as recapture the joys of youth. Reading this book could become as much a pastime as baseball itself.< Less
The Rainbow Trail: Classic American Western Novel By Zane Grey
eBook (ePub): $1.99
The Rainbow Trail known as The Desert Crucible, published in 1915, was a sequel to Riders of the Purple Sage. This book displays the fate of Jane and Lassiter and Fay. The novel happens 10 years... More > after the Riders of the Purple Sage story. The wall to Surprise Valley has been destroyed, and Jane Withersteen has to decide between the Lassiter's life and Fay's engagement to a Mormon. The protagonists' strong antagonism to Mormon polygamy is clearly important in both novels but in Rainbow Trail this theme is treated more obviously. The plots of both books revolve around the victimization of women in the Mormon culture: Situations in "Riders of the Purple Sage" are centered on the fighting of a Mormon woman who sacrifices her wealth and social status to avoid becoming a junior wife of the local church leader, while "Rainbow Trail" is contrary to the fanatical older Mormons with the rising generation of Mormon women who will not be resistant to polygamy and Mormon men who will not seek it.< Less
Heritage of the Desert: Classic American Western Novel By Zane Grey
eBook (ePub): $1.99
From Customer Review; Perhaps, with the exception of Riders of the Purple Sage, Heritage of the Desert is the best western Zane Grey ever wrote. It combines every thing one expects to find in the... More > genre, and then adds a little bit more you don't expect to find. It is the basic story of a young man, John Hare, who has come west to regain his health and to find his place in life only to be branded "Dene's spy" and becomes a hunted man. There is the Mormon element, only in this book they receive favorable treatment by Zane Grey; there are animal heros; a faithful Indian companion to the heroine, a half-Indian girl, Mescal; rustlers and land thieves; a favored son gone bad; and the canyon country of Utah described as only the master detailer can depict it in all of its glory and spendor. With this book Zane Grey set the standard by which he himself had to live up to with each succeeding novel, and HE DID.< Less

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