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The Spirit of the Border: Classic American Western Novel By Zane Grey
eBook (ePub): $1.99
The book follows the life and adventures of two brothers Jim and Joe, Jim a Christian missionary and Joe a gregarious newcomer to frontier life. Wetzel always known as a loner, develops a friendship... More > with the young man Joe and trains him in the ways of forest woodcraft. All the while Jim struggles to strengthen and protect the already established Morvian Indian mission. All of this set against the intrigue of Indian politics,war and the rampaging murders and kidnappings of the white renegades Simon and Jim Girty. Although an historical novel, Zane Grey uses the various characters and happenings as a vehicle to give us a clear picture of the sentiment surrounding the precarious daily life for both the defenders of the Indian nations and those who acted as the American border rangers.< Less
The Light of Western Stars : Classic American Western Novel By Zane Grey
eBook (ePub): $1.99
When Madeline Hammond stepped from the train at El Cajon, New Mexico, it was nearly midnight, and her first impression was of a huge dark space of cool, windy emptiness, strange and silent,... More > stretching away under great blinking white stars. Miss, there's no one to meet you, said the conductor, rather anxiously. I wired my brother, she replied. "The train being so late - perhaps he grew tired of waiting. He will be here presently. But, if he should not come - surely I can find a hotel?" There's lodgings to be had. Get the station agent to show you. If you'll excuse me - this is no place for a lady like you to be alone at night. It's a rough little town - mostly Mexicans, miners, cowboys. And they carouse a lot. Besides, the revolution across the border has stirred up some excitement along the line.< Less
The Mysterious Rider: Classic American Western Novel By Zane Grey
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Rancher Bill Belllounds had brought up Columbine as though she were his daughter. Out of affection for her foster father, Columbine had agreed to marry Bill's son., Jack-a drunkard, gambler, coward,... More > and thief. But the man she really loved was cowboy Wilson Moore, and he was everything Belllound's son should have been. Then the strange, clairvoyant little man they called Hell-Bent Wade came to work at the ranch. "You can believe me when I say somethin' will happen," he declared prophetically. "Columbine isn't goin' to marry Jack Belllound's." I loved to read the dialogue, Zane Grey's books may be a little dated to the time period when he wrote them, but it's still a good book.< Less
The U. P. Trail: Classic American Western Novel By Zane Grey
eBook (ePub): $1.99
The book's scope is akin to a giant mirror being held up to reflect, in one grand and allegorical image, the breadth of the human experience in the building of the American West, and the destruction... More > of its frontier culture. It's a tale of heroism, virtue, sacrifice, greed, personal ruin, redemption, betrayal, saintliness, violence, bigotry, lust, depravity, nobility, and so many other aspects of human nature it's hard to list them all here. It is filled with unforgettable characters who represent every social group involved with both the building of the railroad itself, and the white man's ambition to expand the nation to the Pacific coast. Some of the incidents and moments created by Grey will remain with readers long after they have finished the book, if not forever. And central to it all is the tortured story of the lovers Neale and Allie.< Less
The Border Legion: Classic American Western Novel By Zane Grey
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Jim Cleve has been deemed, "a good guy" all of his life and it agitates him to no end. Even his girlfriend, Joan Randle has scorned him for this "weakness" shouting, "You... More > haven't it in you even to be BAD!" Dejected and hurt, Jim abandons the life he has known for the gold mining camps along Alder Gulch in southern Montana. It is here, among the thieves and murderers, that he must make a new name for himself. Meanwhile, Joan realizes the danger that she has put Jim in and rushes off to save him. However, when she stumbles across the ruthless desperado gang leader, Jack Kells, it is soon Joan who is in need of rescue. When Kells tries to rape her, Joan grabs his gun and shoots him. But something keeps Joan from leaving him to die. In the face of Joan's loving spirit, Kells experiences his own change of heart. But it is too late, Kells outlaw gang arrives and keeps Joan hostage.< Less
Riders of the Purple Sage: A Classic Western Novel By Zane Grey
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ReaderReview; This is the only western I've ever read; I'm mostly into classical literature, science writing, and non-fiction, but I asked friends for a book rec in the field, and they said read... More > this one and the two Thomas Berger novels about Little Big Man. The novel is interesting in that it's not a stereotypical western story. The main character is a woman who owns a large cattle ranch and is basically the mainstay of the little town of Cottonwoods, a Mormon town on the Utah border, sort of like the Cartwright family was in the popular TV western series, only in this case, Lorne Green is replaced by a female lead. The novel also is unusual in that it shows her struggling against the tyranny and even criminality of her fellow Mormon ranchers, who don't like the fact of a beautiful, wealthy, but unattached woman, who wields considerable influence in the local town despite their best attempts to undermine her.< Less
The Young Forester: Classic American Western Novel By Zane Grey
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Sample character names include Hal, Ken, Dick, Ward, Smith, Jim, and an unscrupulous for-hire Latino generally referred to as "the Greaser." Lovely, just lovely. Societally-acceptable... More > racism aside, it's a quick and engaging, if moderately insulting, read (for, among other things, the suspension of disbelief required at frequent intervals, mostly corresponding to the practically metaphysical knowledge of forestry and government regulations that escapes our teen-aged hero's lips during long rides in the saddle in-between plot twists). And yet, it's an entertaining romp in the finest pulp tradition. Plus, I was referred to this fictionalized account of a zealous "Pinchot progressive" in the highly recommended telling of the 1910 Bitterroot Mountains fire "The Big Burn" by Timothy Egan. Yes, go read that fine book first, and then come back to consume this one.< Less

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