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Religious Addiction: Doctrine or Denial? By Dr. Robert D. Baize
eBook (ePub): $8.99
Can a person become addicted to a non-substance element? Can a person be addicted to religion? God never intended His children to avoid reality. But, too often people use religion much like a drug... More > to avoid dealing with life. In situations like this religion ceases to be liberating and become a chain around the neck of the individual. If you struggle with religious addiction or know someone who does I hope you find this book beneficial.< Less
Everything about life I needed to know I learned during my divorce! By Dr. Robert D. Baize
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As a counselor, we are supposed to have all the answers. People come to us on a daily basis with questions and problems. Somehow you learn how to ease the concern of the teen’s parents and... More > cover your own reactions to the horror of man’s inhumanity to man which you see so often. Yet, when it comes to your own life, things are different. There comes a time when you don’t have the answer and you find yourself right where so many previous clients have been. You were able to help them, but somehow you can’t help yourself. Your own marriage is over. Your own children send you e-mails which would make a sailor blush. And, the one who lives his life by communicating is left speechless. This is where I found myself having been a therapist for well over 20 years. We all find ourselves in similar situations. Hopefully, others might find little life rings they might latch on to as they say…sounds familiar. Remember, we’re all in it together.< Less
Religious Addiction: Doctrine or Denial By Dr. Robert D. Baize
Paperback: List Price: $17.95 $8.98 | You Save: 50%
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Can religion become a drug? Can a person become physically addicted to something other than a substance? This book examines when religion becomes destructive. When the idea of a relationship... More > between mankind and God is reduced to simply a doctrine of behavior it no longer sets a person free. God never meant for people to use Him as a means of avoiding responsibilities in the same manner as an alcoholic uses a bottle or an addict uses a drug. This book gives insight into the behavior referred to as religious addiction and ideas on how to possibly help someone who has found themselves in that trap.< Less
Out of the Ashes By Dr. Robert D. Baize
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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder effects basically everyone in one form or another. It has been my honor to work with combat veterans for about 20 years. These are stories from many of my men and a... More > practical counseling approach in dealing with PTSD.< Less

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