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Grapnel By Dave Moruzzi
eBook (ePub): $6.99
Captain Ben Bass and his high-tech sailboat Abbondanza become the targets of a sociopath, bent on destroying the man and his machine. His identity is completely unsuspected because he is supposed to... More > have been killed when his own boat blew up during a high-speed chase by the authorities. The man has very deep pockets, world-wide connections and the ability to plan an action that would cause an ecological disaster to an island nation in the Caribbean as a result. While killing Captain Bass is the goal, he might not realize that his actions are being investigated by counter-terrorists who are themselves unaware of the murder plot.< Less
Fathom By Dave Moruzzi
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Fathom is a slight departure from the first five Ben Bass Mysteries. This tale finds Captain Bass sailing in Western Caribbean waters in one of Windward Islands Bare Boats' thirty-seven foot sloops.... More > It is also a factual look at the failed Bay of Pigs invasion and a review of the resulting, disastrous air battle. The real aerial combat that pitted modified WWII B-26 Marauders against Castro’s high-speed, piston- and jet-engine fighters is covered, the losses are memorialized and a possible unintended outcome is added. The reader is taken back to those fateful days in 1961 when the world watched as a few thousand counterrevolutionaries struggled unsuccessfully to thwart the Fidel Castro’s communist takeover of Cuba. These events are reviewed while an imagined outcome provides modern-day events in the Caribbean Sea. A leased sailboat is rammed and sunk, the ultimate fate of the crew is investigated, and Captain Ben Bass finds himself in the middle of another adventure.< Less
Abbondanza By Dave Moruzzi
eBook (ePub): $3.99
After Ben Bass retired from the Air Force and was no longer flying fighters for a living, he turned to his other love, the sea. His position as a new sail boat salesman for Boynton Boats in Fort... More > Lauderdale, Florida, was compromised when a newly-designed keel fails and two people are drowned. Even though Captain Bass was cleared of responsibility, he became a pariah in south Florida, forcing him to move to an Island in the Caribbean and into a position in the bare boat charter business. Ever the adrenalin junky, Ben acquires and modifies a high-tech sailboat, and becomes embroiled in dangers facing Sally Boynton, daughter and rightful heir of the former owner of Boynton Boats. This fast paced story takes Ben Bass back to the home of his family roots for answers. Lives are lost as Ben and Sally are forced to rely on clandestine measures and old skills to make their way through Europe. Returning to the Caribbean, Ben and his sailboat are assailed by both nature and the darker side of humanity.< Less
Equinox By Dave Moruzzi
eBook (ePub): $3.95
Captain Ben Bass’s attempt to compete in a high-speed, catamaran boat race offers an opportunity to explore the exciting and volatile Antilles Volcanic Arc; the island chain that developed as a... More > result of centuries of plate tectonics. The race, sponsored by a wealthy French candy maker, brings Ben, his son Grant and his friend Harriet Jacobs to Guadeloupe, and offers a host of new, leading edge, technology business opportunities. Very large, great white sharks, illicit drugs and death on the Peace River in Central Florida form the backdrop to this blue-water adventure.< Less
Debonaire By Dave Moruzzi
eBook (ePub): $3.99
What has a new sailboat designed to resemble the old Chesapeake Bay Schooner, ancient relics from the early days of the Roman Empire, and a stray cat with an uncanny ability have to do with each... More > other? Captain Ben Bass and Sam Ko, the owner of Windward Islands Bare Boats, form a new company to enter in the luxury cruise industry, only to have one of their captains become a murder victim. As Ben Bass tries to make sense of the crime, he becomes a target and almost loses his own life twice and on two different islands nearly 5,000 miles apart. The Caribbean is only a small stage in the tragedies that have plagued the world-wide luxury cruise industry. While many people enjoy cruising vacations without incident, there nevertheless appears to be an inordinate number of cruise line accidents at sea -- accidents that may have been the result of an organized attempt to profit from the misery of others. Like it or not, Ben Bass finds himself squarely in the middle of the action in this, his latest adventure.< Less
Caicos By Dave Moruzzi
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Captain Ben Bass becomes involved in a global intrigue when a Windward Island Bare Boats charter captain is murdered after winning a race and, hundreds of miles away, a family friend is kidnapped. ... More > At the same time, natives are being enslaved in equatorial Africa. It is hard to see that these seemingly unrelated incidents are actually all part of a complicated plot that could have world-wide impact on the growing electronics industry. Ben and his friend Jeanne Hoch have only a short time together as they sail Abbondanza into the Turks and Caicos Islands, and the high-tech sailboat becomes a missile target.< Less
Bight By Dave Moruzzi
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Ben Bass, retired fighter pilot and owner of a high tech sailboat, continues to ply the Caribbean Sea as he did in the novel Abbondanza. His current assignment is to open a new boat charter location... More > for the Windward Islands Bare Boat company. The adventures of Ben and his sailboat place him squarely in the center of a mad man’s act of nuclear terrorism and are intertwined with events of the past. The 16th century discovery of Florida and subsequent attempts to subjugate the pre-historic population are examined, and actually affect the deranged industrialist’s attempt at revenge. This fast-paced story includes historic events as more than just a subplot. Sailing across the Gulf of Mexico and the western Caribbean Sea takes Ben to many interesting ports -- not all by choice. While trying to avoid being blown to bits, our captain finds solace in the charms of a beautiful and intelligent woman.< Less

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