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The Shangri-La Girl: A Gated Universe Novel By Jim Michie
eBook (ePub): $1.99
When a mutagenic virus causes the children of the colony planet Shangri-La to develop extraordinary powers and eleven-year old Alexandra Martin saves a forty-kilo, telempathic bandit cat from a... More > hunter’s leg trap, she and a few psi-powered friends follow the cat through alien jump gates to explore artifacts, expand their powers, deliver deserved lumps to some unsavory characters, and as teenagers, travel to another planet to save an alien village from disaster.< Less
Blind Gate: Book 2 of the Gated Universe Saga By Jim Michie
eBook (ePub): $3.00
The sequel to The Belt Connection that technically sets the stage for The Gated Universe Saga. Scots Scientist, Ian McKay, makes a series of breakthrough discoveries in jumpgate technology that... More > effectively opens the galaxy to colonization by humans and possible alien contact, but the discoveries have both anticipated and unanticipated impacts on social and political stability. Making sure these impacts get resolved in a rational manner are the owners of Selene Industries, including a sentient computer who serves as a Jeevesian counterweight to corporate decisions. More than 73,000 words.< Less
The Belt Connection: Book 1 of the Gated Universe Saga By Jim Michie
eBook (ePub): $2.00
(2 Ratings)
A fast-paced romp through the politics and corporate misdeeds of the society the world is turning into while we watch that combines the classic elements of an unwitting hero and a faithful sidekick.... More > The story follows the exploits of Hal Neilson, an ex-agent of the Central Security Agency, and Harvey, an implanted computer that inconveniently become self-aware in the middle of an Agency effort to penetrate the security of the Greater European Union’s ultra-computer. What Hall finds out from his tap of the GEU’s moon-based computer has him running for his life and scheming to spoil the plans of the GEU and the plans of his employers as well. Along the way, Hal falls into a relationship with a lady that has more spunk than he does and Harvey slowly adds personality to his circuits, including the wry humor that is an essential part of Hal’s life. From the Earth to the moon, to orbiting habitats, and on to the asteroid belt, the action never stops. A quick and delightful read.< Less
Hydrogen: American Energy Independence in 15 Years By Jim Michie
eBook (ePub): $1.49
A layman’s guide to U.S. energy independence providing the logic for why popular energy alternatives are a good or bad choice for the U.S., and how and why a hydrogen based fuel system would... More > work much better by using the latest nuclear power plant designs and electrolysis to separate the hydrogen and oxygen molecules in water. The nuclear power plants would be sited in clusters and assembly-line produced in the least populated areas of the country. The hydrogen would be pumped primarily in underground pipelines similar to those used now for natural gas. Internal combustion engine designs can be modified to run on hydrogen as they are to run on natural gas, but even better would be the use of hydrogen fuel cells driving electric cars. A rhetorical outline sequencing the major events of a national plan to shift America to a hydrogen economy is provided.< Less
A Trinity for Living: An Essay On Self and Social Interaction By Jim Michie
eBook (ePub): $1.49
A witty but serious essay on existential observations that led to the formulation of three guiding principles for interaction with other individuals and the society in which we all live. Avoiding the... More > usual formalities of philosophy, the essay provides a practical approach to setting the ethical framework within which we live both as social animals and alone, and for providing the direction that keeps us focused on the ultimate goal in life—fulfillment of potential. The three guiding principles are captured in punchy catchphrases and each is accompanied by a principal corollary. They are: People Are No Damn Good - Treasure the Exceptions; Moderation Sucks - Find Experience Through Commitment; and Complexity Is Its Own Reward - Achieve Fulfillment Through Knowledge. An easy read on serious subjects for those with open minds.< Less
Self-Realization: Expanding Your Personal Universe By Jim Michie
eBook (ePub): $1.99
An essay on why and how to establish personal values that are based on the realities of the world in which we live, rather than the social and religious ideals and dogma of our childhood, while... More > screening out the consumerism saturated media that dominates most peoples lives. By understanding how and why your intellect aquires, stores, retrieves, and utilizes knowledge, the reader can enter a life-long expansion of her or his personal universe of knowledge and rationally derive a flexible set of personal values that can both accommodate and serve as a guide for navigating the rapidly changing society in which we live.< Less

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