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Red Sea Gold: A Steve Baldwin Thriller: Soldier + Psycho + Gold / Middle East = Explosive! By James Marinero
eBook (ePub): $0.00
An ex Royal-Marine and a ruthless female Serbian psychopathic assassin collide with a gold mining entrepreneur, espionage and Chinese expansionism and carrier-busting missiles. This action thriller... More > is a special abridged promotional version of ‘Gate of Tears’. Set in the hotspot of the Yemen and Red Sea duplicity is the name of the game at all levels and NATO naval forces are lined up to go head to head with the Navy of the People's Republic of China. Mix in political intrigue and the scene is set for savage and gritty action. Author Interview Q: What makes Red Sea Gold and its main character Steve Baldwin special? A – I write books of the type that I like to read. Red Sea Gold is a shortened introductory version of ‘Gate of Tears’ which was the first book I wrote with Steve Baldwin as the main character. It introduced the much-loved (if that’s the right phrase) psychopathic female Serbian assassin Maruška Pavkovic.< Less
Cause of All Causes By James Marinero
eBook (ePub): $3.26
The terrorist Abu ben-Zhair is on the cusp of realising his vision to destroy the West and cow the East, thereby succeeding in his avowed ‘Cause of All Causes’ to establish a Caliphate... More > which rules half the world. In this terror thriller, Steve Baldwin is sent into Algeria with only Ellie Williams (MI6) to support him – and GCHQ hackers to guide them. The gritty covert action and espionage moves from Gibraltar to Algeria – and onward across the Atlantic Ocean. Ben-Zhair has identified one critical point on the earth’s surface where one determined terrorist with resources and imagination can trigger disaster on a global scale – and he has the weapon for this purpose. In the murky world of counter-intelligence, trust is a tradable commodity and the Geo-political turf wars continue while ben-Zhair moves towards his climactic attack on the US and Europe. Action and adventure moves to a terrifying close and the international political maneuvering continues – up to the very last seconds.< Less
Gate Of Tears By James Marinero
eBook (ePub): $3.86
An up-to-the-minute (and beyond) thriller setting a ruthless psychopathic Serbian female terrorist against an ex-Royal Marine and an Australian gold mining oligarch. Set in the context of the... More > politically volatile Red Sea region and reflecting the revolutionary changes sweeping the region, political expediency with high level betrayal in Government and the Intelligence Services culminates in naval and aerial confrontation between NATO and Israel on one side, and China and the Yemen on the other. The emergence of China as a financial, industrial and military superpower is a key theme, with gritty and realistic action from Alaska to Australia, Britain to Djibouti.< Less
Sicilian Channel By James Marinero
eBook (ePub): $3.08
This highly topical technothriller blends mystery and suspense with gritty action in sharply researched Mediterranean settings. Technology, cyberwarfare and nautical content blend in the context of... More > international politics and Chinese expansionism. Steve Baldwin has sailed to Crete in his search for a quiet life. The Royal Marines had been his family, but now he is alone – until he meets Helena. Is she really just a waitress? He is dragged into the pursuit of a psychopathic female assassin with whom he shares some painful, bloody history. Can he ever escape these two clever, dangerous and demanding women – one of whom he is ordered to kill? Islamist terrorism is spreading across the Sicilian Channel from the Maghreb into the soft underbelly of Europe – and Malta, with its Crusader history, is a key target. Abu ben-Zhair, the terrorist master planner, is upping the stakes. The chase – and the women – are more complex than Baldwin could ever have imagined.< Less
Sword of Allah By James Marinero
eBook (ePub): $3.06
In February 2016 North Korea successfully tested an H bomb - the backdrop to frantic diplomatic activity and a multi-threaded tale of suspense. Outrageous demands by a visionary terrorist become... More > public and throw the UN into panic. Ex-Royal Marine Steve Baldwin has been up against an old enemy, Maruška Pavkovic in Malta, but new priorities resulting from the British Government’s dark objectives move him to North Africa where political instability is the norm and terrorists rule. Baldwin is in the thick of it in more ways than one with Ellie Williams, a senior British agent, as they try to prevent disaster. Events overtake him and he is caught in a powerful intrigue too strong for him to fight against. Is he a hero or just a victim? With thousands of lives at stake the UK Prime Minister is bent on secretly acquiring the technology - an outrageous gamble with the lives of her soldiers and the diplomatic reputation of the UK. Can Baldwin save the day – and the Prime Minister’s reputation?< Less
Susan's Brother By James Marinero
eBook (ePub): $6.06
In 1957, at the age of 9, Susan’s brother was in an adult unit – a unit treating very seriously ill mental patients. In 1985, Susan’s brother took delivery of an Aston Martin DBS.... More > The intervening 28 years hold a remarkable story about a man who grew and prospered as a successful engineering professional, but started out as a dyslexic ‘slow starter’, unwanted by his mother and sister. This is based on a true history, a history that gives hope, a history that demonstrates how simple acts of kindness by friends and neighbours can help someone overcome tremendous handicaps, identity denial and family abuse to become a success both as a person and a parent. There is also a message about those who learn to abuse as children and continue that abuse into adulthood with their own children, and also about those in the extended family who turn a blind eye out of a misplaced sense of family loyalty. This book has some dark moments, but it is a book written to uplift.< Less

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