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7 Laws of Love By Richard Lighthouse
eBook (PDF): $9.99
This short ebook proposes fundamental laws that exist regarding the nature of love. While some authors have approached this subject before, it was primarily to support traditional religious beliefs.... More > Insights and a description of these 7 Laws of Love, including: (1) There is only one kind of love. (2) There are no limits to love. (3) Love will always seek expression. And 4 other Laws. These are not the only laws of love, but perhaps they are the most important. References from major religions, science, and nature are provided, along with a brief discussion and conclusions.< Less
The Council of Planetary Governors By Richard Lighthouse
eBook (PDF): $39.99
The intent of this document is to establish a basic framework for governance and decision-making among colonization planets. It is also intended to demonstrate that a structure of governance is... More > possible which includes the ideals of Seth's teachings (Jane Roberts). A framework is described which includes the United Nations, a governance body called the Council of Planetary Governors, and a Council of Laws & Principles. This three-part structure is similar to the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of the United States government; where the CPG is the executive branch, the UN is the budgeting branch, and the CLP Is the “judicial” branch.--- For more than 2 years, this author has been stalked, harassed, and threatened by agents from the CIA, FBI, and NSA - because of these ebooks. It is truly sad and pathetic, these agencies have become criminal organizations.< Less
Targeted Individuals: Technical Information By Richard Lighthouse
eBook (ePub): $0.00
Rev 2B - This author has been researching the claims of Targeted Individuals since January 2016. I have interviewed three people making similar claims, and in my opinion, these claims are credible... More > and real. Technical information has been obtained on the frequency and voltage that is being used. There are two signals that are being used from satellites in geosyncronous orbit; (1) Geolocation and tracking frequency of approximately 3648 MHz, (2) Harm frequency of approximately 3921 MHz, (3) Analog voltmeter readings of 0.8 millivolts to 10.0 millivolts on the top of the person's head; (4) Confirmation of frequency spectrum assignments from the FCC Frequency Table showing “Fixed Satellite (space-to-Earth) communications,” in agreement with the measured frequencies. Thousands of people worldwide are being tortured by these vicious attacks. Numerous examples of criminal activities by the CIA and FBI are provided.< Less
Preliminary Theory for a Replication Machine By Richard Lighthouse
eBook (PDF): $39.99
This short technical paper presents a possible technology for replicating or cloning any physical object. The method is derived from a study of parallel universes. In terms of elementary particles,... More > most parallel universes have mass, charge, and spin values that are vastly different than our own. This makes it very difficult for an object or person to be stable in this alternate environment, because each time the universe blinks on – it cannot reconstruct the molecules as they were. However, it may be possible for an object to be stable in this alternate environment for one cycle within the blinking frequency – which may be sufficient to gain data or temporary access. This would be about one trillionth of a second, in our terms.< Less
The Dream Universe By Richard Lighthouse
eBook (PDF): $39.99
This short paper describes the relationship between three universes – the universe of physical matter, the universe of antimatter, and the dream universe. These universes are highly... More > interconnected. In our terms, the universe of physical matter consists of dimensions x, y, z, and mass (the fourth dimension), with the opposites of these composing the universe of antimatter. The dream universe consists of only three dimensions: x, y, and z. All particles there have zero mass, in our terms. However, the dream universe represents constructions that have lower energy levels and are incipient, in our terms – hints of possible future constructions in our physical universe.< Less
Relativity and Discrete Time Intervals By Richard Lighthouse
eBook (PDF): $38.99
This short technical document describes an interesting mathematical solution involving relativity and very brief time intervals. Proposed is a possible solution and frequency for the Lighthouse... More > Frequency, which has been described in previous papers. This paper will only be meaningful to those with a background in calculus and physics.< Less
Speed of Light Increasing 3 Meters Per Second Each Year By Richard Lighthouse
eBook (ePub): $9.99
Based on the work of NASA scientist, Dr Daniel Gezari, we can conclude that the speed of light, c, is increasing approximately three meters per second each year. See his publication, “Lunar... More > Laser Ranging Test on the Invariance of c,” available at arxiv dot org. This amount is a small, yet significant change because it alters our ideas about relativity and Einstein's theory. If the speed of light is not constant, this changes our fundamental views for all physical constants. In fact, many physical constants are derived from c. Planck's constant and the Gravitational constant are two that would be affected by this new understanding. Even our fixed value for the length of a meter is based upon a constant speed of light. We can deduce that the rate of change for the speed of light is also changing, which implies the existence of a newly defined point in geological time, where delta c, momentarily equals zero, called "Cardinal Points."< Less
Massless Travel By Richard Lighthouse
eBook (PDF): $0.00
This short technical paper discuss a method and technology that can be utilized to minimize energy requirements for all kinds of travel. Specifically, there are three types of travel under... More > discussion: (1) Time Travel, (2) Distance Travel, and (3) Travel between parallel universes. The method requires precise control, synchronization, and amplification of very high frequencies, which is beyond our current technology. However, within a few decades, it is expected to be possible. Each reader must comprehend that our physical universe literally blinks off and on, more than 1 trillion times every second.< Less
The Approaching Singularity By Richard Lighthouse
eBook (PDF): $9.99
This short paper presents a concept involving time and technology, that will seem to make “time stand still.” It involves the nature of technology and how it affects our lives. If we... More > define Q' as a non-dimensional measure of the quality and quantity of technology in our lives, in general, it can be said that Q' has increased over time. But more than that, the rate of Q' has increased over time, becoming dramatically faster recently. Recall that in Alvin Toffler's, Future Shock, as a individual, we become overwhelmed by the technological advances. This paper proposes a limit in time, where technology becomes so advanced that time is not only an illusion, but becomes meaningless. This event is primarily caused by the operation of the world's first time machine, which is a "resonant feedback system" - meaning that retrieval of future technology to the present day, allows greater and more advanced retrievals for each subsequent journey. The process rapidly accelerates.< Less
Synthetic Food Production: Solving Global Hunger By Richard Lighthouse
eBook (PDF): $0.00
This short technical paper presents a concept with the potential to solve the global hunger problem. A Synthetic Food Production facility is described which can provide daily food supplies for... More > thousands of people at extremely low cost. Using the representative example, and 5 to 10 people operating the facility, it is possible to provide up to 10,000 ears (about 200 bushels) of sweet corn per day. Basically, the process converts electricity into instant food. The facility is minimally self-sustaining, and could be utilized for a wide variety of crops. The process can also be adapted for use on Mars, or any planet with sunlight and a source of water.< Less