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Bedtime Short Stories By Michael Emery
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Two short stories for reading in the night. Giant in the Center of the Universe. Usually, using your own body and words at the same time emphasizes the entertainment aspect of a story, try to... More > imagine how a giant may act if it was the first thing to live in the universe and was surrounded by dust, stars, planets and nothingness - none of the inner wondrous spectacles of Earth. A Wedding Cake for a Friend. A mother of a young boy named Simone has been asked to make a cake for her best friend Tracy but she has no ideas. Simone wakes up one day with an idea for the cake, will his mother like the idea? Audience: Children. Series: Not part of a series. Book no.: 1< Less
Three Short and Sweet Stories By Michael Emery
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Three very short and simple children's stories. The Young Girl - A girl who can fly. Tiny, Nickel and Plumb - three baby birds that can talk, wait for their mother to bring them food. Tomatoes,... More > Spinach and Potatoes - an energetic short story for the ingredients to a thick, flavoursome and delicious meal. Audience: Children. Series: Not part of a series. Book no.: 1< Less
Lumen Island: A Halloween Tale [Ebook Edition] By Michael Emery
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Lumen Island - Book 1... Lumen are mysterious powerful luminescent orbs of pure magic - they are like the back bone of all magical things. There's a rumour going around about a living skeleton,... More > does he come out on the night of Halloween? When will the Lumen reveal themselves? What secrets do the Lumen truly hold? Find out in the first book of the Lumen Island series and follow Cecilia and her friends as they confront their school bullies who took their Halloween sweets and discover the wonders of the Lumen. Audience: Children. Series: Lumen Island. Book no.: 1< Less
Hiru Silverwolf: Werewolf Hunter (Tales of the Universe) By Michael Emery
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Description: Hiru was an ordinary half-Asian, half-European male, with a long list of interests, a loving mother, and a father that provided substantial income. Yet, his life changes for the worst... More > when his first experiences with werewolves begin. His experiences continue, as he travels to Japan in search of answers, killing werewolves and experiencing various other practices, on the way. Warning: Depicts scenes of violence, sexual themes and horror. Therefore, should not be read by person under the age of 18. No seriously, it can be very disturbing. Audience: 18+ Preview: First Chapter Series: Possibly part of a two book series. Book no.: 1< Less
Hiru Silverwolf: Werewolf Hunter (Tales of the Universe) [E-book Edition] By Michael Emery
eBook (ePub): $5.02
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Sinclair, the original werewolf is currently living in the east and has inflicted terror into the eyes of many since the time of the Samurais. Hiru Silverwolf, a young male half-Asian starts his... More > experiences with werewolves at the early age of ten... the rapid change in his life makes every moment a memory he will never forget. After discovering a silver dagger that had came from Japan, he sets out to his mother's birth place in search of answer. Unbeknownst to him, he must search for the original werewolf Sinclair and confront him. What will happen in this epic tale? Read now and discover...< Less
Tales of the Universe: The Flightless Dragon By Michael Emery
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Rayalac or Ra'ac for short is a young dragon who can't fly. Every year, there are technique assessments that assess the dragons' fighting, flying and breathing techniques. For many years, the... More > white and black clans have been at war... but, maybe there is something else to this tale... something much bigger than powerful fire, water and air breathing dragons... what is it? Find out in the first of the children series of Tales of the Universe.< Less