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Golden Boy By Leo Salter
Paperback: $12.06
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This is a story about crime and drugs, guns and sex, killing and being killed. It is about different places – London, Greece, Amsterdam, Africa, Afghanistan. It is about a deserted wife,... More > about a bastard discovered, about assassins and assassinations. Above all it is a story about instant and insatiable lust, about a woman so lovely and compelling that men died desiring her. This is also a story about how falling in love caused a war. It is a story about how a beautiful and bewitching woman stole a fortune from her husband and ran away with his enemy. If you know your Homer (or if you have seen the film about Troy) then you will recognise the characters and you will also recognise that whether it is now or three thousand years ago human nature does not change – especially when it comes to love and money and especially when it comes to war. Golden Boy is Book One of “Pathways to Revenge”; Book Two is on the way.< Less
Sofiya By Leo Salter
Paperback: $12.07
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This is a story about survival. It is about surviving the Russian Revolution and the Red Terror in the 1920s and about not being one of the many millions who died in the purges of the 1930s. It is... More > about surviving in a country ruled by Stalin and the things people do to survive. It is about what it was like to wake up one morning and find your life has been irrevocably changed from aristocratic luxury to rape, poverty and starvation; and it is about how to fight back. If you know the stories of the Homeric Cycle and the history of the Soviet Union then you will see that although this novel it is neither a history book nor Ancient Greek mythology it has remained true to both; most of the time anyway. “Sofiya” is Book Two of “Pathways to Revenge”; Book Three available autumn 2012.< Less
Molot By Leo Salter
Paperback: $11.84
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Born in Siberia in 1922 and brought up by Sofiya and Alexei in Moscow during the Stalinist terror, Molot is an honest man who sacrifices his humanity to survive. He fought in Mongolia, lived amongst... More > the Mongolian tribes, took part in the slaughter of the Winter War in Finland, faced the German invasion in the Ukraine and was with the Russian delegation at Nuremberg. His first love was a shaman and his wife was a whore; when he left her he fell in love again and forever. Molot’s story is interwoven with that of his grandson Gunther the head of Sofiya’s criminal empire. As befits the young Achilles, Gunther’s story is full of lust and killing as he travels from the Crimea to Tokyo, Berlin, Paris, and Chechnya. This is Book Three of Pathways to Revenge. Expect Book Four before spring 2013.< Less
Therese By Leo Salter
Paperback: $13.14
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When Christian Silens steals the wife and wealth of Keret he catalyses conflict between two global crime syndicates; the Silens Corporation and the Clans. Therese is Book Four of Pathways to Revenge... More > and describes the birth and early life of Gunther, the hero of that war. Gunther is born after Therese is forced to marry Paul; a criminalised KGB operative who killed his half-brother and murdered his first wife’s parents. After a year in Dar-es-Salaam, he was in Prague in 1968 and a decade later in Iraq and Afghanistan. Therese leaves Paul the day after their wedding. Pathways is based on the Trojan War. Therese’s life follows that of Thetis, the mother of Achilles, her affairs with Evian (Dionysius) and Weyland (Hephaestus) and her marriage to Paul (Peleus) originate in Greek Mythology as does Paul’s first marriage to Antigone, and his experiences in Africa and Prague. The Pathways series and its links to Greek Mythology are discussed at:< Less
Tros By Leo Salter
Paperback: $11.50
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In May 1879 when the War of the Pacific began, it was jealousy that kept Tros out of the navy. Eventually he was given charge of naval transports, a calculated insult to a fighting man you might say,... More > a small bone thrown to Commander Tros, a gesture to demonstrate fresh thinking after the destruction of the Chilean fleet at Callao. In spite of this insult it became his war and in 1881 he was Tros, the Supreme Military and Political Commander and Last Viceroy of Peru. The Chinese peons he liberated from slavery called him The Red Prince. After his death in 1910 his daughter Kleo leaves Chile for Paris and begins her career as a photographer. In 1913 she moves to Berlin, living there during the war and the Weimar years of drugs, sex, music and street fighting. She falls in love with Eyna, a girl with a Bolshevik past. When their portrait studio becomes popular with the Nazis Kleo is recruited by British Intelligence.< Less
Kleo By Leo Salter
Paperback: $16.67
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Kleo is a book about war, sex, drugs and espionage. It begins in 1930 outside Valladolid in Spain where the immensely rich Kleo lives with her lover Freia. In 1936 Kleo becomes the mistress of a... More > Luftwaffe commander fighting with Franco and the Nationalists and he helps Kleo rescue her nephew Anchises from the Russian NKVD in Republican Spain. A year later Anchises himself is recruited by MI6 and posted to Madrid where the wife of the most powerful German in Spain becomes his mistress. After their affair is discovered he kills two Gestapo agents and flees Spain for Tangier where he becomes a willing accomplice to the theft of Nazi diamonds for a criminal syndicate led by his cousin Pretorius. The following year he travels to Siam then goes north to Burma to arrange opium shipments from a Shan prince to the same cousin. On returning to London he works for MI9 before being posted to Athens after the liberation of Greece just before the start of the Greek Civil War.< Less
Anchises Smith By Leo Salter
Paperback: $12.27
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Anchises Smith is an SIS operative in Palestine (1946; Zionism, opium, gun-running), Malaya (1947; removing Japanese gold from Soviet North Korea), Persia (1948; assassinating communist agents),... More > Korea (1951; recovering a MiG-15) and Indochina (1952; heroin smuggling). Her hair lies black on the shoulders of her dress and she has a white water lily in her hair. And him, her partner, what to make of him? Not, Egyptian, not even close, louche yes, with a slight bulge in his jacket where something weighty lies. His eyes are everywhere but heavy, always coming back to rest on the girl opposite him, the girl who has the scoop neckline of her dress half unbuttoned, half-opened. His eyes are as dark as her hair and his face is thin, a young man with a thin face and ideally proportioned limbs, created for bed one might say. Looking at him, watching him, the spectator thinks, here is a man who makes his own history.< Less
Nomea By Leo Salter
Paperback: $17.56
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The Pathways to Revenge series retells the Trojan War as a modern conflict. Driven by competition to dominate the global opium trade, the war between the Clans and Silens reaches the brutal climax... More > described in Nomea, the eighth and final book of the series. Nomea begins in 1953 when Anchises, the father of the Silens’ hero Aeneias, is sent to communist Prague by MI6 to monitor the supply of arms to Nasser’s Egypt. Half-a-century later as he writes his memoirs his son is drawn into the war. Gunther is his enemy and a hero of the Clans. He is like Achilles. The series is fictional, historically accurate and closely based on the story of Troy. It follows four generations of the families of Gunther and Aeneias through the twentieth century until the war changes everything. See for more about the series.< Less