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Psychic Self Defence: The Health and Safety of Spirituality By David Green
eBook (ePub): $12.83
Have you ever felt drained, tired, anxious or even angry for no apparent reason? Do you suffer from sudden and unexplained headaches, heart palpitations? You may have been the victim of psychic... More > attack and never even realised it. And the symptoms could still be affecting you to this day. The human mind and body are affected by the many subtle and psychic frequencies that surround us. Our moods, feelings, and even our state of health are influenced by the ebb and flow of these energies, and our well-being depends upon our own ability to defend and protect ourselves from them. Psychic Self Defence provides a highly practical, common sense, everyday approach to all forms of psychic attack. This is the ultimate user manual for what the author has coined as “The Health and Safety of Spirituality”, and it is a must for all spiritual, psychic and alternative workers, practitioners and spiritual seekers everywhere.< Less
Learn Chart Dowsing: Infinite Possibilities... By David Green
eBook (ePub): $12.60
This book contains everything you need to know about chart dowsing, including dowsing protocols, dowsing etiquette, grounding and protection. Excellent for beginners who want to learn chart dowsing, ... More > and even experienced dowsers who want to refresh their knowledge, the author provides the facts, the background, the tools and the strategies for effective chart dowsing . This book also includes unique and exclusive access to more free online reader resources, making this more than just a book! Written by David Green, the author of the best selling book, The Dowsing Companion , this book will teach beginners everything they need to know to dowse effectively using charts, and it will almost certainly remind more experienced dowsers of some things that they may have forgotten over time. Whatever your motive for reading this book, it will almost certainly be a valuable addition to your dowsing library.< Less
The Dowsing Companion By David Green
eBook (ePub): $16.10
This book is probably the most up to date and comprehensive pendulum dowsing book available anywhere today. Full of how to's, dowsing tips, protocols, psychic protection tips and tools, and a simple... More > system to learn dowsing easily and effectively, this book is a must for experienced dowsers and beginners alike. Every page of this book is packed with useful, practical and highly informative information, including step by step instruction in the fundamentals of pendulum dowsing, as well as some of the more advanced protocols, processes and procedures for more effective and personally satisfying spiritual dowsing experiences. In addition, readers receive free updates and revisions to this book, as well as unlimited access to online resources, support and more on the dedicated web site for this book< Less
The Learn Dowsing Handbook By David Green
eBook (ePub): $8.91
THE LEARN DOWSING HANDBOOK, inspired by THE DOWSING COMPANION from the same author, provides a practical, easy to follow introduction to the art and skill of pendulum dowsing. This little book... More > provides the reader with the most important first steps to learn the process and practical procedures for divining with a pendulum, including an explanation of what dowsing is, its dynamics, the basic pendulum chart, grounding and protection, and how to programme your unconscious mind to intuitively connect and communicate with your pendulum. Answering the most common questions asked by first time dowsers, THE LEARN DOWSING HANDBOOK gives you everything you need to open the door to your own unconscious mind and experience the science of intuition for yourself. Eye opening, practical and informative, this book is one of the most effective learn dowsing how-to books available today.< Less
The Ultimate Guide to Presenting for Profit By David Green
eBook (ePub): $12.83
Presenting or public speaking is the number one fear of most people, with being buried alive coming a close second, but most people fear it, not because they cannot do it, but because they simply... More > have not done it before, or, their image of themselves is not congruent with it. Public speaking is a skill just like any other, and it is far easier than learning to ride a bike, walk or speak your first words, so anyone can do it! With just a little practice, AND some useful tools and techniques, you can learn to speak like a pro within just a short period of time. Whether you are giving a wedding speech, presiding over your first meeting, presenting to your peers, delivering a sales pitch or presenting your first talk to a large audience, this book will give you everything that you will ever need to know to present like a pro, feel more comfortable about doing so, and impressing any audience, large or small. This truly unique publication includes FREE online resources which makes it more than just a book!< Less
The Safety Handbook for Women Travellers By David Green & Linda Lane
eBook (ePub): $12.83
This book is written for all women who want to feel and be safe when they are travelling. Probably the most comprehensive personal safety travel guide for women anywhere today, the contents of this... More > book have already saved lives. In this amazing book the authors have provided some useful, practical and innovative ways to avoid almost every risk associated with lone female travel. With over 70 key tips lists, what you need to know lists and checklists you have everything you need to consider about travelling alone. Easy to read and full of key points, tips and checklists, this book was inspired by every day experiences and real life situations. Teaching you how to think safe, plan safe and be safe, The Safety Handbook For Women Travellers is much more than just a book because it gives you the knowledge, the skills and the confidence to know what to look for, what to plan for and what to do if things go wrong, which they won’t because you will already have read this book before you go.< Less
True Ghost Stories By David Green & Hereward Carrington
eBook (ePub): $12.87
Real Ghost Stories provides documented and authentic, first hand experiences of paranormal activity from perfectly sane, normal and credible people around the world. This book holds many gems of... More > wisdom, including new ghost stories of the 21st century. With some fascinating accounts of paranormal activity, ghosts, pacts with ghosts, animal behavior around ghosts, haunted houses and even predictions, this fully remastered and updated edition will hold many hours of fascinating and informative reading on this subject.< Less
Magical Relationships: Friendships to Love: What Makes Them Work By Simon C. Godwin & David Green
eBook (ePub): $15.63
This is one of those books that we will all wish we had read before, and will become one that we will share with those we love. Is it really possible to find a soul mate? What is a magical... More > relationship, and can we all experience them? This book provides some fascinating, insightful and eye-opening answers, and takes us on a unique journey into the human consciousness and what makes MAGICAL RELATIONSHIPS work.< Less

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