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Olde Tyme Faire By Ted Underfoot
eBook (ePub): $2.99
At the end of a date at the Olde Tyme Faire a man is put into a stock and molested by a group of other men. The horrifying experience leads to a very humiliating and painful Male/male BDSM... More > relationship. Excerpt: They attached some kind of shackles to my ankles and pulled my legs apart to fit a solid bar in between which kept my ankles far apart. My butt cheeks were spread wide and I felt extremely vulnerable. I was scared that they might start doing things to me and I started shaking in fear. My fears were justified. One of them started caressing my bare butt and teasing with fingers almost inside my crack. I closed my eyes and said “Please.” The guy in front of me with the Irish accent said “Please what?” I kept looking at his boots and said “Please sir, please don’t hurt me.” He lifted one of his boots towards my face and said “Kiss my boot, boy.” With his boot close to me and feeling a finger playing right near my ass crack, I felt a rush of blood to my face.< Less
New Slave By Ted Underfoot
eBook (ePub): $2.99
In this fictional story a young dominant married couple accepts the service of a willing male slave who is new to BDSM to take care of household chores. The relationship quickly grows to include... More > consensual torture as the slave's endurance is pushed to the limit. The story is written from the wife's point of view. Excerpt: Mark began swinging his whip with his fast whirling motion and rained down over a dozen blows in quick succession followed by a few hard strikes between pauses. I really enjoy watching Mark in action. I prepared my implement and powered it on as Mark stepped aside. I contemplated an application to slave’s bright red back but decided on an upper arm instead. Our slave never saw it coming. Zap! The violet wand worked its magic and slave yelped in surprise and pain.< Less
Male Chastity Device By Ted Underfoot
eBook (ePub): $2.99
A man's wife locks him in a chastity device and slowly increases her control over him with humiliation and eventually torture. “Sweetie, is it okay if we talk?” She replied “Of... More > course, honey, what is on your mind?” I love how each of us always stops whatever we are doing when the other enters the room. I asked “Why did you put this on me?” She replied “Because I want you to be a good boy.” I said “What do you mean ‘a good boy’?” She said “Be a good boy and get me a glass of water.” I was puzzled. She didn’t need to demean me. I am always glad to get her water or whatever else she wants. If this is being a good boy, then she already had that. I fetched a glass of water and when I returned I said “Is this being ‘a good boy’?” She said “Kneel.”< Less
Twin Sisters By Ted Underfoot
eBook (ePub): $2.95
Twin Sisters is a fictional story of a man who thought he was going to experience his fantasy of being with two attractive and athletic twin sisters. Instead, he endures a humiliating and painful... More > nightmare as he is captured, tormented, and bullied by the sisters in what would be a bondage and discipline BDSM female domination dream for some including bondage, electric shock to the groin, and other sexual tortures. To his distress, the experience does not end in one day and his emotional pain and humiliation matches the physical pain he endures. Excerpt: This is when the realization hit me. She was going to use electric shock on me. My eyes almost popped out of my head in horror. I begged and whined into the gag and one of the twins started laughing at my terror, the other one joined in laughing at the hilarious situation.< Less
Male Chastity Cuckold Footslave By Ted Underfoot
eBook (ePub): $2.99
This fictional story is a sequel to my story Male Chastity Device which you do not need to have read to enjoy this one. In this story written from the husband's point of view, he is slowly... More > manipulated into the male chastity and cuckold lifestyle by his wife. Excerpt: As Chad’s dick approached my face I had a strong mix of revulsion and excitement. I knew that they wouldn’t make me do anything to Chad’s dick but having it right in front of me made me feel uncomfortable until Chad swiveled his body and my wife started licking his dick to get it hard. This time it had only been a few days since my last orgasm so I was not quite as aroused as I might have been but it was still quite exciting to watch my wife give immense pleasure to the dick right in front of my face, even though it was not mine.< Less
Financial Blackmail and Torture By Ted Underfoot
eBook (ePub): $3.20
In this fictional story, a man with mild BDSM submissive desires has his bank account hacked and he is blackmailed by a sadistic dominant woman who requires him to suffer torture much more extreme... More > than he had fantasized about, including several BDSM activities which are among his hard limits. Excerpt: There was none of the warm up or slow ramping of pain as I read about in many BDSM scenes and the pain was intense from the very first blow. The flexible whip on the end of the shaft felt like it was going a million miles an hour when it cracked against my skin and the sound of my own flesh being assaulted by it was sickening. I could not concentrate on these things, though, as mostly all I could hear was the sounds of my own yelling and screaming, with several breaks during which I whimpered uncontrollably and my body shivered from fear and pain.< Less

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Our World Our World By Deleah Payne
Paperback: $21.60