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Better Times Ahead April Fool By Michael Fjetland
eBook (ePub): $6.49
ILLUSTRATED with over 100 photos worldwide by author Think Ben Affleck (ARGO) doing what the author did at the beginning of his career in the Middle East -- and Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones) doing... More > what the author did as an older, global entrepreneur who dodged gangsters in Europe (using an unusual disguise) and conducted child kidnapping negotiations in Syria. What if you grew up in a small town but suddenly found yourself being sent to strange lands, witnessing fraud, suicide, historic revolutions and wild orgy parties in places like London and Houston? Then getting laid off with no severance pay? Running out of money in Bangkok. Smuggling himself into China on the "Night Train from Shanghai." Investigating the death of an American on an Nigeria offshore rig. All that, and more, happened to the author … "Better Times Ahead" is a true story. Ends with "Agenda for American Greatness" - how America can win the high tech, space age 21st century.< Less
Houses of Straw Houses of Wood By Michael Fjetland
eBook (ePub): $0.00
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Do you know that every one of us depend on a five-thousand-year-old technology that kills or injures thousands of people every year, a technology that has never been upgraded until now? It is the... More > weakest link in every building, including structures built of the strongest steel. Yet most of us live in houses not much different than the one in the story of the Three Little Pigs. Do you know what causes houses to blow apart in a tornado or hurricane? Have you noticed the rash of break-ins? This book reveals a little known Green+Security™ technology that protects property and families from burglars, hurricanes, tornadoes, and shooters — while paying for itself in energy savings. This technology is illustrated with photos to provide insight. It is a fast, easy read, and free, compliments of the author. The author is a former 9 /11 terrorism analyst on TV.< Less