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Too Hot to Handle By Orrie Hitt
eBook (ePub): $2.99
One of Orrie Hitt's darkest novels, Too Hot to Handle focuses on a young woman named Kay who winds up as a high-priced call girl in the late 1950s. Kay comes from the wrong side of town, Orchard... More > Street, the red light district of sin and booze and crime. At nineteen, she gets a job in a law office and winds up marrying the boss’ son, Burt, much to his father's chagrin. Burt tries opening his own law practice office but business is slim enough to make him and Kay struggle to make rent on their high-end apartment. Kay meets a married woman named Iris who tells Kay she secretly works as a call girl for a woman, Mrs. Gordon, who only deals with high-end executive businessmen. With mounting bills, and a sexual appetite scarcely satisfied by her husband Burt, Kay does it. But when she tries to quit, she finds it's not so easy. This is the ultimate in late-50's sleaze-pulp-noir from the master, Orrie Hitt.< Less
Summer Hotel By Orrie Hitt
eBook (ePub): $1.99
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"The needle. The book. And the money. They all seemed associated with an unyielding tie, and I couldn't quite understand it. I had his wife, or as much of her as I could get under the... More > circumstances. In some way, she could work things out and we could eventually marry. It wasn't as though it was the end of the world or anything like that. There was always tomorrow. And tomorrow would be better. I had another drink. I cursed. The drinks hadn't helped. Nothing helped. I wanted her so much, and there was this guy George standing in my way. He was nothing but a big fat slob with sugar in his blood. She didn't love him. She had never loved him." Mac Osmund is a man torn between what's right, and what's in his heart. Set in the Catskills in 1958, this is another scorcher from Orrie Hitt, author of the sizzlers "Dirt Farm," "The Love Season," "As Bad As They Come," and countless others.< Less
Virgins No More By Orrie Hitt
eBook (ePub): $1.99
It's 1961. Sam Card lives with Rose. He’s a factory worker who gets lucky in the lottery, to the tune of $10,000. What will he do with his new found fortune? Rose wants to find a home to... More > settle; Sam wants to buy a business and be his own boss. Sam goes into business with Jackie who, with her feeble husband, owns a shuttered resort hotel and wants to sell. Sam puts $5K down and enters into a profit-sharing agreement to pay Jackie off. There are other ways to pay: he starts an affair with her. Rose has a secret past. Her ex-boyfriend George shows up, needing money to pay his child support and keep the law off his back. He threatens to tell Sam about her past as a crook and a hooker, so she borrows money from Sam and gives it to George. He borrows her body, as well. Jackie has a secret, too. She wants her husband out-of-the-picture. Will her luscious body be enough to convince Sam to commit the biggest sin of all so that she will get her wish?< Less
The Love Season By Orrie Hitt
eBook (ePub): $1.99
SUMMER is the SEASON for SIN When Ted Clinton arrived at the vacation inn, he found that it featured some unexpected diversions. Like sleek Ruth Henderson and her bevy of hostesses whose job it was... More > to please male guests. Lady vacationers, too, starving for love and excitement, did their share to turn summertime into playtime. Office-girl Mary Gordon, for, instance, as accessible as the adjoining room, managed to be wearing not a thing when Ted opened her door. It made little sense to Sally, one of the waitresses, a fresh young product of the local countryside. Then one night an old codger caught her alone, forced her to learn how hotel guests could be amused. At this point Ted had a change of heart. He figured Ruth and her hostesses were fine for games, and Mary Gordon was perfect for hot-weather romance. But the slightly used Sally was good for more than vacation pleasures. She had enough unslaked passion to last a man a lifetime.< Less
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Dirt Farm By Orrie Hitt
eBook (ePub): $1.99
It's 1961. Butch Hagen is a hired hand on a farm, working for the slave-driving owner. Butch is described in the book as "a massive man, six inches over six feet, and weighing in at an even... More > two hundred. In his twenty-five years he had been in any number of brawls but nobody ever licked him." The farmer's niece, a curvy young vixen who relishes sex, wants the farmer dead so she can inherit his land and money. Will she convince Butch to do the deed? Will the well-endowed farm beauty with the soft, sultry figure finally be the one to "lick" Butch?< Less
As Bad As They Come By Orrie Hitt
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Art is the main man at a mail order firm that peddles novelties. When the boss suggests they enter the smut trade, Art coordinates the whole affair. And most of the women he lines up as models, he's... More > already bedded, behind the back of his long-suffering wife, Alice. But is Alice finding satisfaction behind Art's back? Throw in a pregnancy scare with a co-worker, and you've got another top-notch pulp potboiler from Orrie Hitt!< Less
Sexurbia County By Orrie Hitt
eBook (ePub): $1.99
It's 1960. Tony Benton found flaming passion in the arms of honey-haired, hot-lipped Ruth Kennedy, who floated around in a golden Cadillac. Ruth's husband ran Burk County, the fashionable sexurb... More > filled with thrill-hungry sin-hunters who stopped at nothing to satiate their jaded appetites. Sex, unlimited, brought cash to Burk County, and Tony soon learned that working its crimson nights paid off in dollars and dolls. But Tony had complications - jet-haired Connie Davis, to whom bedded bliss meant marriage, and bewitching Elsie Grines, his boss' daughter, and Amy Slade, who was callously victimized by the town's penchant for sin. Another brutally frank novel of 1960's sizzle, by the legendary Orrie Hitt, about men who left their consciences in the city, and women who checked their morals at the supermarket.< Less

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