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Circus Moon By Peter Trainor
Paperback: $3.93
Prints in 3-5 business days
The Shopkeeper lives in Raituma, a quiet New Zealand village. This is disrupted the day the circus arrives in the field opposite the shop. When a performer flirts with the Shopkeeper, and then steals... More > from him, he vows to forget about her. The next year she comes back with the circus and he is drawn towards her again. He can't tell if she feels the same, but she makes it clear that Raituma is too boring for her and that to be together, he will have to come with her. He has never been impulsive and doesn't know how to do anything else except run a shop. He worries that if he leaves his life behind and follows her around the world she would lose interest in him. Instead, he fights to keep the circus coming back every year, subsequently changing both the success of the shop and Raituma.< Less
Breakfast of Lunatics By Peter Trainor
Paperback: $7.61
Prints in 3-5 business days
Eric has been cursed to lose one IQ point a day. He does not believe the curse to be genuine as it was inflicted upon him by an angry gypsy at a baseball game. Nevertheless, he is affected to the... More > extent that he loses his job, driving license and membership to his local high IQ society, Prodigus. Eric is supported by his two friends, until they seem to develop curses of their own. It becomes increasingly important to track down the gypsy and put an end to the curses. Just when they think they are handling the situation, they receive a reluctant, barely legible letter telling them that the person behind the curses is too powerful to be revealed. The more they look into it, the more questions are raised.< Less
Corpworld By Peter Trainor
Paperback: $3.89
Prints in 3-5 business days
Helix is a Corpworker. He has spent practically his whole life in one building, just like everyone he knows. They are not aware of the year or their location. All they have been told is that there is... More > nothing outside the Corporations but wilderness. Helix's job is to monitor suspicious activity. Spending the majority of each day at his desk, he watches the other Corpworkers via countless cameras. He is skilled and dedicated, regularly adding people to the risk list. His only distraction is Ray, the girl he has kept watching long after she was removed from the list. When Ray is replaced by an impostor with an uncanny likeness, Helix does not report it. Instead, he finds Ray, follows her and makes sure she does not get caught. When he discovers where she has gone, the answer has life-changing consequences, not just for Helix and Ray but for every Corpworker.< Less
Mail Order Brides By Peter Trainor
Paperback: $4.25
Prints in 3-5 business days
Walt Dalton answers the door of his new home and is greeted by a smiling Mail Order Bride who doesn't speak a word of English. After assuming it to be a prank, he discovers that she was requested by... More > the previous tenant, a wizard who calls himself Alfonso the Great. Meanwhile, retiring stand-up comedian Carl Peterson and his much younger supporting comedian meet two brides who, despite also not being able to speak English, seem to instantly fall in love with each of them. As Walt Dalton attempts to track down Alfonso the Great, he becomes entangled with Carl Peterson's situation, and the leader of the Mail Order Brides too, who thankfully speaks English. Ever-optimistic of finding a solution, the reality of dealing with three Mail Order Brides, two comedians and a wizard puts a serious strain on the proceedings.< Less
Pizza Boy By Peter Trainor
Paperback: $4.41
Prints in 3-5 business days
Walt Dalton's music career has ended at age 23. He returns to South City, moves back in with his parents and becomes a pizza boy. Separated by his music career, Walt attempts to reconnect with Lucy... More > Green. A chance encounter with an old friend provokes them to stay awake all night. Walt realises that he is not the only one with an uncertain future. He believes that the best moments in life are unplanned and the further into adulthood he goes, the rarer those moments will become. Determined not to let life pass him by, Walt attempts to stay awake through the next day, and maybe the next night too. He tries to pack as much as he can into the experience before he becomes too responsible to do such a thing ever again.< Less
Irish Americans By Peter Trainor
Paperback: $4.21
Prints in 3-5 business days
The kid did not ask to move to America. In fact his parents had not even told him they had been planning to live there. With his friends, home and school all left behind he is forced into an entirely... More > new culture and way of life while his parents regularly tell him how lucky he is. He embraces every challenge as best as he can but struggles to keep hold of his Irish roots. He sees the 5th Avenue Parade, tries out for the baseball team, visits Yankee Stadium and celebrates Thanksgiving yet continues to feel like an outsider. As he grows up he notices that the more he integrates into American life, the bigger the cultural gap is between him and his parents. He senses that his whole family are keeping secrets from him but by the time he finds out what they are life becomes even more difficult.< Less
South City Songbook By Peter Trainor
Paperback: $4.09
Prints in 3-5 business days
Lucy dreams of being a music producer, but would settle for sound engineer. After both of these are ruled out, she becomes a babysitter to a celebrity kid, a party planner for a surly magician and a... More > volunteer at an old folks’ home. She reflects back on easier times and sometimes looks forward from that perceptive, often getting herself stuck in loops where all meaning breaks down. Along the way she encounters a wizard on the train, the world’s worst movie, a cab driver who gives life advice, a drunken acquaintance at a restaurant too fancy to handle him and a bowling pin on a beach that just can’t be knocked over.< Less

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Our World Our World By Deleah Payne
Paperback: $21.60