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How to Search for Stocks Using a Stock Screener? By Abdelkarim Rahmane
eBook (ePub): $50.00
This Ebook explains into details how to search for stocks using a stock screener.Then the stocks found are put into the chart. We go through them then select the best out of the best. Both the stock... More > screener and the chart are free online. This search is very easy and simple. This Ebook is for all swing traders who want stocks daily to buy.< Less
How to Calculate the Stop Loss? - The Most Effective Ways and Strategies to Protect Your Trades By Abdelkarim Rahmane
eBook (ePub): $50.00
Calculating the stop loss in trading stocks is a complex and a tricky matter. In this presentation you will learn all the ways and strategies on how to calculate the stop loss in order to protect... More > your trades.The calculation is very simple and easy for every trader no matter how is your level.I offer customer service before and during and after the sale. My goal is to make you understand fully the stop loss and to get the whole picture. You will never need any other information after studying my Ebook. If you have never used a stop loss in your trades, understand that you are risking too much. And when you risk too much without knowing is a big problem. That's why I will make sure you take this important step in your trading education very seriously.< Less
Less Than a Week Trading Strategy By Abdelkarim Rahmane
eBook (ePub): $35.00
This small strategy is between day trading and swing trading. It is based on price and trend following. It is easy to use and apply by beginners. It has a step by step guide to make things easier to... More > understand. Moreover, there are charts for explanation.< Less
How to Invest In Dividend Stocks? By Abdelkarim Rahmane
eBook (ePub): $50.00
A lot of trdaers and investors heard of dividends that companies give each quarter and ask questions about how things work. This Ebook will explain everything you need about dividend investing. It... More > will clarifies a lot myths and facts about investing. The first chapter gives a general idea about how a company is formed and how we distinguish between what the company give in general. Then we explain how this public company works with dividend. The second chapter will be more detailed and teach you how to undertsand the dividend and its relation to the stock price and its relation to the company. Then we explain everything related on how to invest in these companies and how to understand why other companies don't give any dividend. At last we see the risk associated with investing with some examples. Hope you enjoy the this simple training.< Less
How to Day Trade Using the Chart and Its Candlesticks? By Abdelkarim Rahmane
eBook (ePub): $45.00
This Ebook deals with how to day trade using the chart and its candlesticks in general. It will expose many techniques to use in order to buy. Almost all traders use the chart and its candlesticks... More > which makes it easy to visualize the price movement which helps the trader decides whether to go long or sell short a stock. This training also show you how to set up your day trading plan. This plan will help you follow your stock until you exit the trade. This training also discusses the time frame used for day traders. It also deals with risk management. It also describes the chart settings and how you can use it effectively to visualize the chart layout.< Less
How to Sell Short a Stock the Easy Way? By Abdelkarim Rahmane
eBook (ePub): $50.00
This Ebooks will teach you how to short a stock for day and swing traders. It explains techniques and ways to sell. It also describes all the major risks associated with shorting stocks. It shows a... More > lot of things using charts. There is also a link to download a free chart to use to plan for your trades. This Ebook is for all beginners who want to understand how selling short works.< Less
How to Search for Stocks Using an Industry Index? By Abdelkarim Rahmane
eBook (ePub): $50.00
This Ebooks explains how to search for stocks using an industry index. When an industry begins to go up it is very easy to spot it and then search for stocks that belongs to it. This is based on two... More > simple criteria that we use for searching stocks. Both the index and the stock should have similar criteria. This is a manual work. The only thing we need is the chart that we are using for everything from search to planning for our trades. This Ebook includes also how to make a portfolio for indexes and another one for stocks. This will make it easy to search. If let say you like some stocks and you dont know when to buy them, this is the opportunity to do it the right way. If you need help just write back to me.< Less
How to Buy a Stock On Time? By Abdelkarim Rahmane
eBook (ePub): $50.00
This Ebook explains in a very simple and easy way how to buy a stock on time. All the swing traders find a difficulty in buying a stock on the right time to make a huge profits. This presentation... More > will go through the ways to do so. A free chart should be used and a link is supplied.You will never any prior knowledge to trading stocks to use my techniques as they are simple and easy to use. Enjoy your training and write back with any questions or inquiries.< Less
How to Buy a Stock from the Resistance Line? By Abdelkarim Rahmane
eBook (ePub): $25.00
In this Ebook you will discover how to buy a stock from the resistance line. A very simple techniques used to explain the way things are done. buying from the resistance line is simple and easy and... More > any beginner can do it after studying the Ebook. You can use the chart we are using in this Ebook or use your own that you are comfortable with. One of the best techniques is to use the price only nothing else.If you study the Ebook training and you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me for further assistance. I am here to help.< Less
How to Find Good Penny Stocks In Less Than a Minute? By Abdelkarim Rahmane
eBook (ePub): $25.00
This Ebook teaches you how to find stocks in less than a minute. Using a free stock screener and only 3 criteria you can generate stocks that you can buy daily. These stocks are for swing traders... More > only not day traders. You should hold the stock for few days to get a profit.We use also a free chart to help up check the stocks.The last section of the ebook deals with the risk associated with trading penny stocks and some recommendations.< Less

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