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Cambodia: Volume 1 By kai stevenson
Paperback: $50.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
...…in the continuing magickal journey, one should always ask: is reality here?...’course Po meant Crowleyean doctrines, Chiang agreed, then: “…yes, yes,... More > sure—s’a back to subject, tha’ Devi explained: Tetragrammaton now, first: - and defined as the aspects of the first four cards of the Tarot; the hvhy – (contains the alchymic principles) - is found in the tarot, too—is basic alchymic principles here- the same, same ‘majikal’ formula-; i.e.— “…Devi will create you immortal-“ the dead saint bellowed: …least a’ the formula likewise setting Self-- be the ultimate Deity— i.e. cite Milo: chicken Qabalah,…”I said-- …Qabalistic tradition informs us that everything proceeded from the Great One, (cosmic sea-) – (God) – etc…and the Great One proceeded from a very special kind of Nothing-actually, will sleep instead with a goddess…”< Less
REFLECTIONS In January in Kay's House: social commentary from an empty headed housewife By kai stevenson
Hardcover: $46.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
Subjective Reality. Modern Angst. The genre, real life in fiction. The lens set in free-form novel, concerning vignettes daily modern life spanning the last few decades. Main Character in primarily... More > feminist view at bizarre nature modern life in a small coastal town, this accompanied with a metaphysical lens; at times the book departs from reality completely, while assures the reader anyReality is only subjective anyway, via flashbacks rural growing up,- caricature personalities in the small town modern era. There is recession, wife battering, as well bankruptcies, varied addictions, such as a 300 lb. women, and cats or just marshmallows. The aboriginal single parent is the only pragmatic face in the whole book; most people having known such faces on some level in daily life. The subject matter while bleak sets forth in basic North american 'field notes' in social commentary,- certain Canadian-slant... the techy irritations most any us experienced anyway, including fatty hamburger.< Less
Paperback: $40.56
Prints in 3-5 business days
...Reflections in January in Kay's House: Slide to the New Age or the 1990s and How We Got Here Vol. II Part 2--Jesus Christ was a roofer? My Guru was me?—And: no, no, she said—must be... More > the next set of field notes moments in her Life; the tall good looking new guy workin’ for fat Leo--- Daniel might’ve hypnotized her— “Ah Hell’,-“ redhead muttered; who’d believe an Avatar could sit in a morning, gray—back-yard, home-based business, little office and an aura be creepin’ ‘cross the floor from his boots now—recession continued, yet few knew what is feminism anymore- she said next--just imagery of children whom vomited... sub-trades who cussied tugged on their belt buckle... and a fat husband who STILL ignored her... And maybe didn’t matter...< Less
Paperback: $40.96
Prints in 3-5 business days
....kai stevenson-thompson, occasionally O'Shea the on-going saga of angst and modern woes, including a purgatory of four-wall house-wife existence and Leo wasn’t in... More > Stratford; apparently women safe there? livin’ with a real live Avatar?— ‘don't be fooled with the usual synopsis’ ‘cause it's easier for an author to cut and paste descriptions, particularly with series novels-- hence-- Herein: - find: Volume 2 Part 4 in the millennia continued….at least bein’ on earth; it was Stratford--she still lives with her fourteen catsas a real live doppelgänger (German for: ‘double goer’) is a paranormal double of a living person…and it is Reality that is evil or misfortune. Yet the cats and god-form are still very much Alive...< Less
Reflections in January in Kay's House: Slide to the New Age or the 1990s and How We Got Here Vol. II My Guru was me? By kai stevenson
Paperback: $38.60
Prints in 3-5 business days on-going saga of modern woes, including a four-wall house-wife existence with a man who calls the little woman daft; amazing, and the new roofer is an Avatar?--holy H'ell, redhead sighed...the... More > usual here, don't be fooled with the usual synopsis of a series novel--names are changed to protect the sanctity of craziness. Kay, witch - or Devi to be incarnated--is documented- a woman whom defines herself as little sister of the big sisters of feminism who dropped the glorious torch spanning the few decades everybody was required to host bad dinner parties, and nobody wanted to believe Jesus Christ wore levi's... nobody, except sad souls populating small towns locked in Modern Life and caged sad Minds. Little having changed in a decade, other than cyber-space is more complicated with 3500 pages of bad conversations, imagery of children whom vomit... sub-trades who cussy tug on their belt buckles... and a fat husband who ignored her. And maybe didn’t matter...< Less
Andromeda: volume 1 By kai stevenson
Paperback: $34.94
Prints in 3-5 business days
…and now again,- ah;…the gargoyle didn’t care: …”I SAID, listen to this prologue:-“… “….Prologue? yes, ask- what makes a man a... More > god?”- the stone demon asked, wand'ring the private papal apartments, (Vatican here-); luigi, young priest glanced from at a desk in the library offices,- it is ah;- "finding immortality?"- said Joseph, oth'r skinny 'aide', priest,- irritating Joseph;- off went,- to fix John Paul minestrone soup;- "Is this,- not the answ'r written in the Book of Jasher?"—“Of any Immortality?” luigi looked,… maybe in William Blake Quotes., “…hold infinity in the palm of your hands, and eternity too-“ said the sentient stone demon, "behold it is written in the Book of Jasher."—Joseph continued to mutt'r; the gargoyle ‘is alive….’< Less
Scotland: volume 1 By kai stevenson
Paperback: $43.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
–(back to discussions of Stratford here) why?...“…because Daniel told you there: …few are chosen to accompany gods, you are One whom was chosen!” the littlest star... More > nodded, and Devi agreed, yes, yes, memory–lane moment now- Stratford? …"yes: …’cause I don’t wan’na discuss moulderin’ bitchy ms. sung!- definition of moulder—see google-dictionary, eh?- definition: …/ˈməʊldə/…a verb, gerund or present participle: mouldering---meaning: 1. slowly decay or disintegrate, especially because of neglect.,...bitchy ms. sung neglects ‘er own Life, wantin’ anoth’r to fulfill it!- “…somewhat like many whom seek immortality, they pretend to magick, yet do so only chattin’ a’ these things…” …yes, yes, lil’ star nodding- and Devi sighed, true enough chats regardin’ Jessie-< Less
Scotland: volume 4 By kai stevenson
Paperback: $30.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
I slept with a God and I became a Devi- true grimoire tale,…fantasy journey or: gospel truth- "when my beloved returns to the house, I shall make my body into a Temple of Gladness.... More > Offering this body as an altar of joy, my let-down hair will sweep it clean. Then my beloved will consecrate this temple-"- "Vaisnav Baul song,-" Devi said again,…discussed sex-magick, while dead pope John Paul stared at the woman in the burqa …while papa looked off licked chocolate from a fing'r… later joseph argued: “luigi says: …there is no savior per se,…it is mankind whom wants somebody to fix the problems,…magicians are the same, Joseph, and priests,…it is the personal journey tha’ is only relevant, one becomes one’s own savior,…” luigi’s opinion here, ‘course: “…is: the creative matrix tha’ is usually called ‘god’, does come in forms, maybe this is jus’ men,…Joseph-“< Less
Scotland: volume 5 By kai stevenson
Paperback: $29.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
…occultists and New Age proponents deciphering the numbers or worried on internet chats,… …no, no….papa didn't agree,- John Paul was discussing- instead- "God does... More > not remit sins, augustine was correct,… in Sermon to Catechumens on the Creed,…there are no sins-“ …’course since John Paul knew all the doctrines a lie, and the truth bein’ hidden for centuries,…this bein’ accurate statement, ’cept to bein’ a barefoot statue saint (premillennialism or chiliasm) …the basilica statues enlivened, walked…when Devi manifested in the basilica –‘course papa rejected both, the holy an’ divine, luigi agreed, …still hesitated mention apostasy, error... and blasphemy,… …surely chat bein’ regardin’ here wast three immortals- sorcerers,- an' one wast christ himself, an' they with eye to list’n the dead ghoul pope lecture christiandoms fallacies, too?…was this an occultic muse? …it bein’ patience on Daniel’s part, all the lil’ sentient stars informed: “…I thought an ancient sorcerer lord woul’ jus’ destroy fools…”< Less
Cambodia: volume 4 By kai stevenson
Paperback: $48.51
Prints in 3-5 business days
…life…or The Dream tha’ is Life; is in any way similar to fiction: … “is---are only abstractions, projections of own ‘opinion’ of events, and there is... More > n’a yidam,-“ – the dead saint Po, actually milarepa informed, while Chiang enroute to bed a goddess… so too does – “the bitchy girl keep field notes, to birth the Mind;…” dead saint tol’ Chiang--- while surely later in the tiny tibet cave, isolated arid valley, Chiang did indeed transform to an immortal,…damn damn, all the lil’ sentient stars eyed each other too:…we will continue keepin’ the field notes a’ the magickal journey- eh?< Less

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