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Morris Commercial Patents By Norman Painting
Paperback: $13.22
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All the patents granted to Morris Commercial Cars Ltd. illustrated and described by the author.
'Buy BRITISH and be PROUD of it': The history of MORRIS COMMERCIAL CARS Ltd. By Norman Painting
Paperback: $19.06
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British commercial vehicle enthusiasts tend to concentrate their interests on the old “heavies”, like AEC, Foden, Albion, ERF, Leyland or Thornycroft, but Morris Commercial in the light... More > to mid-range of the commercial vehicle market, produced more vehicles from their works, which were the largest dedicated commercial vehicle works in Britain at one time, than the combined output of some of these “heavies” put together... As an apprentice at Morris Commercial’s Adderley Park works I was never told anything about the fascinating range of vehicles produced by the company in the past, apart from conversations with some of the “old-hands” when the name Soho, or Foundry Lane occasionally cropped up... With these opening introductory words the author takes us into a part of British engineering history in a book which is a treasure trove of unique photographs and technical drawings with nearly every page offering multiple photographs and drawings along with the accompanying text.< Less
WOLSELEY SPECIAL PRODUCTS 1901-1926 By Norman Painting
Paperback: $13.19
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Founded in 1901 by Vickers Sons & Maxim Ltd., as a motor car and machine tool manufacturer, Wolseley were making narrow gauge mining locomotives and submarine engines by 1902. The company's cars... More > were renowned for their quality and durability and their innovative designers and skilled workforce were to be employed producing a much wider range of products such as, aero engines, lighting sets, commercial vehicles, military vehicles, marine engines and airship machinery. More specialised products included the first purpose designed motorised sleighs for exploring Antarctica, used by Scott's ill-fated expedition in 1912 and, almost stranger than fiction, a 2 wheeled gyroscopically controlled car to the design of a Russian inventor. These diverse products, and others, are described and generously illustrated in this book with more than 250 photographs and drawings.< Less
Paperback: $5.87
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Introduced in May 1926, the ‘D’ type was the second model to use the company’s new 15.9hp 2,513cc 4 cylinder engine and 4 speed gearbox made ‘in-house’ and was initially... More > only available on a 10ft 2ins (swb) wheelbase chassis frame with 36ins bogie centres (distance between the rear axle centre lines). The overall length of the chassis was 15ft 4ins and overall width of the vehicle 6ft 0in, the height of the chassis frame being 2ft 3ins and the minimum ground clearance 10ins, giving a very compact and manoeuvrable vehicle with the capability of carrying a 30cwt load over virtually any type of terrain. A long wheelbase model soon followed with a 12ft 0in (lwb) wheelbase and with 40ins bogie centres as standard (which became optional on the short wheelbase model) and rated at 2 tons and a forward control version of the short wheelbase model was also introduced, but never achieved the popularity of the normal control models.< Less
Paperback: $14.29
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The ‘C’ type range was introduced in March 1933 and it soon supplanted other models made by the company, within the weight range covered by the new models. This book is a compilation of... More > drawings and information taken from parts lists, handbooks and other company literature. Wherever possible, modifications carried out to the ‘C’ type civilian range have been traced and details included with the chassis number change points. This information, together with production data also included in this book will enable vehicle owners to more accurately date the build of their vehicles and discover how original they are. Unlike civilian ‘C’ types, military vehicle parts lists were usually only published for individual contracts, so it has not been possible to trace modifications made to these models during their production lives. Whilst not fully comprehensive, the book contains information about Morris Commercial ‘C’ type vehicles which cannot be found anywhere else in one publication.< Less
Paperback: $20.90
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Tracing the development of the Adderley Park Works and the diverse range of Wolseley products made there between 1901 and 1926, which included cars, commercial vehicles, aero engines, aircraft,... More > marine engines, submarine engines, petrol locomotives, motor cycle engines, record breaking cars and motorised sleighs for Scott's Antarctic Expedition. A TRIBUTE TO BIRMINGHAM ENGINEERING< Less
HERBERT AUSTIN His Wolseley Years By Norman Painting, John Brindley
Paperback: $12.83
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This book, effectively, rewrites the early years of Wolseley history. Written from previously unresearched Company records it dispels some of the myths, misconceptions and hearsay which had formed... More > the “established history” of the Company for over 100 years and places on record the overwhelming contribution Herbert Austin made while managing the Wolseley Company. HERBERT AUSTIN: Racing Car Driver Engineer Mechanic Machinist Designer Manager< Less

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