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The Anti-Consumerist Manifesto By Revolutionary Books
eBook (ePub): $10.00
(81 Ratings)
This book examines how the consumerist-society is designed to control human desires and behavior. It delivers an uncompromising attack on consumerism and its self-destructive values.
The Anti-Corporations Manifesto By Revolutionary Books
eBook (PDF): $10.00
(6 Ratings)
This book attacks corporations for destroying democracy, society, the environment, and global human culture. Corporations subvert democracy through bribery (lobbying); they also violate human minds... More > with incessant consumerism and commercialism.< Less
The Anti-Think Tanks Manifesto By Revolutionary Books
eBook (ePub): $10.00
(81 Ratings)
There are 6000 think tanks in the world, 1800 in the US alone. These organizations pose as non-profit intellectual institutions, but they are all backed by corporations and billionaire foundations.... More > Their stated goal is to help governments with policy, the reality is that they taint democracy. This book is a methodical attack on the think tanks model.< Less
Why Being an Unproductive Worker for Capitalist Corporations is Revolutionary By Revolutionary Books
eBook (ePub): $10.00
(8 Ratings)
It is idiotic for a slave to be productive for their master. It is stupid for the working-class to be productive for the enemy, capitalist, class. Workers of the world must unite in an effort to... More > derail the capitalist economy through chronic unproductivity. Workers must destroy capitalism by using unproductive labor to suck the life/capital out of it. If you'd like to get the paperback version, visit the link below:< Less
Are You a Revolutionary or a Reactionary - 500 Questions to Help You Find Out By Revolutionary Books
eBook (ePub): $10.00
(27 Ratings)
This book is essentially a guidebook to help you identify your revolutionary dispositions. It also helps you identify reactionary elements that you need to cleanse from your life. For all of the... More > questions a Yes answer is the revolutionary response while a No is the reactionary one.< Less
Don’t Vote, Revolt - Why Capitalist Democracy is Pure Fraud By Revolutionary Books
eBook (ePub): $10.00
(29 Ratings)
Capitalist democracy is a fraud. It is nothing more than a spectacle designed to feed the masses the illusion of choice. At the end of the day all the capitalist political parties are financed and... More > controlled by the same corporate interests. This book argues that voting for such fraudulent political parties is tantamount to feeding your sociopolitical voice into this illusion. It calls on citizens to stop voting for parties that represent the dictatorship of the corporations and to start taking real steps towards an authentic people's democracy.< Less
How to Identify Traitors to the Left - A Guidebook By Revolutionary Books
eBook (ePub): $10.00
(26 Ratings)
One of the biggest hurdles to revolution are traitors to the left. They are individuals who proclaim to be leftists despite spending the bulk of their energy criticizing other leftists. Imagine a... More > capitalist who spends most of their time criticizing capitalism. These so called leftists tend to be reactionaries of the worst kind. They deflate revolution with their reformist rubbish. They douse the spirit of rebellion with their incessant divisive attitudes and sickening elitism. This book is designed to fully expose these traitors.< Less
The Revolutionary Feminist’s Manifesto By Revolutionary Books
eBook (ePub): $10.00
(25 Ratings)
The capitalist system is inherently patriarchal, sexist, and hierarchical. Thus, any authentic liberation of women will require an all out revolution against the capitalist patriarchs. This book... More > argues that the so called 'achievements' of women under capitalism have been cosmetic at best. Corporate careerism is nothing but enslavement to the agenda of the corporate patriarchs. Economical autonomy is meaningless when 99% of global assets are owned by a few hundred of capitalist men. The right to vote is anemic when the choices offered are all agents of the capitalist pigs. This all means that the only logical path for all feminists is direct political revolution. The only point of liberation is the liberation of all workers in this world. To put it in simple terms, if all the wealth controlled by the capitalist men was seized and redivided, the stake of women in this world would rise from 1% to 50% instantly. This is perhaps the greatest and simplest argument for revolution.< Less
A Book of Quotations By the Chairman of the Central Committee of the Revolutionary Communalist Party By Revolutionary Books
eBook (ePub): $10.00
(69 Ratings)
This book contains 500 quotations from the writings and speeches of The Chairman of the Central Committee of the Revolutionary Communalist Party. Some of the topics are The Spirit of Volunteerism,... More > Revolutionary Ideas, The Establishment, Revolutionary Desires etc etc.< Less
The Anti-Establishment Dictionary By Revolutionary Books
eBook (ePub): $10.00
(63 Ratings)
Over 1200 subversive definitions. The goal is to redefine the way we see the establishment and its institutions.

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