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Once Upon a Paddock By Julie A
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"Life is a journey and we do not know where it will take us..." My story, that I have called ‘Once Upon a Paddock’, began life purely to preserve my memories in case there came... More > a time when I could not share them. I have had some wonderful times over the years. I never for a minute thought I would have a book published, let alone thirteen children’s books. I never in my early years dreamed I would invent little characters called The Wobbies who could also have a huge impact on my life, and take me on their amazing journey of development and creativity. Please enjoy these early memories of mine, as I enjoyed writing them. "A special read. Something quite different to what you would expect, filled with all of the charm and treasures of a woman endowed with the storytelling abilities of a Disney. Julie captivates with characterisation and descriptions that shimmer."< Less
Alice the Ant By Julie A
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Never a dull moment for Alice the Ant! An ant’s life is never dull – especially if you are hatched a worker ant. Such was the fate of beautiful, kind Alice. Alice worked very hard for... More > her Queen and Colony. She walked miles in search of the best food she could find to take home to the nest. Her best friend was Andy, and he often went looking for food with her. One day, they went much further than usual and found a children’s party. There were crumbs of scrumptious food everywhere on the ground. This was truly a lucky find. Learn what happened to Alice, and how Andy helped her survive to work another day. Alice was indeed a lucky ant.< Less
Santa's Aussie Christmas Run By Julie A
Paperback: List Price: $40.91 $28.64 | You Save: 30%
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Christmas Time in Australia is not like it is anywhere on earth. The heat is rough going for good old Santa Claus! See how he deals with it! Even the nights remain very hot. So how does Santa do his... More > ‘Aussie Christmas Run,’ if his Santa suit is too hot to wear, and his reindeer would almost melt away? Well, Australia is the only country in the world where Santa will harness up his six white Boomers, and ‘dress down’ for his special task of delivering gifts to the kids of the outback. Now, if you are really, really lucky, on a starry, moonlit outback night, you may catch a glimpse of Santa with his hair and whiskers tied up, and wearing his ‘Jackie Howe’, his shorts, and a pair of thongs. Yes, even Santa and his Boomers must beat the heat to get the outback Christmas deliveries done.< Less
A Very Wobby Christmas By Julie A
Paperback: List Price: $41.17 $28.82 | You Save: 30%
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WE ALL KNOW THE MAGIC OF CHRISTMAS SPREADS EVERYWHERE. IT EVEN CREEPS UNDERNEATH MY WOODHEAP TO THE WOBBIES’ VILLAGE. This is true because I have seen it. I have seen lots of tiny Xips in... More > Santa Xip’s workshop making gifts for the Wobbies world wide. I have seen the glorious Djucks harnessed to Santa’s gleish, and loaded with a never ending supply of sparkling stardust ready for the Christmas delivery run. I have seen the beautifully decorated moss trees, and the brightly wrapped gifts laid beneath it. It is all a part of a warm and wonderful Wobby Christmas captured between the pages of this book. You are welcome to come with me, and I will share my Very Wobby Christmas with you.< Less
The Wobbies Ride a Rainbow By Julie A
Paperback: List Price: $27.52 $19.26 | You Save: 30%
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CAN WOBBIES ACTUALLY RIDE A RAINBOW? I know my cute little Wobbies are delightful, cute and clever. They are able to make the most of the tiny microscopic world that surrounds them. But, to... More > actually RIDE A RAINBOW? Yes, that pretty, softly coloured arc in the sky that fades all too quickly? We have all seen a rainbow at some time. Only recently I watched as the Wobbies actually used their magimats and rode a rainbow. The delicate, fragile mesh of coloured water droplets was the perfect playground for them. Follow the pages through my world of enchantment, and you too can see the magic happen.< Less
A Dream For Inca By Julie A
Paperback: $24.96
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A DREAM FOR INCA He's enchanted by everything around him, the skies, the stars, the birds and especially the possibility of flying. O, how INCA longs to take to the skies and look down from a new... More > vantage point. Little does INCA know that his dreams are about to become a reality. Even if it takes him a whole eternity. Told by master story-teller, Julie A, INCA is another tale that will both captivate kids and widen their minds. Told by JulieA with an X above the i. Sheer wonderland brilliance from the author of: Roger and the Bum Bubble The Wobbies and the Caterpillars The Wobbies in the Woodheap< Less
The Wobbies Meet Phol Ci Dae By Julie A
Paperback: List Price: $25.00 $15.00 | You Save: 40%
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Is Phol Ci Dae a danger to The Wobbies? Pholci Dae is a sweet natured ‘Daddy Long Legs’ spider. The Wobbies met Pholci when he strayed by their village. Pholci soon found himself pinned... More > down by one of his eight feet. His other seven were not enough to get him out of trouble. My wonderful Wobbies were soon there to rescue him. However, this was not without danger to themselves, as they could have easily been on Pholci’s menu, or crushed by falling logs. The Wobbies could hear Pholci’s belly loudly rumble like thunder as they worked tirelessly to free him. Wobby technology and know- how was put to good use. Be captivated and enthralled as the Wobbies free Pholci Dae. Come with me - I will show you how they saved a spider, and now have a friend for life.< Less
Space Travellers By Julie A
Paperback: List Price: $20.65 $12.39 | You Save: 40%
Ships in 3-5 business days.
It’s a big universe out there. Even the brightest, smartest scientists don’t know exactly how life began on Earth and Mars. BUT, I’ve got the answer. I can’t tell you how I... More > got it – it’s a secret. But, I reckon the Boolus people who live on Mars, will soon come out of the Earth’s shadow and share their part of the secret. The Boolus are a very gentle, brave, clever race of beings, still needing more land to live on. I am sure the Boolus people will find a place in your heart also, especially when you read the wonderful, dramatic adventure two special individuals undertook to create a new home on Earth. The whole race almost made it. They are known as Martians.< Less
The Wobbies Get A Lake By Julie A
Paperback: List Price: $42.13 $25.28 | You Save: 40%
Ships in 3-5 business days.
If you haven't heard of or seen the Wobbies living under my woodheap yet, you're missing out! You see, awhile ago Jedda (my dog) and I found the Wobbies by accident. Each Wobby is a very pretty,... More > powder blue, furry creature that is smaller than a speck of fairy dust. Living under my very old woodheap, they get about on their very short legs, some carrying their babies in their pouches. But what happens when a great big storm threatens their very existence? And I have to come to their rescue! Like us, the Wobbies have their fears and must be inventive if they are to survive. Each Wobby is so special. I can't imagine a world without them, so join me as we once again go in and magnify their world and see how they deal with a storm that could easily wash them away for ever! I am sure you will enjoy this new adventure as much as I did when I first saw it happening right before my magnifying glass!< Less
Dung Beetle Disaster By Julie A
Paperback: List Price: $45.57 $27.34 | You Save: 40%
Ships in 3-5 business days.
Imagine shrinking down and getting caught up in an adventure in the insect world? Have you ever wondered about the world of tiny creatures living just beyond your vision and imagination? I... More > hadn’t until I’d been minimised into something smaller than a baby grasshopper, and on a hungry bird’s menu. I needed to hide. The only place was in a dark tunnel in a huge cow pat. So I made a run for it. Then danger came from deep within also, in the form of incredibly noisy dung beetles. Now I’m all bundled up and in a spin in a dung ball. I can only describe my situation as being in a Dung Beetle Disaster. And there's no way to escape. Or is there? And this time there is no proverbial "waking up from a bad dream"!< Less

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