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Tabeliães de Vila Verde: Aboim da Nóbrega, Volume IV By H. D. Cerqueira de Souza
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O quarto volume da publicação integral dos registos notariais de Aboim da Nóbrega compreende um conjunto de dez livros do Tabelião Luís Manuel da Rocha Peixoto, do... More > N.º31 ao N.º40, segundo a numeração do Arquivo Distrital de Braga, num total de 415 registos com datas de 16 de Agosto de 1769 a 31 de Outubro de 1800: dos quais 18 são escrituras de arrendamento e emprazamento; 54 são escrituras de compra, venda e trespasse; 12 são escrituras de contrato; 42 são escrituras de doação e partilha; 60 são escrituras de dote e casamento; 181 são escrituras de empréstimo a juro; 4 são escrituras de fiança e hipoteca; 8 são escrituras de legitimação e perdão; 11 são escrituras de obra e empreitada; 11 são petições, reclamações e declarações; 11 são procurações; e 26 são testamentos. Abrangem um universo territorial de 55 freguesias e 19 concelhos (dos quais alguns já extintos).< Less
A Criação Administrativa do Concelho de Vila Verde By H. D. Cerqueira de Souza
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The Municipality of Vila Verde (Minho, Portugal), created administratively by decree (October 24, 1855) during the Regeneration period as a result of the reforms advocated by the Vintismo Movement in... More > the 1820’s, and initiated by Mouzinho da Silveira in 1834, after the abdication of King Michael I, was the desperate attempt of central government to dismantle and replace old heavily entrenched family and local feuds, which had been the basis of popular insurgencies against Her Majesty’s Queen Maria II Governments in the mid 1840’s commonly known as Maria da Fonte and Patuleia. In this article we attempt to establish a commented and contextualized chronology of the administrative reforms that paved the way to the extinction of four vibrant municipalities (Aboim, Penela, Prado and Regalados) and the creation of an amalgamated 58 parishes with a brand new center.< Less
150 Anos de Autarcas em Vila Verde: 1855-2005 By H. D. Cerqueira de Souza
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The elected, or sometimes appointed, municipal representatives (Mayors and Councilors) in the county of Vila Verde (Minho, Portugal) for the past 150 years (1855-2005) are presented here in a... More > chronological list compiled from minutes and other documents of the municipal archive.< Less
Os Assentos Paroquiais Mais Antigos do Concelho de Vila Verde By H. D. Cerqueira de Souza
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One of the most important proceedings to emanate from the Council of Trent (1545-63), as part of the Catholic Counter-Reformation, was the decree to keep a thorough register of all baptisms,... More > marriages and burials being performed in every parish. This practice, prevalent in Portugal until 1910, would generate one of the most prolific archives in history: the parish records. Its contents provide a multitude of information that exceeds its genealogical or family history interest, and allows us to dive into the complex social, ritual, economical and geographical connections. The aim of this book is to provide a clear transcript, in alphabetical order, of the oldest known records in deposit at the Braga District Archive (Arquivo Distrital de Braga) from the 59 parishes of the Municipality of Vila Verde (Minho, Portugal).< Less
Cinco Retratos nos Paços do Concelho de Vila Verde By H. D. Cerqueira de Souza
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The Municipality of Vila Verde (Minho, Portugal) has acquired a set of five paintings, in the 80’s, believed to be the portraits of past Mayors, or some other prominent personalities from the... More > county, but their origin and identity have always been at the center of some controversy, and they had never been properly studied. In this article, published in the Boletim Cultural N.º 2, in 2006, we advanced their identity and gathered as much information as possible about them, their origins and family connections, their lives and careers, but we also proposed a more attentive look at their depictions and all the hidden symbols of power, and vanity, a sign of the 19th century mentality to which we all are the present heirs.< Less
Bibliografia Carolíngia Breve By H. D. Cerqueira de Souza
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This second, revised and enlarged edition, of a rather long «Brief Carolingian Bibliography», named to make it sound more humble and therefore less prone to peer criticism, is a list of... More > books on Charlemagne and the Carolingians published in English, French and Portuguese, gathered during my research to write From Charlemagne to my Father (published in 2009, 224 p., ISBN 9789898587053). It has an obvious flaw—the omission of all German books—to the exception of those translated into one of the aforementioned languages. First published as a chapter in the back matter of the book, it became a separate book on its own (also published in 2009, 40 p., ISBN 9789898587060).< Less
Bibliografia da «Belfastada» By H. D. Cerqueira de Souza
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O vapor inglês Belfast transportou em Junho de 1828 um conjunto de 29 emigrados portugueses, de Plymouth para o Porto, e uma semana depois, novamente para Plymouth. Esse episódio,... More > trágico para todos os intervenientes, foi o remate final dos levantamentos de Aveiro e Porto, contra o Senhor Dom Miguel e a sua legitimidade, e ficou depreciativamente conhecido por «Belfastada», devido ao nome do barco que os transportava. Esta bibliografia, pese embora a sua modéstia, justifica-se a publicação por se constituir como um instrumento de pesquisa, sobretudo tendo em consideração o interesse do tema e a inexistência de outras obras de referência. A ausência de indexação temática, quer na Biblioteca Nacional, quer nas principais bibliotecas em Portugal, é uma lacuna que o artigo poderá suprir parcialmente.< Less
Os Herdeiros do Guarda-Mor By H. D. Cerqueira de Souza
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The death of a childless, unmarried wealthy Portuguese official, in Brazil, in the late 18th century, initiated a judicial process of inheritance that mobilized a considerable amount of relatives for... More > 13 years (1795-1808). These inheritance files, deposited in the National Archives of Torre do Tombo (Lisbon), provide an extraordinary amount of accurate genealogical information and contain transcripts of parish records that have been lost in the meantime. Furthermore, they provide the correct relationship of individuals that share the same names and could otherwise be mistaken with each other. By cross-referencing these inheritance documents with other documents still available today (i.e. other parish records, the Holy Office records, the Honorific Orders records, Military records and the de genere inquiries), we were able to reconstitute this important family group: its members, their occupations and genealogical information such as births, marriages and deaths.< Less
Irregularidades e Contradições na Fachada da Capela de São Jorge By H. D. Cerqueira de Souza
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Análise da fachada da Capela de São Jorge, em Mondim da Beira, dos elementos geométricos que presidem à composição e de alguns desvios da cânone... More > nacional da arquitectura maneirista. Artigo publicado em 2006 em RESENDE, Nuno (Coord.). O Compasso da Terra: a Arte enquanto Caminho para Deus (Vol. 2, pp. 157-158). Lamego: Diocese de Lamego.< Less
Os Melhores Filmes do Século XXI By H. D. Cerqueira de Souza
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A BBC article (August, 23rd) entitled The 21st Century’s 100 Greatest Films that presented The best that cinema has had to offer since 2000 as picked by 177 film critics from around the world,... More > was republished in Portuguese by the Observador with the title David Lynch’s “Mulholland Drive” is considered to be the best movie of the century. This attempt to determine 21st Century’s Greatest Films in the year 16 is just a crude example of how established and self-appointed opinion makers try to constraint future generations’ views and aesthetics by imposing, or trying to impose, a control over future choices with a permanent reference of comparison. In other words, by declaring this early that David Lynch’s “Mulholland Drive” is the best movie of the century they are in fact keeping it artificially alive and forcing both future critics and future filmmakers to quote it, or see it, as a reference.< Less

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