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Universe and Future of Humanity By Alexander Bolonkin
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Book is described the arrangement of the Universe. This is the scientific prediction of the non-biological (electronic) civilization and immortality of human being. Such a prognosis is predicated... More > upon a new law, discovered by the author, for the development of complex systems. According to this law, every self-copying system tends to be more complex than the previous system, provided that all external conditions remain the same. The consequences are disastrous: humanity will be replaced by a new civilization created by intellectual robots (which the author refers to as "E-humans" and "E-beings"), These creatures, whose intellectual and mechanical abilities will far exceed those of man, will require neither food nor oxygen to sustain their existence. They may have the emotion. Capable of developing science, technology and their own intellectual abilities thousands of times faster than humans can, they will, in essence, be eternal.< Less
Memoirs of a Soviet Political Prisoner By Alexander Bolonkin
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Dr.Sci. A.A. Bolonkin worked in Soviet aviation, rocket and space industries and lectured in the main Soviet University for about 15 years. He lectured as a professor and worked as a Project... More > Director in Moscow Aviation Institute, Moscow Aviation Technological Institute, Bauman Highest Technical University. He earned many official awards from the Soviet Union officialdom. In 1972 professor Bolonkin was arrested by the notorious Soviet Secret Police (KGB) because he had been discovered reading forbidden political literature about freedom and democracy and had been monitored listening to "Voice of America". For more than 15 years, the vicious KGB torturers kept him in various special prisons, concentration camps, and in exile in utterly miserable Siberia. This period of his life is described in detail in this revelatory book. Alexander Bolonkin is the author of more 150 scientific articles and books as well as 17 patented inventions.< Less

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