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The Tale of Fatty Coon By donnette davis
eBook (PDF): $1.61
An in-depth reading comprehension unit study, which includes worksheets on grammar, punctuation, parts of speech, spelling, with teaching guide.
Halloween Mega Activity Book By donnette davis
eBook (PDF): $7.48
This book is an eclectic collection of lesson plans, activities and resources for parents, teachers and learners from preschool through to Grade 8, with a specific focus on the early learner. As with... More > all of our books, activities can be adjusted according to the age of the learner. For ease of reference and due to the large size of the document I have divided the book into sections, the final section being excerpts from the original Halloween Activity Book I compiled in 2007, which includes lacing activities,phonics, number activities and more. To commence our Halloween Journey we will need to take a look at some of the more common questions that children are likely to ask, and with brief answers, each question opens up the possibility of an entire independent lesson plan. Again this information will be used at the discretion of the educator to create an age appropriate lesson plan< Less
The Tale of Benny Badger By donnette davis
eBook (PDF): $1.48
An in-depth reading comprehension unit study, which includes worksheets on grammar, punctuation, parts of speech, spelling, with teaching guide.
Learning about Geography, Elementary Level By donnette davis
eBook (PDF): $8.99
With this book, we hope you, as parents, will get ideas for activities that will use your children's play to help them learn more geography--the study of the Earth. Most of the suggestions in this... More > book are geared to children from 5-12. The activities and games are organized around five specific themes* that help focus our thinking: 1. Where are things located? 2. What characteristics make a place special? 3. What are relationships among people and places? 4. What are the patterns of movement of people, products, & information? 5. How can the Earth be divided into regions for study? Each chapter begins with some background & examples of questions that geographers use as they strive to understand the Earth,followed by activities to help children learn key ideas. Lesson Plans Grades1-7 Included are a selection Notepages, which are ideal for use in Notebooks,Lapbooks, file folders or for use in projects.< Less
730 Craft Activities By donnette davis
eBook (PDF): $4.66
A Book containing 730 Craft recipes covering all International Holidays and events
Big Christmas Bonus Activity Pack By donnette davis
eBook (PDF): $8.99
The pages of this book may be printed and kept in a file-folder together with any notes, drawings or observations made by your child. Pages have been included within this unit study for the... More > recording of such information. By making use of a file-folder you will be able to make use of the unit study for reference purposes and also as a gauge in assessment at a later stage. A large focus has been made on the 12 days of Christmas, ideal for Copywork and comprehension.< Less
Butterflies and Moths Unit Study By donnette davis
eBook (PDF): $7.70
Some of the best ways for our children to learn is by play and interaction. Teaching them about insects - butterflies and moths - is a fun and exciting way for you to encompass a variety of subjects... More > into your theme. Grammar and vocabulary exercises are relatively simple to coordinate; • Butterfly crafts can be used as an extension lesson or to make gifts for that special person, or to create a fantastically whimsical outfit; • Social studies can include why people or situations are likened to butterflies, caterpillars or moths; • Drama and the arts can be anything relating to watching animated (or documentary) movies, drawing, photography as well as dressing up; • Life skills can include planning and hands-on interaction for a butterfly-themed party; • Literature Arts will include reading and writing poetry or books or a complete literature unit study.< Less
Ch Picture Dictonary By donnette davis
eBook (PDF): $6.15
This book is appropriate to use with children of all ages and would ideally be best complemented with the use of other books in the Phonics/Vocabulary/Grammar Series. How you share it will depend on... More > the age of the child, the setting, and your personal way of instruction and explanation. You may wish to skip around informally or you may choose to complete each book individually, although many of the worksheets and exercises include the various parts of vocabulary – this being done in order that the learner may differentiate between the various different forms of “words”. This guide suggests possible ways to use the book in a classroom setting< Less
The Tale Of Frisky Squirrel By donnette davis
eBook (PDF): $1.51
An in-depth reading comprehension unit study, which includes worksheets on grammar, punctuation, parts of speech, spelling, with teaching guide.
Ants Unit Study By donnette davis
eBook (PDF): $6.24
This book is on the topic of 'Ants' with the target audience being those who are 6-13 years old. The project will cover many species of ants, and indeed bugs, that children have heard of, or that may... More > be particularly interesting to them. A comprehensive unit study, this book comprises lessons, activities and guides which will assist in providing a complete study of ants in their various forms. Learning about ants is fun! With a little creativity there is no end to the learning opportunities which may be based around the theme of ants. Maybe it's their amazing societal structure, feats of strength or ability to survive almost anywhere on the planet.< Less