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The Marcella Fragment By Anna LaForge
eBook (ePub): $3.99
A few lucky survivors of the destruction of Earth are transported by mysterious aliens to an Earthlike world, in a future hundreds or thousands of years from now. There, the transplanted population... More > begins the long struggle back to civilization. Over hundreds of years, the citizens of Pelion develop the most advanced and enlightened society on the planet. A prophecy that they hold dear, the Marcella Fragment, drives the Council of Pelion to bring ernani (lost souls) to Pelion to participate in a transformation that will ultimately lead to the enlightenment of the population planet-wide. Tyre of Lapith and Kara of Pelion come together, experiencing the pain and joy of their transformation, giving us in the process a great story of self-discovery and love. In the tradition of fine visionary novels, The Marcella Fragment takes the reader into a world both familiar and strange, peopled by warriors, artisans, healers and slaves, incorporating science fiction, fantasy, myth, and romance.< Less
Pelion Preserved By Anna LaForge
eBook (ePub): $4.99
Destruction or preservation for the city of Pelion? For generations Pelion has been a city of rumor across the land, guarded and hidden behind its walls. Yet for the last hundred years, Pelion has... More > opened its gates to seekers from foreign realms, returning those transformed by the Gift of the Sowers to use their new skills in towns, villages, and scattered settlements spread across a vast, empty continent. The Nineteenth Mother of Pelion’s stewardship begins in tragedy and unheard-of murder, an event that leaves one adept dead and another driven mad. Now she must confront dire threats to the fulfillment of her task. In the face of mounting civil unrest, the Mother vows that the Maze will endure. If the Mother’s design should succeed, it would prove that the Gift can be received by all. For in that hope lies the critical balance of whether Pelion will turn from its path and preserve only the prejudice of the past or embrace the preservation of a promise for the rest of the undiscovered world.< Less
Agave Revealed By Anna LaForge
eBook (ePub): $4.99
A half-millennium after the last survivors of a dying Earth land on a pristine planet, the Eighteenth Mother, leader of the enlightened city of Pelion, finds herself at a crossroads. Though the long,... More > slow process of Transformation is proceeding, a critical imbalance has emerged that threatens the success of this promised leap in human evolution, for far too few candidates are women. She knows the Transformation of the world requires her to look to the slave city of Agave. There, seeds of a plot planted years before are beginning to blossom, and a key figure in that plan, Lillas, is about to flee Agave and seek refuge in Pelion. While there and joined with Reddin, the city will face a conflict that threatens to rip Lillas from Pelion and return her to the mercies of Agave’s savage new ruler. The Eighteenth Mother knows that Agave must be reborn in order to ensure the Sower’s promise can be kept. The hidden key to that rebirth lies within Reddin and Lillas, but only if they can find it in time.< Less

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