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The Forbidden Parapsychology - Sexual Influence from a Distance, Psychic attacks and Other Parapsychological Techniques By Jose M. Herrou Aragon
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In this book the author presents for the first time impressive parapsychological techniques for influencing others on the spot. It includes techniques to attract and win the hearts of people either... More > mentally, in their presence or from a distance, without them being able to do anything about it, as well as methods which can instantly get bothersome or harmful people away from you. The book also incorporates techniques which can protect you from parapsychological influences, help you succeed in business and mentally change all kinds of behavior, in yourself as well as in others. No special abilities are required and the results can be verified immediately.< Less
The Forbidden Religion By Jose M. Herrou Aragon
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Gnosis means knowledge. But we are not referring to just any knowledge. Gnosis is knowledge which produces a great transformation in those who receive it. Knowledge capable of nothing less than... More > waking up man and helping him to escape from the prison in which he finds himself. That is why Gnosis has been so persecuted throughout the course of history, because it is knowledge considered dangerous for the religious and political authorities who govern mankind from the shadows. Every time this religion, absolutely different from the rest, appears before man, the other religions unite to try to destroy or hide it again. Primordial Gnosis is the original Gnosis, true Gnosis, eternal Gnosis, Gnostic knowledge in its pure form. Due to multiple persecutions, Primordial Gnosis has been fragmented, distorted and hidden. For more information visit< Less
Telecomando Sexual, Ataque Psiquico y otras tecnicas parapsicologicas By Jose M. Herrou Aragon
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Se hallan editados aquí por primera vez en un solo volumen los tres primeros libros del Profesor Herrou Aragón. Ellos son: “Telecomando Sexual y otras técnicas... More > parapsicológicas” (primera versión, años 1984 - 1985). “Telecomando Sexual y otras técnicas parapsicológicas” (segunda versión ampliada y enriquecida, año 1986). “Ataque Psíquico y otras técnicas parapsicológicas” (1987) Aquí se exponen las técnicas parapsicológicas descubiertas y desarrolladas por el Profesor Herrou Aragón. Las mismas pueden emplearse para atraer y enamorar personas mentalmente, en su presencia o a distancia y sin que puedan evitarlo. Los resultados son inmediatamente comprobables. También contiene técnicas para alejar personas molestas o dañinas, para defenderse de ataques psíquicos y brujerías, para influirse a sí mismo, para influir en el acto sobre personas, para atraer clientes a su negocio y para modificar conductas de todo tipo en uno mismo y en los demás. 290 páginas. 29,7 x 21 cm.< Less

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