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Revealed! Secret Wisdom of Successful Communities and Cultures By Anshuman Sharma
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Many communities strictly follow some basic rules which make them successful and prosperous. They make these principles a part of their culture by associating them with religion or to the uniqueness... More > of their community. They have learned these rules through generations of trial and error, over a long period of time. With time these becomes beliefs, which guides and defines the actions of the members of community. Some of these principles run in the cultures of successful families, in which elders imbibe the core of their beliefs in their young ones. The fundamentals of these rules remain same while the interpretation and way of conceiving them may change from generation to generation. This book discusses these principles, in brief, and delivers the required message in limited number of words. It specifies each rule in few sentences followed by thoughts to implement them in your life.< Less
Hidden Pearls - Opportunities in Problems By Anshuman Sharma
eBook (ePub): $1.49
The process of rightly perceiving any event is extremely simple, which would require a consciously created optimistic thinking process. Our mind tends to look at most of the happenings of life in... More > passive ways. We need to train our mind with right statements and questions to feel positive and in control of the situation. This book covers a number of such events followed by empowering statements and questions to focus on the positive side of each event. This diversion of attention would help you to protect yourself from any harm which the event can cause, instead use it as a learning platform to make you successful in life.< Less
Fifty Two Steps - Discover a New You By Anshuman Sharma
eBook (ePub): $2.99
The purpose of writing this book is to create a manual for those who are looking forward to a resource to transform themselves. Most of the time we know about the right actions but we are so hard... More > pressed with time that initiation is not taken. The power to create that meaningful change is inside all of us and we need a tender support and guidance to have meaningful and prosperous life. This resource would help all those who are seeking this transformation and desire to have a lasting positive change in life. This is a journey of 52 weeks, which is exactly one year. We will take each step every weekend, understand the concept for the week and identify the ways to implement it in your life.< Less
The Leaf Which Refused to Fall By Anshuman Sharma
eBook (ePub): $2.99
This work of fiction is the story of Barak, who learns about a quotation in his life and sincerely implements it in his life. The meaning of the quotation can be simple but to execute in life may... More > take extraordinary efforts, sincerity and energy. Thought he was able to understand the true meaning of the quotation, but was he able to understand the complete meaning of the quotation? This is an important point for reflection that sometimes we may understand the right interpretation of the message, but we miss out on the completeness of the meaning implied by the quotation. This story illustrates the strength of a simple quotation and the value which it can add to our life, if implemented sincerely and appropriately. Several great quotations are waiting to add extensive value to every individual, who is ready to utilize them for her advancement. The purpose of the story is to convince the reader about her unused potential which could catapult the life of a person to much higher levels.< Less
The Rabbit Who Forgot to Fly By Anshuman Sharma
eBook (ePub): $2.99
This is a work of fiction which tells the story of a young man named Victor. This story is his transformational journey of few months when he came in touch with a secret mantra. The story looks at... More > the various aspects of a teenage mind and tries to deliver a message to the readers who can utilize these messages in their own life. This book attempts to help the teenagers to realize their potential through the story of Victor, who is a below average teenager struggling with the confusions in his life. Something drastic happens in his life which changes him forever; with him the future of the society to which he belongs. The readers of this book can understand this story in their own context and implement the leanings of this story in their lives. They need to commit to honesty, perseverance and consistency in their endeavors.< Less
Deep Roots - Necessary Foundations of Life By Anshuman Sharma
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Foundations are the values and beliefs of a person, which are strictly followed by the people in their life. Foundations define the life of the person, the way she lives and the decisions she takes... More > in her life. They bring the clarity in the life of the person by helping her to embrace the right choices from the options presented to her. This work focuses on the foundations which are right and would take any person towards their success. These foundations would help any person to review her beliefs, principles and rules in life to make the necessary corrections. The foundations specified are used by people to bring the necessary positive changes in their lives. You can meet any successful person and identify their foundations and principles of their life, in most of the cases the foundations would be derivative of the points presented in this book.< Less
The Commonsense Princess By Anshuman Sharma
eBook (ePub): $2.99
This is the work of fiction which depicts the struggles of a young middle class couple and their actions taken to face these struggles. This story also emphasizes the importance of understanding in... More > any relationship which requires empathy and care. The main characters of the story are a recently married couple who wants to live a simple and happy life by supporting each other in their tasks. The understanding of the each other’s emotions and ambitions are important to build stronger bonds, which lasts a lifetime. Once they start to support each other their team becomes much stronger than the sum of their individual self. The objective of this book is to point towards the importance of facing the problems head-on, instead of hiding from them. When we set our stretched goals the path to achieve them is not simple and it may be full of hindrances. The achievers of goals would never lose their focus from destination while taking every possible step to choose the best path to reach the goal.< Less
The Sand in the Fist By Anshuman Sharma
eBook (ePub): $2.99
This is work of fiction narrates the few months in the life of Monia, a simple girl from a small town of Bharatpur in North India. Monia’s life was not different from most of the middle class... More > females of India but her decisions puts her in a unique category, which is reserved for few people. This lady had limited exposer in life and had her fears and simple expectations from life. But, life is not without its challenges. The purpose of this book is to clarify an important concept in simplest form through a small window in the life of Monia, a young lady of 25 years. This story describes the most critical phase in her life, which could have turned her life towards disaster and depression, but she chose a different path for her life by taking the responsibility of designing it.< Less
Stop! Playing the Dice - Devices to Design Amazing Products By Anshuman Sharma
eBook (ePub): $3.99
The most important aspect for developing new ideas about products and subsequently designing it requires a proper methodology, which is generally simple but effective. Every successful company has... More > their set of method to design the products but the fundamental ideas remain same. This book tries to reveal the effective but simple methodology of designing the great products. The methodology discussed in the book has four segments and is called READ Technique. READ stands for Research, Experience, Analyze and Discover. ‘Research segment’ focuses on capturing and analyzing the information available in the market, ‘Experience segment’ focuses on checking out the views and ideas generated, ‘Analyze Segment’ focuses on observing the aspects for product and ‘Discover Segment’ focuses on surveys and interviews. Each of the four segments has several devices and methods specified in this work which would help the professionals in designing a great and winning product.< Less
The Mind of Business Plan - Think Through Your Business Plan By Anshuman Sharma
eBook (ePub): $5.99
I found a need in the market for would-be entrepreneurs who require a resource which is simple, short and to-the-point for creating a business plan. It should guide the entrepreneur at every stage of... More > the process, while focusing on the startups. It should be able to help even the first time entrepreneurs. The most important activity in developing a business plan is to think through each point of potential business in depth then based upon that knowledge and information create a perfect write-up about the topic which would answer most of the queries of the reader. This book would help you by taking you through that process of thinking and writing.< Less