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Outpost Mars By Paul Elliott
Paperback: $10.81
Prints in 3-5 business days
Outpost Mars is a game setting for the Traveller roleplaying game. Players take the roles of scientists, engineers and explorers going about their business of investigating Martian phenomenon and... More > avoiding death or serious injury while doing so. The missions in this game will only form the backdrop for each game. The real story focus will be on the player characters and their motivations. Trapped on Mars, working in isolation with the other player characters in the team, stories will pick up on and revolve around a character's personal interactions with his team-members. On rivalries, secrets, hidden agendas, lies and on mutual interests. More than anything, then, scenarios for Outpost Mars will involve very real-world inter-personal story elements. Requires the Traveller main book from Mongoose Publishing.< Less
Orbital 2100 By Paul Elliott
Paperback: $21.24
Prints in 3-5 business days
Orbital 2100 is a science fiction setting for Cepheus Engine and other Classic 2D6 SF RPGs. It has realistic (TL 9) feel that is set within our own solar system. The Earth is locked in a Cold War... More > with the people of Luna. Both face off, 400,000 km apart, threatening mutual annihilation whilst they compete to colonise the moons of Jupiter and Saturn. Older colonies such as Mars and Mercury are independent and caught up in this struggle for solar system supremacy. Spacecraft use nuclear thermal rockets and create gravity by spinning pods or centrifuges, this is spaceflight as envisaged today! In keeping with the near-future and hard-science fiction themes, role-playing campaigns focus on real people doing real jobs. The game has rules, technology and advice to allow scenarios based around deep space haulage, asteroid mining, salvage, rescue and exploration. Requires the use of the Cepheus Engine or a 2D6 SF rules-set. Visit Zozer Games at, or on facebook.< Less
43AD By Paul Elliott
Paperback: $22.66
Prints in 3-5 business days
43AD is a gritty military-style game with a slice of dark horror running through it. Life is grim and the world of the native Britons is painted in dark and horrific colours. Britain is a place of... More > fear and death, terrors and torments, and the Iron-Age tribes live with these horrors. Characters are Roman soldiers, fighting for the emperor in a hostile land against the battle-hardened warriors of the tribes. This is the visible enemy, but beyond, should the Game Master wish to go there, lay the dark secrets of Britain, the night terrors, the death-bringing spirits of the wild, the night crawlers, the face eaters, the skinchangers and the rest of the monsters and wild things that infest Britain. All rolls are made on d6, with the exception of a d100 being used in character creation.< Less
Attack Squadron: Roswell By Paul Elliott
Paperback: $14.24
Prints in 3-5 business days
A setting book for the Traveller roleplaying game, which requires the Traveller main book in order to play. Attack Squadron: Roswell lets players fly classic fighters such as the F-86 Sabre or the... More > F-84 Thunderjet in combat with alien saucers, it also supports on-the-ground investigations of alien conspiracy. It is The Invaders meets X-COM meets Top Gun! The game features: - 14 aircraft designs from the 1950s - Rules for air-to-air combat - Rules for ground attack missions - 1950s firearms - A history of the alien invasion - 4 flying saucer designs, with two deckplans - Rules for creating fighter pilots - Historically relevant event tables - Background for New Mexico, Roswell and the USAF< Less

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