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Numerous Vital Uses of Bitter Leaf By Ikechukwu Oduah
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Bitter leaf is also referred to as iron weed, a name coined from the intensely purple flowers which later take on a rusty hue. Bitter leaf is able to ... More > flourish in a variety of climates unlike other plants which are often native to certain areas. The leaves have a sweet and bitter taste. Although most popularly used for food, Bitter leaf has also traditionally been used for its medicinal properties now proven by medical research.< Less
Numerous Uses of Bitter Leaf By Ikechukwu Oduah
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The Bitter Leaf plant is an indigenous African species, it grows in most parts of sub-Saharan Africa. Some of the principal chemical constituents found in the Bitter Leaf herb are a... More > class of compounds called steroid glycosides- type vernonioside B1 - these chemical substances possess a potent anti-parasitic, anti-tumor, and bactericidal effects. At the same time, the Bitter Leaf also helps bring relief from related problems in the body such as diarrhoea and general physical malaise.Remedies made from the Bitter Leaf are used in treating over fifteen common ailments in sub-Saharan Africa, these include common problems such as fever and different kinds of intestinal complaints, as well as parasite induced diseases like malaria and other vector borne diseases.It has proven high potency in curing Diabetes, memory loss etc.< Less
Basic Easy Guidelines for Losing Body Weight By Ikechukwu Oduah
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Body weight loss implies reduction in the whole body size due to loss of fatty tissues and lean mass from the body. It’s a process which can be voluntary or not at will. Voluntary weight ... More > loss is undergone by individuals in other to enhance healthy living and curtail the chances of body system infections. It can be carried out via controlled food intake and by constant body exercise. people that gym often tend to maintain their body size and live healthier lives than those that don’t engage in any physical body exercise. On the other hand when not at will (unvoluntary), this can be initiated by ill-health conditions like diabetes, anaemia, cancer, diarrhoea and sexually transmitted diseases example syphilis and AIDS.< Less

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