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Pathfinders of the Great Plains: Chronicle of La Vérendrye and His Sons By Lawrence J. Burpee
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Pathfinders of the Great Plains: Chronicle of La Vérendrye and His Sons (1914) by Lawrence J. Burpee. Pierre Gaultier de Varennes, La Vérendrye (1685-1749) was a French Canadian... More > military officer, and explorer. In the 1730s he and his four sons opened up the area west of Lake Superior and thus began the process that added Western Canada to the original New France. "Canada has had many brave sons, but none braver than Pierre Gaultier de La Vérendrye, who gave all that he had, including his life, for the glory and welfare of his country. La Vérendrye was born in the quaint little town of Three Rivers, on the St Lawrence, on November 17, 1685. His father was governor of the district of which Three Rivers was the capital; his mother was a daughter of Pierre Boucher, a former governor of the same district. In those days, when Canada was still a French colony, both Three Rivers and Montreal had their own governors, while the whole colony was under the authority of the governor-general, who lived at Quebec."< Less
Among the Canadian Alps By Lawrence J. Burpee
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Among the Canadian Alps, by Lawrence J. Burpee edited in 1914. Lawrence J. Burpee was a Canadian librarian, historian and author. He published many books and articles mainly related to Canadian... More > history and geography and was the founding editor of the Canadian Geographical Journal. "What is the peculiar charm of that mighty, snow-capped sea of mountains, whose stupendous waves tossed far into the heavens seem ever about to overwhelm the level wheat-fields of Western Canada? The lure of the mountains defies analysis, but it is surely there with its irresistible appeal to all in whom the spirit of romance is not quite dead. It stirs the blood strangely when, far out on the plains of Alberta, you get your first glimpse of the Canadian Alps—a line of white, glittering peaks just above the horizon, infinitely remote and ethereal, something altogether apart from the prosaic world about you of grain and cattle, neat farm-house and unsightly elevator."< Less
Humour of the North By Lawrence J. Burpee
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Humour of the North (1912) by Lawrence J. Burpee, a historian, a civil servant, a librarian and a writer. Some day an enterprising editor may find time to glean from the whole field of Canadian... More > literature a representative collection of wit and humour. It would include the productions of such acknowledged humorists as Thomas Chandler Haliburton and George Thomas Lanigan, as well as specimens of characteristic humor from writers who are better remembered by their more serious work. It would also include a great deal of genuine wit and humor, largely anonymous, in such Canadian periodicals as Grip, Punch in Canada, the Grumbler, the Free Lance, and Diogenes; and characteristic passages from the speeches of such brilliant and witty debaters as Thomas D'Arcy McGee, Joseph Howe, and Nicholas Flood Davin. The present little collection obviously makes no such ambitious claim. It embraces, however, what are believed to be representative examples of the work of some of our better-known writers...< Less
The Makers of Canada: Index and Dictionary of Canadian History By Lawrence J. Burpee
eBook (ePub): $3.99
The Makers of Canada: Index and Dictionary of Canadian History (1912) Edited by Lawrence J. Burpee, Arthur Doughty. This Supplement is designed to supply a double need: it furnishes an analytical... More > index to the entire series of twenty volumes; and it affords a great deal of additional information, bearing on the subject-matter of these volumes, but which from its very nature it was impossible to incorporate in the text. This additional information includes biographical sketches of the characters mentioned in each volume; similar sketches of prominent Canadians who for one reason or another do not appear in any of the twenty volumes; and brief descriptions of wars, battles, treaties, and political and other events having a vital bearing on the history of Canada. The whole has been thrown into one alphabetical arrangement, and it constitutes, to a large extent, a dictionary of Canadian history.< Less
By Canadian Streams By Lawrence J. Burpee
eBook (ePub): $3.99
By Canadian Streams (1909) by Lawrence J. Burpee. The world offers no parallel to this extraordinary water-road from the Atlantic to the Pacific; nor is the tale all told. From that great central... More > reservoir, that master-key to the whole system of water communications, the traveller might turn his canoe in any direction, and traverse the length and breadth of the continent to its most remote boundaries: east to the Atlantic, west to the Pacific, north to the Arctic or to Hudson Bay, and south to the Gulf of Mexico. The story of Canadian rivers would fill several volumes if one attempted to do justice to such a broad and varied theme. One may only hope, in the few pages that follow, to give glimpses of the story; to suggest, however inadequately, the dramatic and romantic possibilities of the subject; to recall a few of the memories that cling to the rivers of Canada. Who that has travelled upon their far-spreading waters has not felt the compelling charm of the rivers of Canada?< Less

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