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A novel, but difficult to compare to "Love loves to love love" of Joyce. Malala Y. may be the most intelligent Pakistani ever (unintelligent enuf not to realize she is merely a propaganda... More > tool: "western powers" are not breaking ties with or using those Am bases to depose the disgusting Saudi family, a fact to be happy about: they hadn't a clue what to do with post-G Libya) according to Westerners or at least Western journalists, but she believes in schoolearning that taught schoolmaster Shakespeare and clerk Einstein nothing. Female (DT has made Kelly as alliteratively famous as Kardashian, Mrs. Clinton in Pop culture) sex can't love or think and if tried she would die of a stroke. There should be payment for being a politician. Pay half a million current dollars every half a week while a professional. One does not want to believe Stalin gets off as scot free as Osip Mandelstam: justice as much as greed and fear of death fuels religions.< Less
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A novella. Shakespeare's childless Macbeth should have no reason to fear Banquo. This is as crippling a total flaw as Horatio saying of having seen the king once and, then, that he "knew"... More > him-these hands are not more like: slapdash conglomeration by Shakespeare. Israel, the star of David, again begging for money from the US without which it could not be a nation. These jews are self-sufficient all right and remain so now as always a client state. Christians do not so much rerereread the gospels at the time of J.'s who never existed birthday but gift each other. Lenin not for a day worked his way through a proletariat day of work. Religion did Tarkovsky in, as it had Bely, Blake, Dante. Only Milton survived to tell, as in blindness, disrupting Borges and James Joyce.< Less
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"Marjorie's Intentions": A brief verse drama that is more joyous and less comic than one in reading or performance may want. A veritable tragedy. The author toyed with titling it... More > "Crass Oppression in Québec", but chose this more telling title. "The Triumphant Defeat Final of the Corsican": A wholly self-contained play from the other. The place is Waterloo, the play is brief, and the characters with speaking lines are all women, to rebound against the thoughts of the centuries, and the play is of the examining class. Then a friendly intermission, followed by four brief plays. A total of six, making it a new evening at the theater.< Less
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V. asked a to be degreed female "doctor," what happens? Replied, obtain % correct answers, exam. Said V., meaning you will ill treat the other % diseases. Half hour later, V. was told by... More > Friend MM, woman said what kind of person did you bring to our house? Mr. Scott Purdy later, evening, phoned MM at MM's residence, that he had managed to sleep with the woman (who knew Purdy was about to wed), glad to do so before marrying, not infidelity. Said MM, SP truly is a Don Giovanni. MM looked to being a movie director, but never bought a VCR. His friend many years before had asked V. to borrow his so that he could show pornographic stuff as prelude to love with a Caucasoid woman, being Negroid. After triumphing he said difficult to choose art over sex (salivary). Returned the VCR with much thanks. A copy sent in 2016 Jan. to "Masculine Putin, dictator of Russia, 'Land of Tolstoy, Pushkin/ Not Lenin, Solzhenitsyn, Putin'" in English to Moscow, exact Kremlin address.< Less
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Human nature is very limited, whatever “clinical” psychologists claim. This very short treatise about the whole of the human mind is about as long as it takes to expound psychology.... More > Example, women sadly remain women psychologically, whether in burqa-land or bikini-land. Proved, no woman of the hundreds who read it had any idea of this man really can love, how exciting to be with him. Ha ha. Abstract art is just splotches of paint as banal as flowers, naked women painted in earlier centuries-times. Capitalism: Michael Jordan when famous endorsed an underwear brand, those "literary" anthologies. Interesting surface, many painters can do that, but drama, only Tiziano (Titian). The conservative rag Volterra refers to is probably correctly "National Review" and the occasion de Kooning's death, who was there approved over Tiziano, compared to whom Rembrandt even is not a dramatist of a painter.< Less
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James Joyce on an occasion said, "Yes, said Joyce, I met [Proust] once at a literary dinner and when we were introduced all he said to me was: ‘Do you like truffles?’... More > ‘Yes,’ I replied, ‘I am very fond of truffles.’ And that was the only conversation which took place between the two most famous writers of their time, remarked Joyce—who seemed to be highly amused at the incident…. [Whitman] has a certain flavour, it is true, the smell of virgin forest is in him, and of the wooden shack, a kind of primitive colonialism, but that is a long way from being civilized…. I look on Thoreau as an American Frenchman…. the real American writers so far have all been minor writers, such as Jack London, Bret Harte, Robert Service in Canada and such like, and it will take a long time before they produce any art which is worthwhile." Correct. A collection of short plays about subjects too varied to be described here,< Less
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A collection of short plays. If you are supposed to pray five times a day that is sure to warp your mind. Moslems for more than a thousand years have totally ignored "Quran"s penalty for... More > adultery, choosing instead for a traditional so called of Muhammad of what he said should be done to a jewish woman accused of adultery by the jewish community of then, death by stoning (the hadith is that M. asked the jews what is the punishment according to their book and tradition and they replied death by stoning; so he said go ahead.). Muhammadans actually worship Muhammad while pretending to worship Allah. They never speak of which religious practices he practiced before his first contact with allah, by the way, an easy escape.< Less
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Drama, a "grand" cast. A jihadist fascist: (forgive since fictional) who says (Matt. 10:34), "Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a... More > sword." Another is he who proclaims — "Say: We have believed in Allah and what has been revealed to us and what has been revealed to Abraham and Ishmael and Isaac and Jacob and the Descendants and what was given to Moses and Jesus and what was given to the prophets from their Lord. We make no distinction between any of them, and we are Muslims [in submission] to Him." (Qn: 2:136) And yet against allah Moslems suffix Md. differently from other "prophets,", not realizing his political gambit for equality. Why? The mediocre and by now comically senile Lehrer had on his controlled show a playwright who is normal but writes of supposedly neurotic characters because only such are "dramatically interesting." They are used on this show never to critique or ask probing, challenging questions of these kinds of people.< Less
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This Asian poem, "An encumbrance/ On the human dance," very different from what N. Boyle says in the Encyl. Britannica in 2014--"He could be said to stand in the same relation to the... More > culture of the era that began with the Enlightenment and continues to the present day as William Shakespeare does to the culture of the Renaissance and Dante to the culture of the High Middle Ages. His Faust, though eminently stageworthy when suitably edited, is also Europe’s greatest long poem since John Milton’s Paradise Lost, if not since Dante’s The Divine Comedy." That character I is here in this of some interest for he has something of the divine in him. The new thing about this work is so much the fact that the poem will improve in translation. Samuel Johnson has made it clear that reading Homer in Greek and Virgil in Latin is not quite on the level of Paradise Lost in English; would've been the greatest of all epics had it not been not the first.< Less
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A prose work so brief that a description will reveal too much, except this much to say, viz., tautologies spun into art. The aesthetic is much larger than the amatory or the erotic, which is why the... More > very short Shakespeare's "Macbeth" is greater than even the very long Tolstoy's "War and Peace" and the super short Borges stories "Death and the Compass" and "The Garden of Forking Paths" each is much greater than the super long Proust's "In Search of Lost Time." Seijei's father is perhaps the greatest character in Japanese culture after Makabe Rokurota, Matashichi, Tahei, and Tadokoro Hiyoei in "Hidden Fortress" directed by Kurosawa who virtually created actual Japanese culture (I have no respect for Murasaki.). The supreme aesthete is the author of "Paradise Lost" and other, earlier poems.< Less