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"OMEGA, The Human COMET." By Sears L Barnett Jr.
Hardcover: $24.64
Ships in 6-8 business days.
A Comic Book? I wrote and illustrated 25+ of these original comic books before I turned 18 years old, while my family was homeless, living in the back of an after hours joint. I gave most of them... More > away to my first cousin, MICHAEL 'Verril' JACKSON. It's a courageous, powerful success story about a Black Bookworm, Hacker, Chess-Player, & Nerd that overcomes his inner doubts, repetitive nightmares, and fears; As a result, shape-shifting the outer world into a multi-dimensional rosegarden. I created, wrote, illustrated, pencilled, inked, coloured, lettered, and edited it all by my self as a young teen back in 1977. I've been writing for over 40+ years. Been writing my OWN made up stories since I was SeVeN years-old. As with ALL my thirty written Books, I do it ALL my self, from imagination, to creative dreamscape, to fusion FLOW; I do everything except print the damn thing. HA. This Third Book also includes a well-known prose of mine entitled, THE BLOG: OMEGA THE HUMAN COMET. ― created by Sears L. Barnett Jr.< Less
A POET'S CORNER. By Sears L Barnett Jr.
Hardcover: $33.86
Ships in 6-8 business days.
My Facebook page has now been SUPER-COMPRESSED into a 150 page BOOK. "A Poet's Corner" is a BOOK of UNCOMMON NON-SENSICAL PROSES, and my second book of poetry, & my FOURTH book release.... More > It's a bouquet of 88 thorny QUESTIONS with complemetary SOUL-UTIONS written by Sears L Barnett Jr. Featuring: Bonus proses by my older sister Sharon V Schroeder, my nephew Sean D Schroeder, with my two nieces Nikita N Schroeder, and fellow poet & writer, Ekua Adisa. I've written ALL (FOUR) of my Books (Including The memoir, "BARNETT CROSSROADS") as a gentle REMINDER to my SELF. If these Books can help INSPIRE and REMIND at least ONE person to find their SOUL WORK & PASSION, even if that person turned out to be me, my SELF, & "EyE", then that is more than enough, for ALL of US! Om To The NEXT One. The Poet aka Le PENseur meditating on a vibrant, burning Ultraviolet Rose. 'ROSARIAN' ― persons with expertise or a special interest in the cultivation of roses; A Community Garden of Flowers. Paradise! இܓ< Less
Rose Meditations By Sears L Barnett Jr.
Hardcover: $28.11
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A Hard Venting Blog. A Soft Fragrant Poem. Two contradictions co-existing in one prose. A Rose Book. Registered with the Library of Congress & released (June 06, 2012). An UPDATED Hardcover... More > Edition of my First Self-Written book. 250 pages. 77 Blogs, 77 proses of Poetry, all written by Milwaukee, Wisconsin Author, Sears Luther Barnett Junior, aka 'The Poet', written on a poet’s dare, a challenge which came from my niece, Ekua Adisa, a fellow poet whom seeded the dare, along with my older sister, Sharon V Schroeder, whom planted the seeds for me, to write a book, or two, or three…" ― The 'Pink Rose' Cover Photography is by West Allis, Wisconsin Indie Film maker, Phil Koch.< Less
Tossing Rose Petals To The Winds. By Sears L Barnett Jr.
Hardcover: $20.11
Ships in 6-8 business days.
A Book of my favourite 365 Tweets under the pen name, 'Fox6FanThePoet' via TwiTTer, where I mix it up with former political advisor Karl Rove, Guru Deepak Chopra, 'Tao of Writing' Author Ralph L.... More > Wahlstrom, witty sports columnist Norman Chad, and Fox 6 Now anchorman Ted Perry. The front cover photography of this Hardcover Quotes book is a photo of a Turnip & Collards Greens Garden that I took during my vacation trip to Mardi Gras back in February 2009. A black scarecrow doll guarding Greens, with red peppers in the back yard of my Grandmother's home, Ms Bonnie's Garden. A SOULFUL & HAPPY MEAL. 'Bama Greens, candied yams, hotwater cornbread, fried chicken smothered in gravy, lima beans, baked mac & cheese, and pound cake made from all-time fave meal!! The greens garden is planted every year by my Uncle Will Lee, whom my grandmama calls, "---The Best Gardener in Alabama." N JoY 365 inspirational REMINDERS and quotes that i've written over a five year span. Thank You For Reading.< Less

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