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Two of a Kind By Carolyn O'Brien
eBook (ePub): $8.99
International trouble shooter, Sean Mercer seeks Claire Reed, Paris DJ and his ex-wife help with French mobster, Gion in finding his daughter, Adrian who flew the coop with her papa's loot. They join... More > forces reluctantly on Claire's part to search for the rich girl along the French Riviera coast. From Cannes to St. Tropez and back they hunt every nook and cranny she might be held up at. Discos, shops, hotels, beaches, even a bubble machine and every ladies room along the famous coastline to no avail. Along with the help of Sean's old gun running friend, Duboise they finally track her down and snatch her. Once Adrian is returned, it's not enough as Gion settles the score and Sean and Claire must fight their way out of his compound along with the sudden adoption of two of Gion's Dobermans. Just when they suddenly rediscover their buried feelings for the other, Gion decides to burn their house down and their fight is on.< Less
Crossed Tales By Carolyn O'Brien
eBook (ePub): $8.99
When telly celeb is murdered right in front of Caer Crossed and her friend Emily during a local York version of Antique Road Show, Caer can't help getting involved. Along with just having their baby... More > girl, Mare, her husband Ter has a curate in training Micheal Langley and their friend John is once more around. Although they knew the victim was killed by a poisoned dart, but how and whom is still questionable. It's not until Caer notices a missing specimen case in Tyson Greggs study while signing releases for not only the video and album Tyson is producing with his new group she sung with during Blythe's birthday bash does she connect its contents to the murder only to find it while out helping Emily and her new husband Eddie get their unstuck van from muddy drive that Wolfie happened to discover. Caer's muddle is detoured when John and local librarian, Sasha have impromptu wedding at the vicarage. Caer has John research the newest addition to the village, finding she had more in common than anything else.< Less
Crossed Tarts By Carolyn O'Brien
eBook (ePub): $8.99
Caer Crossed life in Hayden-Croy revolves around four things, her Vicar husband Ter, their first child due, their mutt Wolfie and finally settling into village life until another murder strikes the... More > small community following a party the Crossed attended along with about half of the village. Investigator John Hewes is called up from London, by the new occupants, Tyson and Blythe Gregg not to help solve the crime but to retrieve a stolen bauble. Caer has her own theory of who could have done both and works with her insider, the manor's own cook learning that not everything is on the topside when it comes to murder.< Less
Crossed at Arms By Carolyn O'Brien
eBook (ePub): $8.99
When Yank Caer married English Vicar Ter Crossed she never expected to get involved in intrigue and murders including their housekeepers in the quaint village of Hayden-Croy in York. Just a few... More > months pregnant Caer and Ter have been redoing the rectory with Caer's lottery winning family money to which some people find intolerable. When Mrs. Montrose, a leading citizen and worst critic of hers is found dead in the church after missing their weekly Women's meeting Caer knows something is foul. Their good friend John Hughes comes to help investigate as well when Mr. Montrose is also murdered in his hospice bed and Caer's Irish cousin to paint a nursery mural. But when their housekeeper and her husband are also violently killed they all work together to find the connection between them. Although Caer does her best not to interfere she does help weed the killer out.< Less
Deadmans Pass By Carolyn O'Brien
eBook (ePub): $8.99
Sedona Arizona psychic, dog lover, coffee addict, Claire Raines is suddenly widowed soon after her wedding to Guy Bauer, the man she helped ease his brain from amnesia, she turns inward until meeting... More > Raphe Devlin an inspiring researcher into notorious western outlaw, Simon O'Day. But when local artist Daryl Pigot is found dead in his studio Claires attention goes into solving not only Guy's murder but another mans near Deadmans Pass. The further Claire and Raphe dive into the outlaws history, the closer they become as well as the past relating to his furture. When an attempt is made on reknown artist Brittany Lance's life and Claire is wounded she's resolved to press her unique talent to better use. Along with Raphe and Police Chief Dan Stantons help she organizes a malevolent ending corraling three female suspects. They get to feel what their victims felt before dying. With things flying into them and induced physical pain Claire is finally satisfied with her brand of justice.< Less
Displaced By Carolyn O'Brien
eBook (ePub): $8.99
Heiress, displaced Yank, Coel Ryan is to board and work in the small village of Hayden-Croy, David Holden, the American government agent working her case informs her during their heated London... More > meeting. Along with her hotel maid, Marie Nelson, upon arrival they are swallowed up in the beginning of intrigue. While at the Red Cap Inn, the reason for them to be there to help since the landlady's daughter gave birth, Coel and Marie switch places. Coel meets her own landlady, Lady Caroline Cullen, out of place photographer married to a RAF pilot. Coel has adventures with her beginning with errant sheep scattered about the countryside, meeting Captain Joe Cochran, Sargent Joe Mercer, photographing baseball games, dances to flying fortresses. Mare, when not busy at the inn suspects her landlady of being a spy with all the odd goings on at the inn. When Marie is killed does Coel suspect more, especially when British Lt. Ian Danbury steps into her heart and the flames of more war intrigue follow her everywhere.< Less
Witches West By Carolyn O'Brien
eBook (ePub): $8.99
Sedona Arizona psychic, dog lover, coffee adict, twenty something, orphaned Claire Raines, waitress by day, reads people at night to keep house left by beloved grandparents. Trying hard to rein in... More > her natural abilites, especially around strangers. Confirmed loner, lives with her two dogs, Fudge and Dalton. At her best friends, Deana Vicory, owner of a coffee-sweet shop insistence via Police Chief Dan Stanton, her nemesis and best friends boyfriend Claire reads bruised, battered amnesia victim Guy Bauer found unconscious in the desert. Once inside his head she discovers he was to find his kidnapped stepsister Melanie and other things she dare not reveal. Forced to hide Guy with artist friends Mina Bird and Drake Chaney until Joanne Moore and Briggs show up after him. Romantic sparks fly between them until Claire finally discloses all when his memory returns and the kidnapping-extortion was only a ruse. Claires pumped up powers are released during a violent confrontation and she might have lost Guy in process.< Less
Legacy of Chariton House By Carolyn O'Brien
eBook (ePub): $8.99
When Iowa native Cael Seaforth signed on for her expertise in renovations in her grandfathers hometown and his family's own home in Tearns Georgia, she never expected to be lured into intrigue in her... More > southern roots and heritage. Her cousin Thomas Chariton is one stumbling block along with handsome, sexy bad boy Jackson Hines also on the project. Between her newly befriended land lady Ada Brighton, best gal pal Melody Hewlett and her great Aunt Tilly Cael learns more than she really bargained for about the skeletons in her estranged family's closet. Especially when a German POW skeleton is dug up in the old cook house. The stunning project manager, Racheal Weiss, who recruited Cael even gets into the mix when Cael discovers the secret no one wanted to get out. How the skeleton was related to them all and how desperate someone can be to keep it a secret.< Less
Trouble Inherited By Carolyn O'Brien
Paperback: $28.97
Prints in 3-5 business days
Following a sudden attack at home and discovering her grandfather was a WW Two looter, Fairfield Iowa radio DJ, Carnie Holt decides to take matters into her own hands. The premise of something more... More > with hot Detective Jake Lansing, himself an import, is placed on the back burner. Decipher-ing a treasure map the two Greek Goons sought she heads to Europe. In Salzburg handsome older gun maker Hans assists her with contacting the Orenweiss family about their lost fortune. After a shoot out there, Jake manages to track her down. Once in sunny Greece her plans fall short with help from her pal Gus. Once more Jake finds her, issuing her the riot act before joining forces against businessman Constantine. Even a kidnap attempt doesn't slow them down as they slip away in Mykonos. Returning all the way back to her New Orleans roots. Gus helps them during another shoot out with Constantine and his men in a cemetary. That's what it took to rid Carnie of her trouble inherited.< Less
Midnight Games By Carolyn O'Brien
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Key West charter captain and bar owner Cynthia Walsh, Cyn to her friends never dreamed her life would become so topsy-turvy until rich boy Rainer Stratton, there for a friends bachelor party and... More > wedding enters her life. When the fishing party is attacked leaving Rainer the only survivor, Cyn is only concerned about her boat until he seeks revenge on the men responsible. Even she doesn't want to help until he more or less forces her during local midnight football games. But when she's kidnapped Rainer puts in heroic effort and rescues her. Not until Cyn's forced to help does the true reason why her smuggler-pirate Cuban cousin tried to ruin her unfolds. It's more than rivalry, it's life or death and island madness.< Less

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