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Slaughter Moor By Paul Weightman
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Maxine Cuthbertson, the wife of Jeremy Cuthbertson, is about to become embroiled in one of the most terrible murder investigations, the North Yorkshire Police have ever been involved in. Supported... More > by a large contingent of uniformed police officers from the West Yorkshire and North Yorkshire Police Constabularies, the hunt is on to catch the serial killer or killers? A tangled web of lies, deceit. Coupled with sordid acts of depravity, and murder.< Less
Skilled Executioner By Paul Weightman
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The woman wearing something pink walked past his line of sight. Damn! Steady. Wait. Wait. Account for height. He adjusted the mildots in the sight; moving the crosshairs (in the telescopic sight)... More > only slightly. Check. Hold steady. Steady. Another rumbling of thunder. A deep breath…Target in the crosshairs. With the slightest squeeze, he pulled the trigger…Target down. One, two, three, four, five, six…he counted, but the target did not get up. He looked to his left, at the house where he’d heard the dog barking. No other lights came on. With a wild glint in his eyes, he lowered the rifle next to his side, turned and headed back to his car; excitement rushing through him. Once inside, he laid the gun down, barrel toward the floor, resting the stock on the passenger seat. He took a deep breath, exhaled, and started the engine. His adrenaline was pumping, his heart pounding. He checked the rearview and side mirrors before pulling away from the curb.< Less
Fatal Rendezvous By Paul Weightman
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It's 1773. Career diplomat Benjamin Hackett returns to York and the shocking news his estranged elder brother, has not only killed his friend in a duel but become engaged to the woman he had hoped to... More > marry. To learn more about the suspect duel, Benjamin reluctantly attends a weekend house party to celebrate his brother’s engagement. House guests get more than they bargained for when a lady’s maid is murdered, the bride-to-be attacked, and a guest is shot dead. Benjamin uncovers a connection between these sinister acts and his brother's duel. He must also confront a cruel twist of fate that explains why his brother loathes him and will go to any lengths to discredit him in Polite Society.< Less
Fatal Event By Paul Weightman
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Career diplomat Benjamin Hackett has been elevated to a Marquis he doesn't want and Polite Society believes he doesn't deserve; his lover has decided she won't marry him after all and the suspicion... More > he murdered his brother still lingers in York drawing rooms. So returning to York after seven months' seclusion may have been a mistake. Benjamin's foreboding deepens when a nobody vicar drops dead at a party-political dinner; he witnesses the very public humiliation of an up and coming portrait painter, and his rabble-rousing uncle Cornelius is bashed and left for dead in a laneway. When the vicar's true identity is revealed, Benjamin suspects the man was poisoned. But who would want a seemingly harmless man of God murdered, and why?< Less
Spiritual Observation By Paul Weightman
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Dr. Joseph Barlington, is a Family Guidance Counsellor that has the special ability to see deep inside other people. He can see their spirits. He volunteers at Easingwold’s St Monica's hospital... More > in order to be as close to death as possible, for during most fatalities, he watches the spirit of the recently deceased depart this world in a display of pure joyous wonder. Throughout his life, he celebrates his ability in secret, focusing on the sheer elation of these transitions, until one day he is shown that not all spirits are willing or able to take that all important step to the next realm. Weaker spirits, small and dim to Joe’s eyes, face a darker fate.< Less
Singular Adoration By Paul Weightman
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He watched from the boat as they sailed past the sights of York – the architecture, and the history that this city has, really does match those of other European cities. The sky was deep blue... More > and the sun’s heat intense, so the cooling river breeze had been heaven. After disembarking, he headed for the bus stop. The day in the city had been enjoyable. But now the holiday was over, and the real business was just beginning. It was time. Soon she would know just how bad it felt.< Less
The Glencaple Murder's By Paul Weightman
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Winter isn’t the only thing chilling the town of Glencaple When six teenagers are murdered on a holiday sleigh-ride, this senseless act shatters this once close-knit community. As Inspector... More > “Mac” Mackenzie learns Glencaple’s darkest secrets, he also discovers more deaths. His investigation leads him to a final shocking secret that has him racing to stop a killer and save his only daughter.< Less
Partaking In Her Transgression By Paul Weightman
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Partaking in her transgression is a period based fictional drama. It encompasses Murder – Betrayal – Blackmail – Love and deception. Picture the setting... YORK 1897. A wealthy and... More > influential family, that owns and lives in one of the biggest family homes, set in a very large estate on the outskirts of the City of York. A woman is just about to give birth. The child is doomed from the start, because it is the only living evidence of a liaison between a very prominent member of the Houses of Parliament, and common girl. The scandal would be the total ruination of his political career, and bring shame to the family name.< Less
Baker Man, Baker Man...! By Paul Weightman
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Detective Darren De Manuele, of the Balzan office of the Maltese Police force, is investigating the murder of two young children on the Island. what he finds, is far more than just a random... More > abduction and murder of two children.< Less
The Holiday Murder By Paul Weightman
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Jane wouldn't have taken any notice of the story in the newspaper, but the headline that described the victim, made her sit up and take notice. could it be the same person? She had to find out, what... More > happened, and who was responsible. Justice had to be done!< Less