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Skilled Executioner By Paul Weightman
Paperback: $26.14
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The woman wearing something pink walked past his line of sight. Damn! Steady. Wait. Wait. Account for height. He adjusted the mildots in the sight; moving the crosshairs (in the telescopic sight)... More > only slightly. Check. Hold steady. Steady. Another rumbling of thunder. A deep breath…Target in the crosshairs. With the slightest squeeze, he pulled the trigger…Target down. One, two, three, four, five, six…he counted, but the target did not get up. He looked to his left, at the house where he’d heard the dog barking. No other lights came on. With a wild glint in his eyes, he lowered the rifle next to his side, turned and headed back to his car; excitement rushing through him. Once inside, he laid the gun down, barrel toward the floor, resting the stock on the passenger seat. He took a deep breath, exhaled, and started the engine. His adrenaline was pumping, his heart pounding. He checked the rearview and side mirrors before pulling away from the curb.< Less
Partaking In Her Transgression By Paul Weightman
Paperback: $21.54
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Partaking in her transgression is a period based fictional drama. It encompasses Murder – Betrayal – Blackmail – Love and deception. Picture the setting... YORK 1897. A wealthy and... More > influential family, that owns and lives in one of the biggest family homes, set in a very large estate on the outskirts of the City of York. A woman is just about to give birth. The child is doomed from the start, because it is the only living evidence of a liaison between a very prominent member of the Houses of Parliament, and common girl. The scandal would be the total ruination of his political career, and bring shame to the family name.< Less
The Holiday Murder By Paul Weightman
Paperback: $9.95
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Jane wouldn't have taken any notice of the story in the newspaper, but the headline that described the victim, made her sit up and take notice. could it be the same person? She had to find out, what... More > happened, and who was responsible. Justice had to be done!< Less
Dying. Dead. And Having Fun...! By Paul Weightman
Paperback: $20.31
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Dying, Dead, and having fun, is another story in the life/death of this spiritual psychic... Throughout his long and established career, as a psychic, Robert Atkinson has worked on a great number of... More > televised ghost hunting programs, as well as helping the Yorkshire Police Force, in finding missing people. Robert is now plunged into a world, which he has for so many years investigated, the world of the departed and deceased. After a tragic car accident, Robert finds himself in the in-between world of the living and the dead. His experiences and journeys are portrayed in this story...Through his determined will to return to his physical body, to continue his earthbound life with his beloved Emma. Robert is overseen by an angel, who shows Robert, just what the true meaning and experiences of life are. This is a spiritual journey that Robert explains in great detail, those details are set out within the pages of this book.< Less
Villainous Aspirations By Paul Weightman
Paperback: $18.14
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Computer crime is the ultimate earner for those ingenious criminal minded characters, who see past the opportunity to make a fast buck here and there. Computer crime accounts for almost 55% of... More > criminal statistics. Imagine if some genius came up with idea of actually making the ultimate robot! One that could not only think for itself, but could also perform the everyday functions of a normal human being. Now wouldn’t that make you think? And what if things went wrong? What if your creation not only tried to manipulate your life, but that of the entire world’s population? Progress is a wonderful thing, but sometimes; even the most beautiful things in life can turn out to be very sinister!< Less
Clinical Murders By Paul Weightman
Paperback: $19.98
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Alison smiled at the nurse, as she sat down on top of her. She forced the knife into Anne’s chest slowly, and repeatedly, until she saw the pain leave her face, and the life go out of her... More > eyes…No witnesses she thought; just like nanny had taught her…!< Less
Shapes In The Snow By Paul Weightman
Paperback: $20.03
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Shapes in the Snow, is a psychological drama/thriller novel about a young woman who, on revisiting the small Scottish community where she grew up, finds herself at the centre of a web of enmity,... More > intrigue and murder. She also finds love with an old flame from her childhood. It’s an engaging, compelling novel, with a good deal of depth to it, and puts the reader through a complex, tense plot.< Less
Loves Executioner...! By Paul Weightman
Paperback: $26.91
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From the beginning, Detective Constables Lorna McKenzie and Gerry Masterson had one hell of a case on their hands. The case in question; was that of the murder victim (Steve Blaydon)... Steve Blaydon... More > had more than his share of young women, and that caused a lot of friction between himself, and usually the partners of the women he bedded. The police had a real hard case to crack. They were going to embark on an investigation, which would open up the case like an infected sore. Steve had many friends, and the finger of guilt was going to point to almost each one of those friends, before the case would be settled.< Less
Dawn Maddison's Ambition To Fly By Paul Weightman
Paperback: $13.14
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Dawn Maddison is no typical teenager. For example; she would hang out with her cousin Sophie Maddison, and some of her other friends, but her real passion, was to train, and become a pilot, just like... More > her brother-in-law Bradley Smith. Dawn spent more of her spare time learning to fly, than she did, anything else. This is her story. It tells of her dedication, and commitment, to become one of the youngest female’s in the country, to obtain their pilots license. In between, her training lessons, she also has her exams to take at school, these were also just as important, for she would need very good grades, if she was to fulfil her dream of become a commercial airline pilot, later on in her life. The pressure on her becomes immense, as she tries to juggle her life. Flying lessons, School Exams, and added to this, entire she gets involved with a boy at her school.< Less
Aliens Below...! By Paul Weightman
Paperback: $14.88
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What happened to the children? Book closes on the Bransholme disappearances on the evening of 18th September 2004, three children from the Bransholme area of Kingston upon Hull were reported missing... More > to the police: David Sewell, Gavin Knight and Mandy Wallace. Aged between 12 and 14, all were pupils belonging to nearby Low Fields High School. Attendance records show that the children were present in school on the day in question, but also reveal a very strange occurrence common to all three: Martin attended only his initial three classes, Raymond was present for just the first four, and Kirsty failed to attend her final class of the day.< Less