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Is my opinion enough? By Joseph Russell, Jr.
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I have a dozen friends or more, that live quality lives in independent living quarters assisted for the elderly and disabled by in home support services when a certifiable need is authorized. SHRA... More > has as a mission to each of its tenants to bring together financial resources and staff expertise to revitalize lower income communities, to create affordable housing. Family units have not been found virtually intact as they where in generations past, because the board denies we tenant the opportunity to learn of resources like The Health Cards for Bipolar Happens. This book transforms my life! Added my grace comes from Jesus. He says “If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” I am assured to gain. John 15:5 Lies are foolish reasoning that everyone thwarts with a foundation found omitting their incapacitated conscious able sin given duly by humanity!"< Less
A Divine difference a Journey Makes By Joseph Russell, Jr.
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The author of my finisher leaves me steadily some wisdom. The growth from the outlandish is a presence in deed. As I awesomely depict in this title creation “A divine difference a journey... More > makes” I am assured of my growth. Its description has plenty of evidence that desert training is a must for more willingly committal Christianity. The information in this book reflects the writer’s experiences & is not intended to replace public opinion. It is not the intent of the author to diagnose or prescribe nor to recommend or suggest the appropriateness of any particular faith. My Christian faith is the substance of things hoped for & the evidence of things not seen. This book is intended to provide hope & inspiration to trust in the seasons of life. A winner of your own safe haven. There are passages out of Heavens mouth & play amongst city dwellers unrewarded even in the strictness of the desert. Truthfully, all Character representatives are for sure depicted in earnest devotion to live for Jesus.< Less
Is this what you expected? By Joseph Russell, Jr.
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Twenty-five years after graduation I am re-examining my faith & redesigning our minds. Because my Christian faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen; as an... More > alumni graduate I will exhort my highest devotion next to God. Respectively I am also singing. I clearly have graduated from an A+ accredited University sought by me awkwardly again for its respect. Lacking a devoted camaraderie I in turn have been inspired by the pages of time; and though not seeking the hard knocks of our Alma Mater; revel in their joy. In my book I express a keen sense of due diligence. I detail my gifts, reservations, and even callings with a gentler system designed to make me feel good; while leaving room for an enveloping underworld. My hope is that you see me through the trials of mid life and remember me!< Less
Furina's Parody By Joseph Russell, Jr.
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Donate' us to believe but I should've have an lonesome believer. It is not hard to be contained by this confidence. I just as well as you; know why citizenry is reforming. So as those... More > underemployed students will agree Juniors can't be as lucky. I am talking about the conventional reasoning and a more purposeful reasoning for change. Good, bad, his and hers, rich & poor. Having said this I can relate to Fereama a nationalistic standing for his reward. I saw him the other day; and he still was designing his faith. I hear him laugh, take it up responsibly, and even remove UN wontedly opinions within reasoning. He could have been a Doctor, too me. Honestly! I was flounder to Him though. Maybe the streets are still cold.< Less
Between Heavens: Understanding Freedoms, Unions, & Disparities By Joseph Russell, Jr.
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This is a unfolding story of grit and injustice. I will ascertain in a few adult like beliefs that disparities will compromise and affect each and all lasting signs of your public warranted opinion.... More > It is with your citizenry that you recognize that obedience and lamentations undermine undeserving relationships. And suspectably, me and the others found trapped in this quandary are to hold these hopes fashionable as parallels late. Even though we are sincere there is a lacking vision rightful as pleasant as a horizon. I am assured that there is a unnerving experience of Tutsi warlords, stigmatizing outlook, and jokers which go unnoticed. I should not care; but to believe there is no home amongst us, is truly not fair. Intervening kindness says to people with struggling infirmities in 2 Cor 12:9 But he said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me.< Less
Capitol City Connector By Joseph Russell, Jr.
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Beer has always been accepted as an acquired taste; but back in the early 1900's it was affinities pull of poor reasoning. Men wanted to be cheese and abnormal like. In-distinguished Northerners... More > didn't lament a unearthly rotation and honestly sticky weather. As Al Capone lost his vault; G-men everywhere began to pay the gypper as they began to bet on commodities like ale, barley, wheat, and more selective grains. But actually women never thought much of this beverage. It was Killinger’s; a French loot and transpiring hope; namely precluding her potency and need for a Gait. To make things interesting; she bear my weight, applauded my mind, and was even enraptured & married of a matron. As she sold an op-ed chance to win her back; I lauded her esteem. She laughed and he helped pay for “Her” first drink. It was a bier; and that was the beginning of a healthy relationship. But somewhere in Germany; she was Alswalt pleased. I often think of “Amsterdam” a prison that was converted into a pub in 1930's.< Less
The Bitter Principle By Joseph Russell, Jr.
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It was 1994 when I came home. My mother and I laughed at those exceptionable dreamers like Angela Davis, Huey P. Newton, and … I often wondered about there platform and caste. Where they're... More > any different more succinctly socialized? Documentaries say so and others lie as if its possible to scare someone strait. Its demonstrable of a women. I have a soul of ice. Is it worth suffrage? Or “Her” forgone thought. “Light brown people brighten everywhere.” --Rise-man Pai Its not as profound as “Her” love. We'll agree its the feed and our staple. Her success story is our learning. I heard it in a edit and read the principles of healing. It was titled “When God weeps” Eareckson Todas Estes- Unions teach! Anything else is an shit. Atrophied people live; keep your pants on. She's got a ticket I think she gonna use; think she gone to fly away. No one should try and stop her Persuade her with their power. She says that her mind is made. That girl is tarrying my universe. But it were a solid memory.< Less
Unforeseen Circumstances By Joseph Russell, Jr.
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Unforeseen Circumstances are perchance growing pains from UN eventful loss opportunities. As each of US know that can be positive or negative depending on your pull. Conditioning is always a plus.... More > Fighting yourself could prove your love; but who knows. It can be as simple as your sexes confidence. Your mystery will unfold. And just as UN expected as hers. As I settle with a diamond in the rough I am more agreeable to her planet. Please as Venus Demilio completes me; you can't polish me without paltry talk. I think there is someone for everybody. This book is a Hello to your future and rejoined spouse. Smile! You are the Joy of my Life.< Less
His Strength and Her Faith! By Joseph Russell, Jr.
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From my personal experiences as a international player; Love is a gift. It’s not a principality or a principle that can outlive its power. It’s as forever as my strength. I am first a... More > man, second a example of my experiences, a predictor of the future, and also imperfect. I can be Tran-substantiated, but for what pun? I will always be a man. In a Philosophy raz explains that this is a important discussion. Know it all's get and take meaning from prophets good or bad. Whether I know that's more becoming of her; her recompense is as protectionist as the positivist quack. My family is more mainstream. They'll say lawyers and advocates do require justice. But without assuring them that I am responsible and capable to understand the consequential, its imperfect logic. Arbitrary.< Less
The "Fatalist" By Joseph Russell, Jr.
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The prophesized belief is we all must die. I agreed, so angry people must live. I sometimes lay down my size for others. It means I still believe in His. This is not warming, but not HOT either. ... More > Who is fight as a le bon Berger explained in the movie “The good shepard” (2006) as willing I cast my opinion away for nothing. Aren’t you still comfuted? This morning I was distancing my approval and it hurried me to get some. I dissed you instead as I becomingly outlived patience. I am! This song is A minor. How can she defeat me as though I don’t live. I changed my construction four times a day. Almost pray for your mind, snake! Sign your name on my smile; I am seated for some time, eba. But be wise and bring somebodies!< Less