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In-Service Learning By Joseph Russell, Jr.
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Good people will agree that Acting has its talent. In 1985 my freshman year I was liberated to observe Rolland Burroughs. And it was like reading the mind and backwards thinking. Though there... More > weren't other experiences as invaluable; her clairvoyant belief was convalescing. Her secret was you belong to me and its was brain washing and nerve racking. I keep my composure although she was stressing. And bowed to her faith. As a man I was her protection; and she was rewarded with an equitable exchange. UN like Rollo May I was gifted with another joy air-go. Writing made butterflies out of her. I was destined to dream impoverished but she came around again. Interestingly like oxen we now do agree. As her Christian I promised not to be a brevity with each other. A tug of war. This is short winded; famine-less relief, even typical of her fear and I honestly agreed “Anything is possible to Him that believeth” Mark 9:23< Less
HER earthy Bigness! By Joseph Russell, Jr.
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It's not so hard to remain an infidel for the mental. Take me for sure; my livable life and your Green Eyes. I say; I did it his and then your way. News & giga hertz moved sound. Designed by... More > both foundations, I got down. I learned how to cross and pan thereon justly. Now 25 years later I'm here to lift your conceptless opinion of me. As though I UN rantingly even explained a wealthy Millionaire; that's not for me. I need more business clientèle. Have a too hazy memory I can awake? Aye! Honestly its the journey which make us more hungry than worth while. This is a story about pioneers that now allow me to rest again. I am now 47 and am as good as I was to you when I was Seventeen. Let's begin. -Jesse Madvin Her Earthly Bigness!< Less
A parthropied esteem... By Joseph Russell, Jr.
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Language is probably the best window we have on the workings of the human mind. Language gives us the extraordinary ability to describe the contents of our thoughts, an ability that no other animal... More > has. Of course there are many unconscious aspects to cognition that we cannot talk about, but these properties are apparently also reflected in what we say. The units of language — elements of form, words, grammatical patterns, conventions of usage — are in some sense also units of cognition. The implication is that the study of what all languages share is also the study of what it is to be human, something that is certainly an important topic for any educated person. What is this about? The Code and then Letter of then Foot Senate Hearings suggested its Transformative Agency be earmarked for the new incoming House Majority leader John A. Boehner our most senior rep. from Ohio. $2.4 billion dollars was at stake.< Less
Furina's Parody By Joseph Russell, Jr.
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Donate' us to believe but I should've have an lonesome believer. It is not hard to be contained by this confidence. I just as well as you; know why citizenry is reforming. So as those... More > underemployed students will agree Juniors can't be as lucky. I am talking about the conventional reasoning and a more purposeful reasoning for change. Good, bad, his and hers, rich & poor. Having said this I can relate to Fereama a nationalistic standing for his reward. I saw him the other day; and he still was designing his faith. I hear him laugh, take it up responsibly, and even remove UN wontedly opinions within reasoning. He could have been a Doctor, too me. Honestly! I was flounder to Him though. Maybe the streets are still cold.< Less
I have a Ghost Diogal named... By Joseph Russell, Jr.
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I lack affection for the power, but you do get the meaning as a mini? The evenly pulp deep cleansing weren’t I doest but her black mom were lost in the fetor at night. I need a deep cleaning... More > “The one armed bandit couldn't out do her this time.” One caveat to her lasting love affair is the deck she's paying amongst. And a truth fending all is she lives. Blessed is her daily live. A shoe that has aces high, and suits below. I know I am a angel laugh the jell below. Wandering into her eyes I can lose they say, and I am justified.< Less
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Capitol City Connector By Joseph Russell, Jr.
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Beer has always been accepted as an acquired taste; but back in the early 1900's it was affinities pull of poor reasoning. Men wanted to be cheese and abnormal like. In-distinguished Northerners... More > didn't lament a unearthly rotation and honestly sticky weather. As Al Capone lost his vault; G-men everywhere began to pay the gypper as they began to bet on commodities like ale, barley, wheat, and more selective grains. But actually women never thought much of this beverage. It was Killinger’s; a French loot and transpiring hope; namely precluding her potency and need for a Gait. To make things interesting; she bear my weight, applauded my mind, and was even enraptured & married of a matron. As she sold an op-ed chance to win her back; I lauded her esteem. She laughed and he helped pay for “Her” first drink. It was a bier; and that was the beginning of a healthy relationship. But somewhere in Germany; she was Alswalt pleased. I often think of “Amsterdam” a prison that was converted into a pub in 1930's.< Less
That's Love By Joseph Russell, Jr.
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Today is tomorrow grown up already. Susceptibly they the youth don’t need us. We said that also matter ably. My last co-commitment wasn’t sure; but of little children UN ready. I... More > laughed when they said they needed monies. We still have more similarities than differences. I believe God is in on everything else. But don’t be late; if you’re an Passe. As an Chaste spirit its there as UN manner able and its systems smiling at the mean. Can you save a calendar date with His standing room esteem? In the middle room. I aint every bodies boof and I can more readily; find her.< Less
Open Hand [Aces on Top]! By Joseph Russell, Jr.
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Brown skin, It really had sold everywhere but as I lifted I understood the Numerology of Twelve it was a passion wary crime. Righteousness it were destroyed and it was a dull lie. I picked it off... More > from the recovered books the pioneering rangers left behind. It sold everyone. I was conceited when I were won. It was a method and not adverse to righteousness. I only wanted what was fair and its best for the people. I, Madison, was the counselor and had it up to my britches in selfishness. A light sleeper I could awake others and not feel the brunt of time I had nowhere to be and no chided responsibilities. Could it be that the Thin Rangers weren’t as crass and ambitious in nature. Were it for me; my mind and working pontif’s outside care left around would be cloned and engendered as “The Father”. I felt the weight of its Twister and promised to dim justify the miracles the Thin Rangers had inside. Working through the ambush my cover was un hidden and I began to supplicate my journey.< Less
The World accordingly to John By Joseph Russell, Jr.
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I believe God does everything else. I believe I might as well, be faithful. How do rich people become cynical? They lose meagerly in it all. I’m impressed there is a time and place for... More > everyone. Our history says so non-revealingly. Diggers; escavationist, undertakers, and even her whet esteem. Wheat becomes new and is always new. Her smile is Perennial as the grass. It’s a cover fatality for big, little, and even our children. UN common is the smug; confuted is the cynic. But as a lioness; and large cat day dreamer, I am captivated by your indoctrination. I say to myself; the Pharmacology I’m following the norm, and as easily I'm focused, I’m hooked by his staying power.< Less