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HER earthy Bigness! By Joseph Russell, Jr.
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It's not so hard to remain an infidel for the mental. Take me for sure; my livable life and your Green Eyes. I say; I did it his and then your way. News & giga hertz moved sound. Designed by... More > both foundations, I got down. I learned how to cross and pan thereon justly. Now 25 years later I'm here to lift your conceptless opinion of me. As though I UN rantingly even explained a wealthy Millionaire; that's not for me. I need more business clientèle. Have a too hazy memory I can awake? Aye! Honestly its the journey which make us more hungry than worth while. This is a story about pioneers that now allow me to rest again. I am now 47 and am as good as I was to you when I was Seventeen. Let's begin. -Jesse Madvin Her Earthly Bigness!< Less
Capitol City Connector By Joseph Russell, Jr.
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Beer has always been accepted as an acquired taste; but back in the early 1900's it was affinities pull of poor reasoning. Men wanted to be cheese and abnormal like. In-distinguished Northerners... More > didn't lament a unearthly rotation and honestly sticky weather. As Al Capone lost his vault; G-men everywhere began to pay the gypper as they began to bet on commodities like ale, barley, wheat, and more selective grains. But actually women never thought much of this beverage. It was Killinger’s; a French loot and transpiring hope; namely precluding her potency and need for a Gait. To make things interesting; she bear my weight, applauded my mind, and was even enraptured & married of a matron. As she sold an op-ed chance to win her back; I lauded her esteem. She laughed and he helped pay for “Her” first drink. It was a bier; and that was the beginning of a healthy relationship. But somewhere in Germany; she was Alswalt pleased. I often think of “Amsterdam” a prison that was converted into a pub in 1930's.< Less
Unforeseen Circumstances By Joseph Russell, Jr.
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Unforeseen Circumstances are perchance growing pains from UN eventful loss opportunities. As each of US know that can be positive or negative depending on your pull. Conditioning is always a plus.... More > Fighting yourself could prove your love; but who knows. It can be as simple as your sexes confidence. Your mystery will unfold. And just as UN expected as hers. As I settle with a diamond in the rough I am more agreeable to her planet. Please as Venus Demilio completes me; you can't polish me without paltry talk. I think there is someone for everybody. This book is a Hello to your future and rejoined spouse. Smile! You are the Joy of my Life.< Less
Heading Construction [A Book of Enclaves..] By Joseph Russell, Jr.
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I was being matterbly misqued she had me misquoted this way. I only new it was a fictional lie. Her mensa and mannerable influence caught up with me again. This time I was coddled and offered her... More > life. Not sure of what I was there for; I laid my eyes on another and crying the crile had her bustling. I only wanted more of the good life but couldn’t see the forest through the concrete. I woke up available but she was principaled to not speak. I had promised her a garage and lawn equipment she likewise needed. It was the rose garden she wanted me to attend too. If only I could see her for her wisdom. The game we played wasn’t winded and the draft I set to was the south paw. Her chance to bow.< Less
I have a Ghost Diogal named... By Joseph Russell, Jr.
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I lack affection for the power, but you do get the meaning as a mini? The evenly pulp deep cleansing weren’t I doest but her black mom were lost in the fetor at night. I need a deep cleaning... More > “The one armed bandit couldn't out do her this time.” One caveat to her lasting love affair is the deck she's paying amongst. And a truth fending all is she lives. Blessed is her daily live. A shoe that has aces high, and suits below. I know I am a angel laugh the jell below. Wandering into her eyes I can lose they say, and I am justified.< Less
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Golden Tape By Joseph Russell, Jr.
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For those inspiring critics that knew my Dear; Eva Lou Billingsley Russell, I am the second eldest of her Grand children's lineage. As the first to Graduate from a Teaching College; I follow in her... More > intelligentsia learning Iambic Didactic Pentameter. Our sonnets; of course refract a light as the Christian as the Northern skies. Come fly with me.< Less
A parthropied esteem... By Joseph Russell, Jr.
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Language is probably the best window we have on the workings of the human mind. Language gives us the extraordinary ability to describe the contents of our thoughts, an ability that no other animal... More > has. Of course there are many unconscious aspects to cognition that we cannot talk about, but these properties are apparently also reflected in what we say. The units of language — elements of form, words, grammatical patterns, conventions of usage — are in some sense also units of cognition. The implication is that the study of what all languages share is also the study of what it is to be human, something that is certainly an important topic for any educated person. What is this about? The Code and then Letter of then Foot Senate Hearings suggested its Transformative Agency be earmarked for the new incoming House Majority leader John A. Boehner our most senior rep. from Ohio. $2.4 billion dollars was at stake.< Less
Discretionary highs By Joseph Russell, Jr.
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The cold weather front isn't vapor; and for sure not oxygenated air. Sometimes I think of it like a super swap cooler. Anything that pumps out enough refrigerated Hvac systematic power. Scary... More > though its all from the State of California. I witnessed this in 1998 and its welfare caste hierarchy. There were seven tiers in 1935, elven 10 years later, and today there are five. Story is we all have a discretionary budget. It’s been passed down like a black invisible hand. I laugh now it’s a redistribution of wealth. But mostly an doubting Thomas. Bigger people agree and no man is an Island. Good reasoning is the marriage. Unions are stronger. In 2013 Sacramento became insolvent. Government leaders supported Social Security and suspect ably greater and greater charge-backs for the youth. It’s as UN becoming like evil; every man’s battle. In rare examples you can net; and feel comfortable here.< Less
A Centennial [Levi's story of Christian] By Joseph Russell, Jr.
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A Centennial is a story about three successive generations of Pasquinel Indian. The half breeds later are confronted with massacres, battles, and take overs as they try to grow their unique... More > families. The story takes off in the beginning with trapper, Jacques Pasquinel and as a old mason-dixon reveals his ethic to become someone Herman Bockweiss can trust. He lives his life along the river, and inhabits the town later be named Centennial smart as a traveler. The camp of Arapaho Indians later become his home; while Alexander McKeag and Levi absorb his learning gun silvering, pelt trading, and keeping the health of neighboring Pettis brothers. The story is becomingly Levi’s hope for Christianity and has lots of examples of truth.< Less