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In-Service Learning By Joseph Russell, Jr.
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Good people will agree that Acting has its talent. In 1985 my freshman year I was liberated to observe Rolland Burroughs. And it was like reading the mind and backwards thinking. Though there... More > weren't other experiences as invaluable; her clairvoyant belief was convalescing. Her secret was you belong to me and its was brain washing and nerve racking. I keep my composure although she was stressing. And bowed to her faith. As a man I was her protection; and she was rewarded with an equitable exchange. UN like Rollo May I was gifted with another joy air-go. Writing made butterflies out of her. I was destined to dream impoverished but she came around again. Interestingly like oxen we now do agree. As her Christian I promised not to be a brevity with each other. A tug of war. This is short winded; famine-less relief, even typical of her fear and I honestly agreed “Anything is possible to Him that believeth” Mark 9:23< Less
Speaking easy of the Law! By Joseph Russell, Jr.
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The American democratic experience is about preserving government "of the people, by the people, for the people". Politicking mores has always been a strategy until the Atlantic sea board... More > gained some panelist and equally just; inviting bedfellows. The half of it discusses the basic principles of political equality; where lawyers and law makers spend their limit. But competition is you and me; brother and his signature; man and his wives. A warmer fare welcome to God’s Design. And didn’t the CHURCH deliberately aid unto us all. America didn’t the federal detractors trade kisses as though they were stock piling coffers, Super PACs, and dispels whet opinion of others. Lobbyists today are of the fashion most graceful givers; most of all they witness a case for a legislator’s creator. It’s a mute court; and barely do these political scientists agree in no nonsense mess. A spot on satire addresses no room for hate. The legal system; with all its implications, is still a joke.< Less
Is my opinion enough? By Joseph Russell, Jr.
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I have a dozen friends or more, that live quality lives in independent living quarters assisted for the elderly and disabled by in home support services when a certifiable need is authorized. SHRA... More > has as a mission to each of its tenants to bring together financial resources and staff expertise to revitalize lower income communities, to create affordable housing. Family units have not been found virtually intact as they where in generations past, because the board denies we tenant the opportunity to learn of resources like The Health Cards for Bipolar Happens. This book transforms my life! Added my grace comes from Jesus. He says “If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” I am assured to gain. John 15:5 Lies are foolish reasoning that everyone thwarts with a foundation found omitting their incapacitated conscious able sin given duly by humanity!"< Less
The New "Normal" SHAY By Joseph Russell, Jr.
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Descartes said “I think and therefore I am “Happy”. Isn't less profound that I could find other opinions from my mates. That's why I'm Okay and you're Not! It's not so hard to... More > remain an infidel for the mental. Take me for sure; my livable life and your Green Eyes. I say; I did it his and then your way. News & giga hertz moved sound. Designed by both foundations, I got down. I learned how to cross and pan thereon justly. Now 25 years love I'm here to lift your conceptless opinion of me. As though I UN rantingly even explained a wealthy Millionaire; that's not for me. I need more business clientele. Have a too hazy memory I can awake? I agree its the journey which make us more work at a more loving church. Concubine you can ask for me; I'm still handicapped and a Charitable Foundation for southernly causes. Some things must change. The old become the new and mysteries unfold in time. Christ lives and the Lord is good; work is for everyone; Sadducees can be changed in 2014. What's beautiful?< Less
Capitol City Connector By Joseph Russell, Jr.
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Beer has always been accepted as an acquired taste; but back in the early 1900's it was affinities pull of poor reasoning. Men wanted to be cheese and abnormal like. In-distinguished Northerners... More > didn't lament a unearthly rotation and honestly sticky weather. As Al Capone lost his vault; G-men everywhere began to pay the gypper as they began to bet on commodities like ale, barley, wheat, and more selective grains. But actually women never thought much of this beverage. It was Killinger’s; a French loot and transpiring hope; namely precluding her potency and need for a Gait. To make things interesting; she bear my weight, applauded my mind, and was even enraptured & married of a matron. As she sold an op-ed chance to win her back; I lauded her esteem. She laughed and he helped pay for “Her” first drink. It was a bier; and that was the beginning of a healthy relationship. But somewhere in Germany; she was Alswalt pleased. I often think of “Amsterdam” a prison that was converted into a pub in 1930's.< Less
Pop a GUN in your face By Joseph Russell, Jr.
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Children come first at everything almost. Remember the theme and you can identify with James Brown, Maceo Parker, and Cat Stevenson.was frank to listen in on a discussion of the overuse of ... More > pre-crediting application of students in the abuse of His Social Construct Power; liquorice. Is this still manageable? Do you influence more people willfully? I sorta listened and said “Heck No”, I'm still Christian. And my neighbor shrugged he's not fooling no one. I am of the opinion that when a man makes an obligation or more cumbersomely a less easy maneuver in the path of our institution bringing harmony; he is in a sense preparing a better commitment of outcomes. --Shauny< Less
Golden Tape By Joseph Russell, Jr.
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For those inspiring critics that knew my Dear; Eva Lou Billingsley Russell, I am the second eldest of her Grand children's lineage. As the first to Graduate from a Teaching College; I follow in her... More > intelligentsia learning Iambic Didactic Pentameter. Our sonnets; of course refract a light as the Christian as the Northern skies. Come fly with me.< Less
The Bitter Principle By Joseph Russell, Jr.
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It was 1994 when I came home. My mother and I laughed at those exceptionable dreamers like Angela Davis, Huey P. Newton, and … I often wondered about there platform and caste. Where they're... More > any different more succinctly socialized? Documentaries say so and others lie as if its possible to scare someone strait. Its demonstrable of a women. I have a soul of ice. Is it worth suffrage? Or “Her” forgone thought. “Light brown people brighten everywhere.” --Rise-man Pai Its not as profound as “Her” love. We'll agree its the feed and our staple. Her success story is our learning. I heard it in a edit and read the principles of healing. It was titled “When God weeps” Eareckson Todas Estes- Unions teach! Anything else is an shit. Atrophied people live; keep your pants on. She's got a ticket I think she gonna use; think she gone to fly away. No one should try and stop her Persuade her with their power. She says that her mind is made. That girl is tarrying my universe. But it were a solid memory.< Less
SHRO "Binding our Strengths" By Joseph Russell, Jr.
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Apologetic s prays every day. Its Lutheran and UN evenhanded. If I am sure it won’t bother me. His confidence ...and the miseducation of our black folk are per-determinable. Its failure is... More > in its reformation and suspect able hard cases. It’s also a tradition that to you we have to lose. That is Dichotomous. But that grossly amounts to someone's principal and someone's profound bottom-line. Today principles are as entrusted as friendships and revolting at the same time. I don't want any more discussion, please! The lonesome beaver!< Less
Unforeseen Circumstances By Joseph Russell, Jr.
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Unforeseen Circumstances are perchance growing pains from UN eventful loss opportunities. As each of US know that can be positive or negative depending on your pull. Conditioning is always a plus.... More > Fighting yourself could prove your love; but who knows. It can be as simple as your sexes confidence. Your mystery will unfold. And just as UN expected as hers. As I settle with a diamond in the rough I am more agreeable to her planet. Please as Venus Demilio completes me; you can't polish me without paltry talk. I think there is someone for everybody. This book is a Hello to your future and rejoined spouse. Smile! You are the Joy of my Life.< Less