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Living the Spirit of the Lord’s Prayer: An Interpretation of Mother Teresa’s Faith and Practice 活出主禱文精神 - 一種對德蕾莎修女信仰實踐的詮釋 By Lee Ting Lu
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德蕾莎修女不只是宗教的;也是普世的,德蕾莎修女的思... More >想跨出了印度,跨出了基督宗教;德蕾莎修女與甘地、泰戈爾一樣成為了印度的代名詞。德蕾莎修女或許因為她不是哲學家,所以她並沒有完整的哲學思想著作,但是主禱文的思想卻成為她最好的哲學思想根源。她一再的透過主禱文所帶出的禱告果實來陳述她的呼召與異象,這正是她一生信仰實踐源自耶穌基督主禱文的思想所在。 Mother Teresa is not just religious but also universal, her thought is beyond the boundary of India and the Christian religion; Mother Teresa , like Tagore and Gandhi became identical with India. Perhaps Mother Theresa was not a philosopher, she did not have her complete philosophical writing, but the inspiration of the Lord's Prayer became the best fountain of her philosophical thought. She brought out her calling and vision, through the fruit of the Lord's Prayer repeatedly , which is derived from the thought of Jesus Christ, the Lord's Prayer .< Less

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