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The Scarlet Plague By Jack London
eBook (ePub): $3.00
Known mainly for his tales of adventure, this work of science fiction by Jack London is set in a post-apocalyptic future. It’s 2072, sixty years after the scarlet plague has depopulated the... More > planet. James Howard Smith is one of the few survivors of the pre-plague era left alive in the San Francisco area, and as he realizes his time grows short, he tries to impart the value of knowledge and wisdom to his grandsons. Through his narrative, we learn how the plague spread throughout the world and of the struggles of the handful of survivors it left in its wake.< Less
The Call of the Wild By Jack London
eBook (ePub): $3.05
Buck is living a happy life in California until he is sold to pay a gambling debt. Taken to the Klondike to become a sled dog, Buck must toughen up and learn the harsher rules of survival in the... More > North. One of the first of these is how to deal with being harnessed in the same team as a dog that wants to kill him. Large, strong and smart, Buck toughens to his new life. But even the toughest dog can be worn down by constant work, and after 3,000 miles of pulling sleds, Buck nears the end of his rope. Cast away as no longer useful, Buck is acquired by greenhorns whose inexperience nearly kills him, but after being saved by John Thornton, he at last finds a man he can love. Then on a remote gold-hunting expedition, Buck hears a call emanating from the woods and speaking to the wild heart of his distant ancestors. The lure of it almost balances the great love he bears for Thornton, but events take him away from his old life... and into legend.< Less
Burning Daylight By Jack London
eBook (ePub): $3.09
Burning Daylight is a novel by Jack London, published in 1910, which was one of the best-selling books of that year and it was London's best-selling book in his lifetime. The novel takes place in the... More > Yukon Territory in 1893. The main character, nicknamed "Burning Daylight" was the most successful entrepreneur of the Alaskan Gold Rush. The story of the main character was partially based upon the life of Oakland entrepreneur "Borax" Smith. The novel was subsequently was filmed as a First National movie starring Milton Sills with Doris Kenyon.< Less
The Iron Heel By Jack London
eBook (ePub): $3.11
Generally considered to be "the earliest of the modern Dystopian," the Iron Heel chronicles the rise of an oligarchic tyranny in the United States. It is arguably the novel in which Jack... More > London's socialist views are most explicitly on display. A forerunner of soft science fiction novels and stories of the 1960s and 1970s, the book stresses future changes in society and politics while paying much less attention to technological changes.< Less
Before Adam By Jack London
eBook (ePub): $3.03
A young man in modern America is terrorized by visions of an earlier, primitive life. Across the enormous chasm of thousands of centuries, his consciousness has become entwined with that of... More > Big-Tooth, an ancestor living at the dawn of humanity. Big-Tooth makes his home in Pleistocene Africa, a ferocious, fascinating younger world torn by incessant conflict between early humans and protohumans. Before Adam is a remarkable and provocative tale that thrust evolution further into the public spotlight in the early twentieth century and has since become a milestone of speculative fiction. The brilliance of the book lies not only in its telling but also in its imaginative projection of a mindset for early humans. Capitalizing on his recognized ability to understand animals, Jack London paints an arresting and dark portrait of how our distant ancestors thought about themselves and their world.< Less
The Little Lady of the Big House By Jack London
eBook (ePub): $3.03
Jack London said of this novel: "It is all sex from start to finish -- in which no sexual adventure is actually achieved or comes within a million miles of being achieved, and in which,... More > nevertheless, is all the guts of sex, coupled with strength." The Little Lady of the Big House (1915) is not autobiography, but speaks of Jack London’s "frank borrowing from his life with Charmian" and says it is "psychologically valid as a mirror of events during the winter of 1912–13. The story concerns a love triangle. The protagonist, Dick Forrest, is a rancher with a poetic streak (his "acorn song" recalls London's play, "The Acorn Planters."). His wife, Paula, is a vivacious, athletic, and sexually self-aware woman (in one scene, she rides a stallion into a "swimming tank," emerging in "a white silken slip of a bathing suit that molded to her form like a marble-carven veiling of drapery.") Paula, like Charmian, is subject to insomnia…< Less
The Son of the Wolf By Jack London
eBook (ePub): $3.03
Edith Roberts improbably stars as an Indian maiden in this Northwoods drama, based on the story by Jack London. Prospector Scruff Mackenzie (Wheeler Oakman) prepares a camp for his future wife --... More > whoever she may be. He falls in love with Chook-Ra (Roberts), an Indian girl who is the ward of Father Roubeau (Sam Allen). They plan to marry as soon as her father, Chief Thling Tinner (Thomas Jefferson -- as unlikely a Native American as Roberts), can come down for the ceremony. While in town on business, Mackenzie meets a dancehall girl and becomes distracted. Chook-Ra finds out about the affair and takes dance lessons herself. She surprises Mackenzie at a ball and wins him back. But Mackenzie still needs to earn the consent of the tribe before he can wed Chook-Ra. After vanquishing the Bear (Fred Stanton), he and Chook-Ra are finally allowed to marry.< Less
The Sea-Wolf By Jack London
eBook (ePub): $3.00
The Sea-Wolf is a novel written in 1904 by American author Jack London. An immediate bestseller, the first printing of forty thousand copies was sold out before publication. Of it, Ambrose Bierce... More > wrote “The great thing—and it is among the greatest of things—is that tremendous creation, Wolf Larsen… the hewing out and setting up of such a figure is enough for a man to do in one lifetime.”< Less